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  1. Only if the Germans bring Octopus Paul! Cheers, Iu
  2. Just left from work and can't think of a better choice for our first day of holidays. Already packing and looking forward to meet you all again, vavavoomers! After missing the last two ones, can't wait to get there. As this time it's only two of us (Spanish contingent), Paz will do the dancing and me the socializing at the bar. Au demain, Iu
  3. Arthur, If it makes you feel better, I'll be there with my two crutches :-) Looking forward to see you all. Iu
  4. I should add the they are a great live act. They've been touring with Joe Bataan and their shows feature several latin soul classics. Here you are "I Want a Chance for Romance" live: Regards, Iu
  5. oops, I thought it was you, Ady, who did it. Thanks all for the answers. Iu
  6. I remember a few years ago getting somewhere (probably at the Cleethorpes weekender) a fanzine dedicated entirely to the London 6Ts Society. On the cover it said it was Part I but I don't remember seeing any Part II eventually being published. Was it ever published that second part? If yes, anyone could help me finding (making) a copy of it? Cheers, Iu
  7. Anyone listening at the moment? I can't listen any of the two links. And yesterday did the link to the main room end up working after the live acts? It only seemed to be workign the soulful house room. Cheers, Iu
  8. A guy in Spain, Alex M. Franquet published in year 2000 a special Soul Euroissues (paper) fanzine gathering picture covers from all the labels that had issued soul records in Spain, several also from France and Germany and a few from Italy, Holland and Belgium. Alex is on soul-source so if interested you can contact him. Cheers, Iu
  9. Iu Adell

    Va Va Vroom

    Congratulations to you all for another superb night, to the DJs for their excellent sounds and the people attending for the atmosphere. we were only twelve hours in London but worth every minute. See (some of) you next weekend in Bilbao and the others in NYE. Cheers, Iu p.s. and another TOP CD too!
  10. Hi Ady, Edu is playing on a club this Friday but if he doesn't corrects me I would say, music wise, there's absolutely nothing worth for that weekend. Pity cause last weekend was great with the visit of Cliff Steele at Movin On club and next 17th Dave Ripolles will be playing in Valencia at the MardiGras Record Shop 10th years anniversary. Cheers, Iu
  11. Hi Neil, Did you get the emails I sent you regarding the payment of our balance for the accomodation? Cheers, Iu
  12. I'm affraid not any regular night on that weekend. Edu might be djing on Friday evening in a bar, though. He's on soulsource so he'll probably answer best. Cheers, Iu
  13. Hi all, Congratulations to all involved for another great allnighter (& Friday soul night) in Valencia. Here you are my playlists for the three sets. Elliot Small - Stay in my heart (Bang) Jean Wells - With my love and what you got (Calla) Emotions - I can't stand no more heartaches (Brainstorm) Ike & Tina Turner - Dust my broom (Tangerine) Willie Mitchell - That Driving Beat (Hi) Willie Parker - I've got to face it (M-Pac) Judy Clay - Do you think that's right (Ember) Willie Parker - Where's my money (Mr Peacock) Lonnie Lester - You can't go (Nu-Tone) Bud Harper - Wherever you are (Peacock) Geno Washington - I'll be around (Atac) Pauline & Bobby - No Messin Around (Expo) Ebonys - Don't knock me (Soul Clock) Clovers - For days (Josie) George Hughley - That's why I cry (Buddah) Monitors - Dont put off until tomorrow what you can do today (VIP) Vernon Garrett - Angel Doll (Venture) King George - I'm gonna be somebody someday (RCA) Carole Waller - This love of mine (USA) The Sounds Four - Keep on lovin (Saintmo) Traits - Too good to be true (Peacemaker) Godoy Colbert - Baby I like it (Revue) Fabulous Peps - With these eyes (Wheelsville) Wade Flemons - Jeanette (Ramsel) Jesse Fisher - Your not loving a beginner (Way Out) Keni Lewis - Whats her name (Buddah) Esquires - Dancin a hole in the world (Rocky Ridge) Van Dykes - Save my love for a rainy day (Mala) Thelma Lindsey - Prepared to love you (Magic City) Cliff Nobles - My love is getting stronger (Atlantic) Mel Wynn & Rhythm Aces - Don't want to lose you (Wand) Emanuel Laskey - I'm a peace loving man (Thelma) Johnny Bartel - If this isn't love (Solid State) Margie Joseph - One more chance (Volt) Lee Williams & Cymbals - A girl from country town (Rapda) Manhattans - I can't stand for you to leave me (Deluxe) Larry Davis - Magic is gone (Decca) Eddie Kendricks - Date with the rain (Tamla) Stimulation - Can you dig where I'm coming from (Hi Steppin) California Rock Choir - Whoever you are (Cyclone) IAP & Co - Check yourself (Colossus) Pretenders - It's everything about you (Carnival) Thanks to the VNSC for the invitation. It was an honour to play along with Maria O and Arthur Fenn and last but not least to see again our friends from UK. Best, Iu p.s. Ady, Dru & Pete, Tony & Jet, sorry I didn't say goodbye.
  14. Last August I think a copy finished something in between 300 to 400 uk in one of JM's auction. Cheers, Iu
  15. No Marc, I wasn't in Gijon. Although the black music room line up was worth going the whole festival it's not my cup of tea. When I wanted to go was in May as it was the first SOUL I missed in five years. Heard great comments about your sets there. Best, Iu

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