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  1. Looking for an original copy of Willie Tee - Teasing You Again - Gatur Pm's please,Thank's
  2. Bumped into someone last night at a soul do who has also been ripped off recently for a high value record The same seller Kevin Laverty
  3. Wanted clean copy of Flash Mckinley - I'll Rescue You - Bombay - Original please Thank's Pm's please
  4. Guy seemed legit,huge amount of records for sale on Discogs,knowledgeable, good communication but he has been reported,not just by me.Record removed from Discogs with no order number.
  5. Sad to say he steered me away from discogs and insisted on F&F payment !
  6. Does anyone have experience of buying from Discogs seller (soulment) AKA Kevin Laverty,payment taken f&f for a high value record 5 weeks ago,no contact since and record not shipped Thank's
  7. Looking for an original copy of Willie Tee - Teasing You Again - Gatur Pm's please,Thank's
  8. Wanted - Enchanters - There's A Look About You - Tee Pee Pm's Please,Thank's
  9. Wanted - Willie Tee - Teasing You Again - Gatur Pm with price and condition please,Thank's
  10. Looking forward to another night of top quality crossover and rare 60s soul music tonight,plus free entry.
  11. American Standard Band - Morning - Starizon EX condition £125.Modern Soul Rarity from 1976 Shipping is £3.00 or £8.00 special delivery f&f Paypal prefered.Pm's please,Thank's
  12. Wanted - Ann Bogus - Don't Ask Me To Love Again - Statue Pm's please Thank's

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