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  1. Actually that’s a point, if you buy direct from our Bus Stop mail order we get a bigger share thereby making more marginal projects more viable
  2. We’ve never really discounted heavily to get rid of old stock so that the people who paid full price don’t feel cheated. Interesting you’re going for the GWPs as I was just thinking that they’re ten or more years old but if I did them today they’d be about the same in terms of tracks and info
  3. Great thread, comments duly noted. We do charge an extra quid or two for borderline products and have not had many, if any, complaints so hopefully serious collectors get it
  4. I don’t think any tapes have got out of Motown so I doubt the Ric Tic would be kosher
  5. Hi Kev, It's a sensible suggestion and we may implement it at the first dance, but the first few are going to have to be ticket only at a high price I should imagine so it's not an immediate concern. The BIG problem is going to be getting the tickets to the right people, We have some ideas that I'll keep to myself for now, but there will be disappointment for many people for quite a while i would imagine; there's just no totally fair and workable way of doing it I'm afraid. Ady & Matt
  6. until

    WORICANREMEMBER Val Simpson Out In The Streets Again Flomar acetate The Marvellos It’s Your Love I Need master tape Melvin Hicks & The Versatiles The Intruder Billy Terrell Test Pressing Lorraine Chandler I Can’t Hold On original Pied Piper version United acetate Sharon Scott Don’t Wait Too Long RCA Acetate The Lovers She’s Supreme Arthur Wright acetate Two Cats & A Mouse Love In My Heart Just For you master tape CJ & CO Rainmaker Westbound/Kent Hodges, James, Smith & Crawford Wishful Thinking Mickey Stevenson Productions The Classic Example Right On Mickey Stevenson Productions June Jackson It’s Underneath That Counts Imperial Bobby Rydell The Word For Today Capitol Unk female You’re An Outlaw The Celestials Love That Feeling Arthur Wright acetate September Jones Stuttering Sam United acetate Unk Female Home To My Baby Eddie Singleton master tape The Commands I Pass Your House master tape Ronnie McNeir Say You Mickey Stevenson Productions Josephine Taylor Don’t Run Away master tape Johnnie Taylor Please Let Me In Stax/Kent Billy Butler Love Come On Up Brunswick Timmy Carr I Could Never Stop Crying Guyden Sonny’s Spin Barbara Lynn This Is The Thanks I Get Atlantic I think so, it's all very confusing!
  7. Thanks Andy, I didn’t think Kent had a Jobete connection. I can only see You Got Me Hurtin All Over as by Dimples on Jobete but she’s more likely
  8. Thanks Robb. I’m tending towards the theory that it’s Dimples on the Ollie Jackson now
  9. Hi Robb, do you know for definite Kent was with Jobete. I think Marcene "Dimples" Harris was but I don't know anything by Kent as Jobete. If you do know of any, I would love to know the titles. Thanks Ady
  10. until

    I used to be good at sums
  11. until
    Back in your living room. The 5th 6TS 100 Club Onliner occurs this Saturday 20th June 9pm-Midnight plus. Featuring Hirsute Horace; Nij Flood & Val Palmer. Broadcasting from the 6TS FaceBook page, it’ll be another excuse to drink at home. Fab flyer to follow. In the meanwhile here's Val & Warren Lee. A&M
  12. Boot. Stealing a lot of great tracks from the Dave Godin comps
  13. Top of my head Jaibi You Got Me Dori Grayson Try Love Barbara Lynn Suffer the Enchanters I Paid For The Party Ray Gant Don’t Leave Me Baby Soul City Who Knows Kenny Carter Showdown Van & Titus Cry Baby Cry Knight Brothers I’m Never Gonna Live It Down Helena Ferguson Where Is The Party
  14. All correct suppositions and statements apart from a few of the anniversary TPs were skipped because we were late: surprise!

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