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  1. The Last DJ Spot.

    I’ve got about 8 in the box for the last three records and vary them slightly over time, dependant on the state of the crowd by 5.50am. Though the ender’s usually the same
  2. 100 Club Allnighter

    Geoff the beat ballad was Timmy Carr and the PersianettesI Could Never Stop Loving You On Guyden. I was chasing it for five years
  3. 100 Club Allnighter

    It might save the lynching Mark
  4. Tari Stevens needed

    Thanks Ron, Dave Ferguson kindly obliged. Ady
  5. Webb People alt version

    Northern Soul's Classiest Rarities Vol 5 CDKEND 432
  6. 100 Club Allnighter

    Make sure you're there at 6 Andy, I'll be playing a piece of 100 Club musical history for anyone who has been there (and on the rare soul scene) since the 90s
  7. 100 Club Allnighter

    COME DANCING: STRICTLY DOWN THE 100 CLUB Now all those people who said it was gonna be the end of the scene as we know it and who only go to venues of integrity like the 100 Club, please get your arses down to the soul basement on Saturday Dec 2nd, as there’s an awful lot who get stuck on their keyboards and their legs must be atrophying by now! This month’s line up features three of 100 Club regulars who have established themselves as the dog’s bollocks of rare soul records, acetates, master tapes and playing sheet music on a penny whistle. Super guest spinners are Nige Brown, recently quoted as saying “I have worked on the soul scene for a number of years doing all the major venues such as Kings Hall Stoke, Tony’s Empress Blackburn, Bretby, Blackpool Tower and Winter Gardens, Stafford TOTW, Prestatyn weekenders, also Ibiza, Sweden, Italy, Germany, and Spain but to answer the question the most memorable spot for me was playing the 100 club in London.” His current top sounds were; 1. Four Tracks – Like my love for you – Mandingo 2. Aquamen – Line and track – Hiback demo 3. Lil Major Williams – Girl don’t leave me – Williams111 4. Johnny Rogers – Gonna make a change- Amon 5. Little Tommy – Baby can’t you see – Sound of Soul No doubt he’s acquired some new gems to augment his impressive collection. He’s also one of the busiest DJs in the country who still finds time to visit the 100 Club as a punter; class! Our second guest is another long-serving DJ who’s been coming to the club for the past thirty plus years (when he’s not booked elsewhere). He’s a huge presence on the London soul and mod scene and is fanatical about the music and presentation. He was a resident DJ at the legendary Blow Up club night in London at its peak and gigs by demand every week. His guest spot at the 100 Club is long overdue. No excuses please; be there. Ady
  8. Tari Stevens needed

    All sorted now. Thanks
  9. Webb People alt version

    That's the alternate mix without guitar that we did on Northern Soul's Classiest Rarities Vol 5
  10. Tari Stevens needed

    Great info chaps but has nobody got an Ex copy they could lend? Ady
  11. Tari Stevens needed

    Thanks Trev, I'd forgotten that. Presumably the same version and sound? Ady
  12. Tari Stevens needed

    By a colleague at Ace in Ex condition please. CDs or vinyl and credit in return. Cheers Ady
  13. Millie Jackson - A House For Sale

    Buy the Kent 45 Geoff, you'll get Garland Green 'Come Through Me' on the flip!
  14. Jeanette Nellis Chess

    Real money reward available now
  15. Darrow Fletcher Secret Weapon

    End of February but only an estimate