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  1. Jeanette Nellis Chess

    Real money reward available now
  2. Darrow Fletcher Secret Weapon

    End of February but only an estimate
  3. 100 Club 39th Anniversary

    This event has been moved from 29th September to this date
  4. Jeanette Nellis Chess

    Could any kind soul lend me a copy, a box set of 45s in return! Ady
  5. Gerry & Paul and the Soul Emissaries. Cat walk.

    Agreed with all of that
  6. 100 Club Anniversary Allnighter- SOLD OUT.

    I mentioned the "no spare tickets for records" bit in the mail outs about the tickets, so hopefully nobody speculated on buying more. If they did they have plenty of time to sell their tickets on.
  7. Gerry & Paul and the Soul Emissaries. Cat walk.

    Yes Returning to the birth of Northern Soul, the label boasted another single that helped the scene convert yet more aspiring night owls. With a title like ‘The Cat Walk’ c/w ‘Little Bit Of Soul’ and being recorded by Gerry & Paul and the Soul Emissa...
  8. Ron Shy - Don't You Know

    It gives you the option of playing it off-centre or not
  9. The Guardian's take on a NS top 10

  10. The Guardian's take on a NS top 10

    I hope so. Strangeloves right ain't it?
  11. The Guardian's take on a NS top 10

    So Killer Joe by the Rocky Fellers; is it being played? Or Strangeloves?
  12. Ginger Thompson!

    Yes thanks, that, popsike and discogs are the main ones I use
  13. Ginger Thompson!

    Sorted now for this one. Ta Ady