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  1. Alexei Sayle's Northern mate

    I think Spain Pete's may have flown over my big head!
  2. Alexei Sayle's Northern mate

    Coussans (not sure about spelling) is he from Southport?
  3. Alexei Sayle's Northern mate

    He mentions his first comedy partner being a top dancer from Wigan in a funny quote in the Guardian today and i found this on the site "My hatred of ballroom dancing is in direct proportion to my love of pretty much all other forms of the art. In the 70s...
  4. Chris Jackson 'Forever I’ll Stay With You' Soul City

    Nope, I didn't know Dave then
  5. Chris Jackson 'Forever I’ll Stay With You' Soul City

    There's a lot more to it than that though John and though I wouldn't call it double-dealing it's certainly convoluted and atypical.
  6. Chris Jackson 'Forever I’ll Stay With You' Soul City

    We've all assumed stuff and been embarrassed down the line. Will check it out with Jerry
  7. al tnt braggs

    Great shot.Is it yours or do you know where it came from?
  8. Chris Jackson 'Forever I’ll Stay With You' Soul City

    More questions than answers! Next stop Jerry. Thanks to all. Feel free to add any other info
  9. Chris Jackson 'Forever I’ll Stay With You' Soul City

    Thanks Sunnysoul, I agree about Chris and Marke being the same, but not Chris Bartley, David Nathan knew Chris Jackson as did Dave of course
  10. Chris Jackson 'Forever I’ll Stay With You' Soul City

    Yes but listen to it and it's a totally different voice that sounds a lot but not totally like Jerry. Dave and Jerry were very close but if it was recorded in the U.K. Was he visiting in 1968?
  11. At some point I got told this was actually Jerry Williams and not Chris Jackson. Anyone know where that info came from? It certainly sounds a bit like Jerry and nothing like Chris but it's also reported as a UK recording which is possible.
  12. Bob Relf, Bob and Earl, Bobby Garrett

    Not the JB Bobby Byrd, it's the real name for Bobby Day.
  13. News/Article/Feature Highlight: 6TS at the 100 Club dates and heads up on all things 2018 View full article
  14. 6TS 100 Club 2018 Events Heads Up

    6TS at the 100 Club dates 2018 All 11pm - 6am including the anniversary March 10th April 21st May 26th Aug 18th Sept 29th 39th Anniversary; ticket only-on sale at and from Aug nighter Nov 3rd Dec 1st X...
  15. Crossfire Northern, mod, R&B & psych

    Northern Oldies in the main room with the BIG dancefloor www.6ts.info