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  1. Thanks John, I knew about Jesse but hadn’t realised he was still so active
  2. Thanks both, not much to add to Jean but the Jerry McCain is interesting. The Ronn/Paula releases were strictly in-house Shreveport recordings but Showtime did have a release on Romulus on him. Cheers
  3. I vaguely remember a B&S article on Jean. Has anyone got it to hand or remember when it came out? Presumably around the time of the Mojo release.
  4. The nyc Companions were Larry Banks and family’s group and they weren’t together in the later 60s when this was recorded. They we’re doing their own productions and wouldn’t have recorded for a Philly Indy production company
  5. Philly Archives is Dave Brown and not active until the 90s
  6. Hi Robb, these weren’t pressed mid 70s, mid 90s possibly (not sure about the Topics, I don’t know that one ) . The masters all came from the owners Frank Bendinelli who I worked with for Kent. Leroy Lovett also turned up some masters/acetates. As you can see from the scan above there was a Philly group called the Companions. The Kent CD was compiled with Frank’s information, if Chalky doesn’t find his, I’ll check it out tomorrow. Ady
  7. That was their decision to do 20 and there were some I couldn't use for various reasons; a while ago now so can't quite remember. I'd have loved to have gone through their vault!
  8. About to finish on EBay; it's a bargain at the moment; selling for the family https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Little-Johnny-Hamilton-The-Git-Down-pts-1-2-Watts-Way-super-rare-funk/143879928063
  9. Could any kind soul loan me an Ex copy for a week or so; needed for a CD project. Cds or vinyl rewards await. Thanks Ady
  10. Gillys book and the sleevenotes of this cover it. It was one of the proudest moments of her life her cousin told me
  11. I’d love to see some of those if they are for tracks we’re involved in. We have some but not many. Big labels would do it, rarely indies though
  12. Plenty of tape errors in the early days. The best was Terry Callier Look At Me Now; a very different more jazzy vocal was sent. We issued that one knowingly
  13. Yes, no worry about playing it off CD or vinyl Chess UK 7” release. It’s not a jam session, just a faster version Chess sent us in error and we issued in error. I compiled the box set 7s with it on so it’s many fans from the CD ( by then) could play it out

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