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  1. ady croasdell

    100 Club

    Above and beyond chaps; that's another reason that makes it special. You could catch the train Kev and chat with Andy on his park bench till then!
  2. I've been reliably informed it's a Motown recording by blues singer Jesse Yawn so neither of the releases were legitimate https://www.bradenton.com/entertainment/article90245287.html
  3. Los Angeles soul man Rudy Love (and his Love Family) has a fascinating story going back to the early 60s and incorporating many great producers and acts along the way. An independent film on his colourful musical life will be shown at the Raindance Music Documentary on Sept 29th, followed by an after-film gig at the 100 Club. 6TS supporter John Smith (aka member roburt) was instrumental in getting the film and gig together and we all have danced to Rudy's 'Suffering Wrath' down those famous stairs. I hope to see some of you there. Ticket link is here https://thisislovefilm.com/ Film documentary teaser is here Ady site word can view Johns Topic here and event details in the Event Guide update news AGMP have given us soul supporters a special price for this chance to see Los Angeles soul legend Rudy Love at the 100 Club. If you go to https://www.seetickets.com/event/rudy-love-the-love-family/100-club/1259116 and enter the code RAIN1 they can get tickets for £15 (instead of £20). Rudy has an amazing story which is told in the film about him on in the Raindance Film Festival in London http://calendar.raindancefestival.org/films/this-is-love I hope some of you can make it and give Rudy a warm London welcome. Ady
  4. ady croasdell

    Darrow Fletcher Secret Weapon

    https://acerecords.co.uk/love-is-my-secret-weapon-how-can-you-live-without-love That's a link to a pre-order bit on the Ace site if you wanna get ahead.
  5. Ex/M copy needed for a loan; rewards abound. Ta Ady
  6. ady croasdell

    James Wayne On Key-Lan

    From a James Wayne on Old Town blues CD The James Wayne recordings were a wonderful find in the Old Town archives, found in the mid-80s. Hy Weiss recalls the events surrounding Wayne's session: "It was 1954. I saw him in the middle of the night drinking at the Baby Grand on 125th St. I took him out into the street and I called Jimmy Lewis who was the guitar player at Atlantic. I said 'get me some musicians' so we went down to the Bell Sound studio, woke the guy in the middle of the night, and I recorded James Wayne. In the morning I had no money to pay him; there were cops all over the place, we were fighting all over in 133 Street. It was one of the funniest nights of all times. "The next day I brought him some money to pay him. He was in his army uniform, and I didn't believe it was him, until he showed me his identification papers! He had that big record 'Tend To Your Business' - it was the most drunken session I ever had."
  7. ady croasdell

    James Wayne On Key-Lan

    I wrote on the New Breed CD it's on 20. THIS LITTLE LETTER - JAMES WAYNE (James Wayne) (1960) Angletone 540 There were probably two James Waynes singing blues in the 50s. Our guy was from Elizabeth, New Jersey, while a more prolific chap worked out of New Orleans. A 1969 single on the Key-Lan label may be this James Wayne too, but there are few clues apart from the aural evidence. The song is a great driving blues with superb horns and tough vocals.
  8. ady croasdell

    Darrow Fletcher Secret Weapon

    Nice choice but October is cast in stone (or vinyl to be exact)
  9. ady croasdell

    100 Club 39th Anniversary

    Sorry folks sold out in 2 days - normally 2-3 weeks!
  10. ady croasdell

    Darrow Fletcher Secret Weapon

    Just getting it set up, try early next week. Ta Ady
  11. ady croasdell

    100 Club

    Sat Aug 18th 11pm-6am Another wonderful Northern Nighter at our 100 Club DJS - Mick H, Arthur Fenn, Andy Newman, Joel Maslin & Ady Croasdell Tickets for the 39th anniversary go on sale. £25 each this year as they are more limited than usual, it's the first price rise in 10 years and we will probably sell out quicker. On sale by post from Aug 20th - £25 cheques payable to A Croasdell, Flat 10, 108 Gt Titchfield St, London W1W 6SN or £25.75 PayPal each to ady.croasdell@btinternet.com The photo above is featured in a Fred Perry book on the 100 Club covering all the music played there, not just soul but some great soul stories are featured. I'll be playing a new unissued acetate very reminiscent of Peggy Gaines - When The Boy That You Love Is Loving You. Ady
  12. ady croasdell

    100 Club

    Sat August 18th 100 Club, 100 Oxford St London W1D 1LL 11pm-6am - pay on the door, no membership NORTHERN & RARE SOUL DJs Joel Maslin, Ady Croasdell and guests Mick H, Andy Newman and Arthur Fenn Due to a family commitment Butch has had to drop out of the August nighter but we have added the brilliant Arthur Fenn to the team. Arthur has an amazing collection, accumulated over 50 years of serious record buying. He covers all bases and as one of the few DJs who attends nighters when he ain’t on, knows the 100 Club crowd and their tastes and proclivities intimately.
  13. ady croasdell

    Singles shelving

    I'm sure a lot of dealers, in particular, on here will have experience of this. Where's the best place to get shelving for 45 racks. I want to go up to about 8" and have two gaps one 113 cms, one 190 cms. The shelves only need to be 5" wide and 8" deep (sorry about switching measuring scales)
  14. ady croasdell

    100 Club dates for 2019

    2019 all-nighter dates 23 February 30 March 11 May 29 June, 17 August 21 September - 40th Anniversary 2 November 7 December And the rest of this years be - 18 August ** 22 September - 39th Anniversary ; ticket only entry! On sale at (and after by post) Aug nighter 3 November 1 December (curated by Matt Bolton) 2018 Xmas party - 20 December 9pm-2am
  15. ady croasdell

    100 Club 6TS

    11pm-6am £12 on the door Featuring some of the regular DJs Butch, Keith Money, Joel Maslin, Tomas McGrath & Ady Croasdell & guests www.6ts.info


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