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  1. Fabulous comeback, itchy’s goal was fing incredible; their persistence and handling of him paying off big time. I’d have sacked him when he missed that one when Man City won the Prem while playing us
  2. If we can get Pereira and Castagne back to last season’s form we’ll win it
  3. I was at both those and the Old Trafford 0-0 with Liverpool
  4. I think whatever I knew about them was in the notes; probably nothing. I’m glad you all like it as well
  5. Let’s not forget the original version
  6. Interesting to see Terrible Tom singing so early
  7. Thanks Samantha Jo, your dad was highly regarded on our scene. Ady
  8. Nice. Is that off the net or do you own it, looks like off a poster?
  9. Amazing Itchy and Perez have stepped up and joined the others. No one to blame now!
  10. In my dreams, yes We never exist, we’re an asterisk
  11. Ihenacho improving each game - just as well. Tavares can shoot!
  12. Sorry Chalky not me, I actually don’t like that side that much
  13. The Rainmakers ‘Barbara’ on Era, anyone lend a copy or send me an MP3 of the flip please? Thanks

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