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  1. ady croasdell

    100 Club 6TS

    http://www.6ts.info/music-audio.html Snatches of 8 new unreleased 60s soul tracks getting a 100 Club preview at 11.30 on Saturday 23rd Feb
  2. He died yesterday in his Shreveport home. R I P Eddie, we’ll never forget
  3. News/Article/Feature Highlight: He died yesterday in his Shreveport home. R I P Eddie, we’ll never forget View full article
  4. I think Fred claimed the writing of Satisfied thinking McEachin would never know about it. Jay Boy would have to put down what the licensor said. Maybe they were complicit and it was extra money for Fred to sweeten the deal
  5. That article is correct. Randy Wood owned Mirwood where Fred was heavily involved but Fred owned Keymen
  6. Thanks Tim , looking forward to the stories. Ady
  7. ady croasdell

    100 Club 6TS

    That’s a sod and is gonna cost my old banger but most petrol cars after 2005 and diesel after 2015 should be OK so hopefully it’s not too many of us. Thanks for pointing that out.
  8. When Elton John auctioned his collection for the Terence Higgins Foundation, he had a run of every UK Chess release from about 65-67 with Reg Dwight neatly written in the right rectangle on the corner of the sleeve of every one
  9. Thanks John, I'll pester Cliff for an MP3
  10. Does anybody know if the Calla version of Housewife Blues is different from the Love F&F version, the flip of the single 'Does Your Mama Know' is
  11. Yes Val has all her records and often DJs, no regular venues as far as I know but plenty of guest spots. Lisa Hurley does a few and Donna Driscoll occasionally. Younger DJs include Sarah Jane and Lisa Wolverson, I'm sure there are loads more
  12. Thanks Martin, I got sorted for my immediate needs but will refer to this in future. Ady
  13. All are limited, most to 500 some to 1000 and a few points in between. Some sell out, some don’t. The Rita and the Tiaras was 1000 but sold out and price is edging up. I’m pretty sure Darrow will Be The Same. His ‘No Limit’ sold out a while back

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