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  1. 100 Club

    Jimmy, people congregate outside at 6am and go somewhere from there. It’s only a 15 minutes walk to Euston
  2. 26th Cleethorpes Rare Northern & Modern Soul Weekender


  3. 26th Cleethorpes Rare Northern & Modern Soul Weekender


    Mid May would be handy Frank cheers
  4. Darrow Fletcher Secret Weapon

    So two great legitimate sides for around a tenner or one bootleg song for no doubt more than a tenner? Tricky.
  5. Darrow Fletcher Secret Weapon

    The flip is another unissued masterpiece from the CD 'How Can You Live Without Love' which you'd have to buy the Kent 45 for to get it on vinyl anyway.
  6. Darrow Fletcher Secret Weapon

    Yes from the Kent CD, licensed from the Ray Charles Estate, so his family get's the royalties as does Darrow and the songwriters. We've licensed the previously unissued tracks for Europe, they were not available until the Kent CD which you should get as there...
  7. Crossfire Northern, mod, R&B & psych

    See you there Mark and here are the DJ times for those attending 11-11.40 Sean 11.40-12.20 Pete 12.20-1 Chris 1-1.40 Mark 1.40-2.20 Ady 2.20-3.05 Sean 3.05-3.50 Pete 3.50-4.35 Chris 4.35-5.20 Mark 5.20-6 Ady Bring ID if you look like you could be under 18!
  8. Tommy Hunt; Searchin' For Love; Dynamo 110

    Sorted now thanks for looking
  9. Darrow Fletcher Secret Weapon

    It's in the next batch now, so not until late summer depending on the pressing plant. It's a boot, not a so-called boot; if it was legit it would have credits, not even the songwriters get paid on that one.
  10. Any chance of a loan of an Ex copy please? Flip of The Complete Man. Ta Ady
  11. Dave Godin / Mick Jagger

    Done; I'm expecting a visit from the squad any time now
  12. Dave Godin / Mick Jagger

    And can we throw "and then some" in at this stage of the proceedings and wrap it all up?
  13. Dave Godin / Mick Jagger

    He knew it was a well-known black US phrase and adopted it for his own column.
  14. Dave Godin / Mick Jagger

    Excellent work that man. Looks like it and the first I heard of it. I’ll ask David Nathan
  15. Dave Godin / Mick Jagger

    Great timing, should be very fruitful and tell him there’s a crowd of Anoraks awaiting his every word

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