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  1. ZoomSoulBlue

    Donald Trump Does Northern Soul

    So funny seeing DT do a verbal of the snake - wonder if the writer gets any royalties????
  2. ZoomSoulBlue

    40years The Fleet Northern Soul - Wigan Casino

    Great night last night with Brian Rae making a longtime return to the Fleet, and playing those classic sounds from station road - Big thanks to the Fleet faithfull from Coalville; Corby; Norwich,Cambridge ,Bedford and surrounding Peterborough area - we do it all again on Sat 1st Sept with the 40th Anniversary, with Brian Rae / Kev Draper and Hammie bringing you the top tunes from the past 40 Year’s. PSC
  3. ZoomSoulBlue

    Carmel Strings, I hear a symphony, white label??

    Joey staying on instrumental sounds 74 was the same year as Rosemary what happened - happened
  4. ZoomSoulBlue

    The Kid - in a shirt a tie - nice

    André Brasseur, (born 1939) is a Belgian keyboard player and organist. Brasseur has released many albums and singles in his own country, but internationally is best known for his double A sided single The Kid/Holiday, which was released on the CBS label in the UK. Though it never reached the UK charts, The Kid became popular in the famous Northern Soul venue The Twisted Wheel, based in Manchester, and DJ Noel Edmonds used Holiday as the theme tune to his Radio 1programme in the 1970s. In the same period at Radio Veronica, a Dutch pirate radio, DJ Lex Harding used The Kid as the opening sequence to his daily afternoon broadcast programme.
  5. Watching good morning Britain they announce - tomorrow we have the jacksons Motowns biggest group ? so I think is that the number of people in the group or biggest selling Motown group ? Over to Motown gurus to answer - thanks
  6. ZoomSoulBlue

    Seen Any Good Films Recently

    Searching for the sugar man - basically about a singer song writer from Detriot 1968 who sold very little records in the USA who became a legend in SA - ref to Motown , and other interesting facts - good watch more a documentary Listen to his lyrics
  7. ZoomSoulBlue

    Songs For The NHS...

    Bob and earl Harlem Shuffle - as when you press the button to make the bed go up and down it goes - durrrrrrrrr - same sound pain in my heart - poppies
  8. ZoomSoulBlue

    Not so Tired Oldies....

  9. ZoomSoulBlue

    Not so Tired Oldies....

    Pure class
  10. ZoomSoulBlue

    RIP Dave Forrest - Peterborough

    PM d
  11. ZoomSoulBlue

    RIP Dave Forrest - Peterborough

    Dave's funeral is Tuesday 15th May Bretton Crematorium 12.30 Sat nav PE6 7JE then afterwards at Orton Hall Sat nav PE2 7DN
  12. ZoomSoulBlue


  13. ZoomSoulBlue


    Dave I Read a book on diabetes how this guy completely changed his eating habits and way of life to get a better quality - yea I know it's just another self help book but if you can get one thing from it - who knows - will post details when I get home later -


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