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    You Just Dont Know !!!!!
  1. ZoomSoulBlue

    Unknown instrumental

    LLM - contact info@firebirdtaclub.com firebirdtaclub.com I am sure someone there will tell you what the tune was, names of the people who played the instruments size of thereshoes where they live if there alive what car they drove etcetc - as we (like finding all the background facts out about soul music) so car guys have the same need and thought process - be lucky have fun
  2. ZoomSoulBlue

    The Best Record Ever Played By Soul Sam

    St Ives - 76 / 77 - I always associated it to soul Sam - great times great gear still living at home and not a care in the World
  3. ZoomSoulBlue

    Joe Dunlop List 7/02/2019

  4. ZoomSoulBlue

    Reel to reel + Other Old Junk!

    Dave I've got a Sony reel to reel - visual they are the nuts - record a few sounds into the tape - then when you're mates come round put it on as background music - people can't take there eyes off the spinning reels great conversation item great old school stuff - there a pain sometimes but once set up great - saw this on evil bay - have fun
  5. ZoomSoulBlue

    Videoing at events.

    It's bad enough with the odd flash let alone a constant light on for a length of time - I wouldn't allow it to happen - it changes the atmosphere and I know would upset some of the regular paying customers - no go
  6. ZoomSoulBlue

    The magic that is the F.A.Cup

    Leatherhead vs Leicester City, January 1975, it was played at Leicesters ground - same day loads of games were canceled, coz of bad weather - I remember a big firm of Notts Forrest turned up and sang Leatherhead throughout the game great day - and memory’s
  7. ZoomSoulBlue

    The Furys (Keymen) writers credits US and UK differ

    Ok. I appreciate all the comments ref Jimmy Mack much appreciated - I can now sleep better - however BACK TO THE Q: I would like to ask if anyone knows why the writers credits were so different on the same release here in the UK on Jay Boy  Was this just a mess-up or was thereanother reason ?.
  8. ZoomSoulBlue

    The Furys (Keymen) writers credits US and UK differ

    Not wanting to highjack you're tread - but is jimmy Mack the same as "my word is on fire "
  9. ZoomSoulBlue

    Removing Dymo tape

    Dymo tape wow really 70ts stuff - I've a few with it on - leave it well alone they look great - and if you are lucky to get it off, it will leave a mark - good luck
  10. ZoomSoulBlue

    2 Stanton Decks & Flight Cases

    Nice cases - anything less than £350 a bargain - just check the cost to replace the stylus each - I've just changed one on my deck was £67
  11. ZoomSoulBlue

    Talc - yes or no?

    I don't have a major issue with the use of talc if it's sensible - one of the issues not discussed is the people you rent the hall from - the fleet management does not allow talc so we have a no talc policy- we have signs on the door and on the flyers to remind people no talc heads. The hall is used for various events from giving blood to weddings and everything inbeteeen. Rare picture St Ives with talc on floor around 77
  12. ZoomSoulBlue

    Haven’t heard this for years!

    A fellow DJ and mate gave me a copy of this Monday night at a nye do - gave it a spin out brought back floods of memory's deffo underplayed at the moment- which you know what, am pleased about.
  13. ZoomSoulBlue

    How do you decide?

    Dave - first a foremost for me it's a hobby not a business - secondary go through the does that mean anything to me - I brought a copy of the sweetest feeling at the casino it's cheap as chips yet I have memories although blurry of that evening - all my other copies I would sell - I've always found SS an excellent feed back from the guys giving opinions and approx what's it worth - what ever you do take you're time do a bit of research and bounce off the SS guys - failing that just ring JM up and ask him for advice / price - be lucky
  14. ZoomSoulBlue

    Mourinho Gone

  15. ZoomSoulBlue

    Old as you feel


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