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  1. Any northern records

    Twisted wheel sound really - use to play it at the northern soul / mod nights early 1980 / 81
  2. Wigan Casino-'live acts'?

    I was there that night - deffo crap night I remember it well - there was no gear about people sitting all over the place.
  3. Most inappropriate request to a DJ....

    I can only dream of people like that at The Fleet - we have a way of dealing with them lol
  4. Moving house with a record collection

    Many years ago when I moved I borrowed a lot of bread trays to move the records - then took the trays back - all you're records are valuable to you - so you should pack em and move them - any damage or breakages is down to you - good luck
  5. Feedback to a SS member

    Mike - easy when you know - the trick was finding the org add - thanks again SS
  6. Feedback to a SS member

    Cheers Mike as always big brother looking after us - #1
  7. Feedback to a SS member

    How do you do this - in easy steps cheers
  8. Ray Wilkins Footballer

    classic goal - RIP Ray
  9. UK modern and Classics

    Mick - Pm sent
  10. Bob Carolgees......

  11. Along Comes Mary

    Deffo - Casino Main floor Friday oldies night massive sound also at St Ives late 76 early 77 before getting closed down
  12. Current going rate Don Varner, Tear Stained Face

    Great B side - basically £325 for each side bargain Classic oldie “Tear Stained Face” by Don Varner coupled with the original flip side “Mojo Mama” originally titled “32 Miles From Waycross”. When Edwin Starr’s “25 Miles” was later issued it was consid...
  13. Vinyl Buying in 2018 Poll

    I think I brought about 6 last year and they were mostly to replace American Motown blue with Black TMGs - deffo slowing up buying
  14. If I was granted one vinyl wish...

    Sorry got carried away - I took the tittle that I could only have one record - my bad
  15. If I was granted one vinyl wish...

    Major - live at the Touch LP - one vinyl wish

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