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  1. from Brian Rae Was played at st lves and kettering ect ...
  2. Great info - history and of course Steve ready for action
  3. Cheers Mick - it’s ok till the Mexico pipes come in then comes back strong with the horn section - I’ve asked Brian Rae if he can remember it being played at the casino - 100mph sound with a gram of wizz in you I’ll post if he reply’s
  4. going through some old nighter in the car C90 tapes - I came across this - around 76 / 77 - anyone else remember venue or Dj who spun it
  5. going through some old nighter in the car C90 tapes - I came across this - around 76 / 77 - anyone else remember venue or Dj who spun it
  6. walking the dog just saw this - you can just make out Peterborough Cathedral in the background of one of the pics location Stanground backwater
  7. 1300 Boulevard Way, Walnut Creek Walnut Creek is now a very upscale Bay Area suburb--Stephen Curry lives there, for example--but it was not always so. I can recall when there were actually walnut groves. Walnut Creek doesn't really have much of a 60s rock history. Interestingly, however, it all revolves around one place--1300 Boulevard Way. February 23, 1963 Walnut Creek Hall, Walnut Creek, CA: Bobby Freeman/Wally Cox/The Untouchables Correspondent Kent found this ancient "boxing-style" poster, for what very well may be Walnut Creek's very first rock show. It was held at The Walnut Cree
  8. Addenbrooke's Hospital - ICU has 5 people in for COVID down from around 100 at the height - looks promising
  9. Real old school legend- RIP Frank
  10. First of all I don’t support Leeds United however grew up in the 70ts when Leeds were a dominant side. Everytime I visited Leeds away we would use the pub Peter ran called Commercial down some back streets - I remember once we were loosing so left at about half time made our way back to the pub which was empty - after about 15 mins Peter walked in and started picking up some of the empty glasses - I got on the floor and stated bowing to him - he looked at me and in a broad Yorkshire accent said - get up you stupid bugger one of footballs legends and a true gentleman, - RIP Peter
  11. Jura Take one glass add two ice cubes Cover with Jura of choice Leave for 2 mins - then sip Goes well with a Fosters / Bud Light as a chaser
  12. PETERBOROUGH SOUL CLUB Est. 1982 #1 Legendary Soul Venue – 1978 – 2021 43 Years of SOUL same Original venue 2021 DATES 2021 DATES Saturday Dec 11th NORTHERN SOUL & Motown “THE FLEET” “FLETTON” PETERBOROUGH – PE2 8DL 07.30 - 01.00 60ts Soul Top Soul - DJ’s on tap 70t’s Soul Carl Fortnum, Keith Willcox Dave Reed, Tony Kareer Plus Guest’s Still only £4.99 OTD Cheap drink price E mail: zoomsoulblue@aol.com NO NO NO NO TALC HEADS See Soul Source events forum for
  13. How long before rare soul gets put in the skip ? Am 62 and can still see me attending soul venues up till I kick the bucket - so hopefully a few years to go. As to records and values - I’ve never brought a record for investment, so don’t care - but if you look at Tears Leroy Decca Demo brought at the casino in 77/78 - for £20 which is worth about £113 in today’s money - I guess selling it today for £113.50p am ahead of the game - win win

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