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  1. I remember Kenny Burrell when he had “Do I Love You” - chaining his record box to a speaker stand foot on the stage - the chain was like a motorbike chain massive - what he didn’t realise was that you just needed to tip the speaker back and the leg would come up which meant you could have slipped the chain out.
  2. Just thought I’ll drop in an old story from back in the day about 76 - The story goes like this, in the oldies room at StIves all-nighter or the correct name was the theatre- there was a DJ from Kettering I believe called Brillo - he apparently gets caught with seeing another woman - his missus finds out and takes all his records inc TheTomangoes to the local charity shop - never knew if the story was true however never saw Brillo DJ again ?
  3. Got this back from Timmy Bryant after I asked who was in the line up Great! Thank you so much! Currently the JB's are Frank Bryant and Jimmy's Son Tim Bryant (other members are interchangeable depending on location of shows). Thanks again! Lets stay in touch! Cheers!
  4. Got this sent through so thought I would share it On Monday, February 10, 2020, njdaddy63 . <timbmuzic@gmail.com> wrote: Hi, I'm the manager for the Just Brothers who made the Northern Soul hit song Sliced Tomatoes. Please contact me to let me know if you would like to have them perform at your venue. Thanks Timmy Bryant (973) 816-3597
  5. last ever soul night? soul music is a passion, it’s emotional - it will always move people - so I guess the answer is when civilisation ends
  6. Hand clapping 60:02 Peggy March - If You Loved Me [RCA Victor] Packed night - I went to Bisley the Friday night before and someone had a ticket who couldn’t go - deffo to much gear that weekend lol
  7. Jazz - VW brand we all know it top notch - few years ago did the suv comparison - In the end brought a Kia Sportage - I purchased second hand with 38k on the clock full service - I’ve now got 88k never let me down and still returns 49 - 52 mpg - Serviced every 12k - fully loaded cruise rear screen etc - great driving position - I like a manual - not the 4x4 one / all good - give them a quick look over
  8. I can’t change - Just about sums up the terminology Northern Soul - you were recognised for you’re music, loved and more importantly respected in the UK - RIP
  9. Russ - great info you’ve really gone into a number, just one Question - where’s Scotland on the list - lol ok that was only a joke sorry for my childish humour
  10. The Fleet - 1978 - 2019 Top DJ from Kettering- MARCO will take to the decks as will Mr Fortnum / spinning those classic Northern Soul sounds. Supported by the resident guys - please note we play Northern Soul. We don’t play - across the board - tossover - modern- newies (we do play oldies newies 70 - 79) - funk - disco - rock roll or Jazz
  11. Mike 4,605 Posted October 17, 2004 Following was posted up in motown legends news article in news/articles section - thought may be of interest, not sure how well known but so what. More of his bio can be found at soul weekenders site visit site and of course can catch him performing at the Motown Legends weekender Brief soundbite of Ritchie Pitts bio from site Born in Brooklyn N.Y. Richie's path to fame in the soul world started in the famous New York group The Velours who had several U.S. hits over the late 50's and mid '60's. they also recorded the sought after Northern Soul 45 "I'm gonna change" Around 1967 the Velours were invited to tour England. On arrival here they found they were being billed as The Fabulous Temptations ! However they carried on with the tour of emerging soul clubs like The Twisted Wheel in Manchester, Clouds in Derby and The Mojo in Sheffield where they went down a storm often doing 2 or 3 shows a night. It was at the Mojo where Richie met a young Pete Stringfellow who suggested the group change their name to The Fantastics. On their second tour of the U.K. they came back as The Fantastics and went down a storm and decided to stay !
  12. Great established venue, cheap drink, central location - and DJs with record collections to blow you away - floor was full all night as was the event - Looking forward to the next 11 years of Soul guys - “ keep on keeping on “
  13. Saw it last Sat (took the missus) - I thought it was a a really good film - but then I love old cars & soul music
  14. Kevin Laverty 43 Guildcrest Drive Scarborough, Ontario Canada M1E 1E2 (416) 551-0688

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