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  1. Martyn - won't go into details but very similar experience with my mom and dad - looked good at the time but ended up a noose around there necks - make sure you seek professional advice before going anywhere near theses kind of companies - sure they have to make money just watch the % payback Ahhhhhhhhhh
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  2. Was Leics tiffs off the market - glass and chrome if I remember- usually ended up there on a downer after the Casino on the way back to Huntington or Peterbourgh - trains and buses on a Sunday timetable late 70ts every 2 - 3 hours and how come you always just missed it Ahhhhhhh
  3. Mike SS - is this a moody name set up as they have no history- yet ask a really big balls question ? If suss might be worth just hitting the red button - you're call
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  4. Respect - well done, to one of our own
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  5. Back in the mid 70ts I remember seeing quite a few pink demos kicking about usually priced up between £18 and £20 never saw an issue - an issue went on e bay for about $550 just curious what the demo would make today ? cheers
  6. That's what I heard running photocopys of the label off ? Am sure someone knows Tim enough on here to bell him and reply - fill in the gap
  7. Bobby Hebb - You want to change me (stamped numbers) - VG - £60 Inc postage signed Robert John - Raindrops love and sunshine (Matrix stamp) - DEMO - hairline crack A side / other side - plays fine VG- £30 Inc signed post Vibrations - Surprise party for baby (stamped) - Sticker mark on label at top - Intro 4 secs slight hiss then clear all the way through £50 Inc signed post All you tube clips are to remind you what the records sound like / how the tune goes - enjoy PM me if interested more info etc - ta
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  8. Cheers guys all good
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  9. Before you all jump on me and say this has been covered before, I've looked at SS archive and just want to go over it again so if I decide to sell it - The buyer gets what there expecting or it goes back into the box. I've read about west coast and east cost even different pressing plants - so just need some clarity On both sides of the run-out you can clearly see a circle with the MR stamp inside - also in the runout is the following A side ZXSE 12304 This is on the lefthand side of the MR stamp On the righthand side is A triangle followed by 100301 - X B side Up to the rooftop Run out markings ZXSE 12303 This is on the lefthand side of the MR stamp On the righthand side is A triangle followed by 100301 As always any advice and help greatly appreciated - Thanks
  10. Bang on - well spotted
  11. SOLD - record on hold
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  12. Surely I can't be the only one who has the labels on the A and B side around the wrong way - however what makes this extra special (laugh) is that someone has used a black marker to ID wrong side made me laugh anyway
  13. The songs were recorded on May 25 and June 6, 1972 at Syncron Sound Studios aka Trod Nossell Studios located in Wallingford, Connecticut.The B side was "Covered-up" on the Northern Soul scene by Richard Searling as Rock Candy "Makes Me Feel This Way" Slight mark on record but you cant hear it, plays great - really clean - stamped £310 incs postage tracking / trace - prefer bank transfer or and old cheque no rush to sell will even reserve for end of month payments if that helps - PM me
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  14. Hey guys there got to be a book deal or a film out of this
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