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    You Just Dont Know !!!!!
  1. ZoomSoulBlue

    Mourinho Gone

  2. ZoomSoulBlue

    Old as you feel

  3. ZoomSoulBlue

    Nancy Wilson R I P

    END of Our Love As soon as the first few bars kicked in you could see people moving onto the floor into position then the vocals kicked in at the Casino - spinners loved it - one of my all time favourites - Thanks for the music and memories - RIP Nancy
  4. ZoomSoulBlue

    first three records to start a set

    Depends what time you're on ? And respecting and knowing all the records that were played previously.
  5. ZoomSoulBlue

    House Sale/Mortgage

    Kegsy - be careful of the house beaters - let's say you're house is valued at 250k - people view the house but want it cheaper - they send there friends round who after viewing the house offer you say 210k - far to low so you reject - the next couple more friends from the people who want to buy it and they offer 215k - now you have doubts that the estate agent has priced it too high - then the people who want it offer 220k but are willing to go to 225k or walk away - you accept 225k and they get the house for 25k under market price - buying and selling effing nightmare - good luck
  6. ZoomSoulBlue

    Info needed: Women on the Northern Scene

    Mid 70ts through to early 80ts I knew a few women who were knocking gear out on the scene- if that helps
  7. ZoomSoulBlue

    Motorway Cameras - M1 M25 M6 M42

    FYI see below just sent from TFL to London Black cabs so be aware it’s now fully in force. Smart motorways cameras locations M1 J6 - J10 M1 J10 - J13 M1 J25 - J28 M1 J28 - J31 M1 J39 - J42 M25 J7 - J10 M25 J10 - J16 M25 J10 - J23 M6 J4 - J5 M6 J5 - J8 M6 J8 - J10a M6 J10a -J13 M42 J7 - J9 For those who travel up m down motorway be careful n more importantly be safe *M1 : Speeding Cameras* Just to let you know that on Monday morning, they are switching the speeding cameras on 24/7 and if you go above 70mph when going by on M1 you will definitely get a speeding ticket, that’s the full stretch of the M1 all day every day and even when the signs of speed limits are not on. Good luck all!
  8. ZoomSoulBlue

    Top Ten Northern Soul Towns

    In the 70ts Aldershot
  9. ZoomSoulBlue

    No Alcohol License Function - Would You Attend?

    We've run an event every NYE - bring you're own alcohol - everyone wins - cheap as chips and no que at the bar
  10. ZoomSoulBlue

    Peterborough Soul NYE

    Now in our 5th year Another Soul Event with all the usual faces DJs - CARL FORTNUM KEV DRAPER KEITH WILLCOX MICKY BB plus guests Classic Oldies / Motown a little bit of party ska after midnight with great fellow soul friends 7 till 12:30 Location Yaxley Tickets available at the fleet soul night Sat Dec 8th - see door staff Max - 70 people - Only 15 tickets left As usual bring you're own alcoholic drink and a plate of food £5:00
  11. ZoomSoulBlue

    Radio DJ back in the 70ts - one man

    Saw this made me smile - like the moment his wife goes down the shop - that's entirely his audience https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-46252871
  12. ZoomSoulBlue

    House Sale/Mortgage

    My Daughter lives at Drighlington between Leeds and Brad - great local pubs there
  13. ZoomSoulBlue

    House Sale/Mortgage

    Kegsy - leave you're house on the market until you sign completion docs - that way you're being fair first come first served - the first time someone is really serious about buying it is when they pay for the surveyors fee - good luck
  14. ZoomSoulBlue

    Most Scary Allnighter back in the 70s

    Ok there's a theme to mine - just too much gear and staying awake too long Casino 4th anniversary (I had been to Bisley all nighter the night before) I thought people need being stabbed as they had red marks on there t shirts - it was the drips of nicotine from the ceiling dripping down. Came back on the coach with a coat over my head. - 6 - 8 hours Yate about 77- eating 8 strychnine blues first time thought my head was going to pop - people kept giving me sleeping pills all night to try and calm me down Morecamebe pier all nighter early 80ts Been on gear two days solid - three of us sat by an air vent - I could hear hissing - I jumped up went to the bog flushed 15 wraps down the bog came back my mate said where you been , just flushed my gear DS are gassing the place can't you hear the hissing - he went off and flushed his gear - nothing happened all night and through the vents you could hear the sea - that was the hissing Traveling back from numerous all nighters with no gear but thinking the DS were following - even when they pulled off the motorway another car would join and your convinced here comes the next DS car - we weren't stupid Stoke on Trent Tiff's 76-77 all dayer got searched on the way in - the bouncer confiscated my gear about 10 wraps in a tin even gave me a coat room ticket to collect later - when we left later that night old bill were in the foyer keeping warm so I had to leave it - another close shave so funny looking back now


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