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  1. One of my favorites has to be this. Although he's guesting on Ralph MacDonald's album, he's the one who makes it. Great trumpet solo too from Randy Brecker.
  2. Seems he has just passed aged 81 from heart complications. Such a great distinctive voice. RIP
  3. Funnily enough I was in Merseyside and still am ! It must have been a good place to get a reception I also remember him playing The Chi-Lites. Kev
  4. American forces network popped into my head today for some reason, so I searched Mixcloud and found this amazingly clear recording, broadcast from Frankfurt in May 1972. A bit of everything from 60's and 70's and worth listening to until the end, with the ads and news about president Nixon Highly likely that I listened to it at the time on my little transistor. Enjoy Kev
  5. While I was searching for something on Spotify I came across a Podcast called "Song Craft" a feature on songwriters. Just search Joshie Jo Armstead on Spotify and it should come up. Episode 77 A real insight and I really enjoyed it! Apologies if it's old news Kev
  6. Brand New - Unopened, still factory sealed. 2003 Long deleted. £85.00 + postage within UK only
  7. I have 8 units that take 45's and three units that take albums (Collect Only) They are made of MDF (I think) sprayed white. I bought them new like this. They are in great condition The sizes of each unit are as follows: 45's 730L x 215W x 245D (measured externally mm) Each unit will take a min of 250 45's in cardboard sleeves LP's 730L x 365W x 335D (measured externally mm) Each Unit will take a min of 180 albums I'll take £100 for the lot but collect only, I'm based in the NW on The Wirral. CH60 Please PM me if interested
  8. Been a while since I've been on here, but this 70's album topic is great. Zulema often has her "Wanna be Where you are" track played and as a shorter single version, but this one is sheer magic. Margie Joseph does a great version of this but The Originals just edges it for me. In fact, every track is a winner on this album! Surprised this doesn't come up much on playlists
  9. Always thought this would have gone down well on the northern scene
  10. My daughter introduced me to this group from Melbourne and I have to admit this guys voice is the closest thing I've heard to Otis Redding's voice. Anyway, they are on in Manchester at the Gorilla on 26th January 2020 announced yesterday. Well worth a visit
  11. Anyone got a scan of the second press flip side with the red apple on? Kev
  12. It was always an album track, but whoever is behind Jo_Mar did this too. Not sure why anyone would want to boot this! Are there anymore tracks on this label?
  13. How's this for a curved ball I bought this a few years back ......just in case. Someone did say it was legit, but not sure about that. Anyway, I've always thought it was Gloria on vocals and the Ohio Players' are featured on her album so it would seem safe to make 2+2 = 4. When you listen to the vocals it definitely sounds like her. Kev

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