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  1. Anyone got a scan of the second press flip side with the red apple on? Kev
  2. It was always an album track, but whoever is behind Jo_Mar did this too. Not sure why anyone would want to boot this! Are there anymore tracks on this label?
  3. How's this for a curved ball I bought this a few years back ......just in case. Someone did say it was legit, but not sure about that. Anyway, I've always thought it was Gloria on vocals and the Ohio Players' are featured on her album so it would seem safe to make 2+2 = 4. When you listen to the vocals it definitely sounds like her. Kev
  4. Only just seen this thread. I've had my copy since 1974 and I expected it to go for more than that on JM's auction site. Depends on who sees it at the time I suppose. Popsike shows them fetching £1000 + in 2014. Do you think the value has gone down with the re-issue and cd coming out? I would sell mine but I'd want more than JM got for it Kev
  5. Thanks to Chalky and everyone else who helped me out with making a set and uploading it. My first attempt and a mix of 60's and 70's. Although I can't seem to paste the link. https://www.mixcloud.com/kevin-horsewood/soothers-movers/
  6. Thanks Chalky, I have an HDD Yamaha CDR-HD 1300E and a single Technics deck, so record onto that. Then transfer them onto my pc/laptop, using windows. The quality is great. So I just need to drag and drop my mp3's into a program that can create a podcast/playlist and record it. Thanks Kev
  7. I want to make my own dj set and record it for uploading and home use using the mp3's that I have made from my vinyl. Any suggestions? Any help would be much appreciated Kev
  8. This took me years to find out what it was. Then some kind soul on here enlightened me. Same backing track as The Detroit Emeralds Played at Wigan in 74' and covered up as the New York Strings I think. Kev
  9. The 66 Club in West Kirby 1969/70 - Don't know if anyone on here ever went. Boogaloo Party - Flamingos Polk Salad Annie - Tony Joe White Holy Cow - Lee Dorsey Pucker Up Buttercup - Jnr Walker Come See About Me - Jnr Walker Reaching for Something - Marvelettes I'll Turn to Stone - Four Tops Don't Tell Your Mama - Eddie Floyd 7 Days Too Long - Chuck Wood Na Na He Hey - Steam Happy - William Bell Played pretty much every new soul release as they came out at least once and depending on popularity many times more Kev
  10. This was from early 70's. I went to The Raven at Whitchurch to see Soul Sam and this was run by Tony Petherbridge. Don't think he is with us anymore. Never really liked the Northern soul tag.
  11. Featuring Terri Wells of "You Make it Heaven" fame -Slipped into obscurity
  12. Totally Agree. I've raved about this for years. The flip of Hot Pants (above) Kev

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