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    Nostalgia ain't what it used to be!
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    Wirral, united kingdom
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    This changes by the day
  1. stateside

    Instrumentals of 1974

    This took me years to find out what it was. Then some kind soul on here enlightened me. Same backing track as The Detroit Emeralds Played at Wigan in 74' and covered up as the New York Strings I think. Kev
  2. stateside

    earliest youth club memories

    The 66 Club in West Kirby 1969/70 - Don't know if anyone on here ever went. Boogaloo Party - Flamingos Polk Salad Annie - Tony Joe White Holy Cow - Lee Dorsey Pucker Up Buttercup - Jnr Walker Come See About Me - Jnr Walker Reaching for Something - Marvelettes I'll Turn to Stone - Four Tops Don't Tell Your Mama - Eddie Floyd 7 Days Too Long - Chuck Wood Na Na He Hey - Steam Happy ..
  3. stateside

    If the term northern soul had not come about ?

    This was from early 70's. I went to The Raven at Whitchurch to see Soul Sam and this was run by Tony Petherbridge. Don't think he is with us anymore. Never really liked the Northern soul tag.
  4. stateside

    Your Ten Top P.I.R. favorite titles...?

    Featuring Terri Wells of "You Make it Heaven" fame -Slipped into obscurity
  5. stateside

    Your Ten Top P.I.R. favorite titles...?

    A real gem hidden on a b-side
  6. stateside


    Totally Agree. I've raved about this for years. The flip of Hot Pants (above) Kev
  7. stateside

    Lamont Dozier UK Tour 2018

    I've put a request in for him to do at least one track from his Invictus/ABC/Warners era. I don't have his contact details, but I have a mate who does. I had the once in a lifetime pleasure to meet him and talk to him and watch him work with Terri Walker in the studio, here in the UK, back in September 2004. A day I will never forget. Watching him write songs in an A4 exercise book and joining in the vocals, doing it all on..
  8. stateside

    Denise LaSalle R I P

    One of my favourite artists first introduced to me by Sgt Milt Kemp on AFN Radio with this track which will always be my favourite. RIP
  9. stateside

    Northern Soul Newbie

    Hi Tony, I'm on the Wirral. Historically, Liverpool has never been a place for northern soul. I cut my teeth in The Mardi Gras on Mount Pleasant (now demolished), The Victoriana, Victoria Street and The Top Rank, where you could see artists like Edwin Starr, Arthur Conley , Jimmy Ruffin etc. Sometimes twice in the same night A group of us went to Wigan. The Ritz in Manchester and Blackpool Mecca, but there was nothing local..
  10. stateside

    Show us your great photos (2017)

    A recent trip to Portmeirion with relatives over from Oz. The food is fantastic and everything is much improved since our last visit about 10 yrs ago, when it was looking a bit tired.
  11. stateside

    Show us your great photos (2017)

    Had a great weekend on Anglesey and walked along the coastal path to Moelfre
  12. stateside

    Show us your great photos (2017)

    I used to go to Mablethorpe for days out. I'm a Cleethorpes lad myself, Dave, so we used to go to my Nan's caravan in Humberston for the summer. Kev
  13. stateside

    Show us your great photos (2017)

    Looks like the one they have in Nice, France Kev
  14. stateside

    M People - How Can I Love You More

    Me too Dave, in a picture sleeve Fantastic record. I think she got a bit into oversinging later on and I think this is much more raw. Kev
  15. stateside

    M People - How Can I Love You More

    A bit off thread but Heather Small at her Best and she looks so young Kev