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    Boss reggae , roots , uk digital roots , northern soul , milliteria, VWs, x box ,
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    big frank and the essences , wont let you seeme cry

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  1. Jerry naylor , city lights, sparton demo sold mine so no piccy
  2. Dont forget Billy Storm pkease dont mention her name , stafford killer
  3. Bobbie smith , Walk on in to my heart , white American Arts label , really beautifully clean label and styrene , bought it stafford days and stashed it away all these years £175 .00 , Billy storm , please don't mention her name another beautifully clean picture sleeve And styrene copy on HBR £100 Tommy Navarro , I cried my life away on DE JAC this styrene copy had a bit of life and was greatly enjoyed, label lovely styrene has a few scuffettes and marks nothing major a really sound copy £300
  4. Apparently it was played out way back in the day
  5. Master tapes damaged beyond repair so a truely rare tune never to be cut to plate cleanly again
  6. Spelling mistskes due to my fat builder fingers soz
  7. Well if we are going for DREAM records not necessarily soul this is an old jah shaka dub plate by johnny clarke called jah give i the power released by shaka with bass dropped sooo low in the mix but shakas dub playe mix is killer the bass is just incredible on his valve dound system been skanking to this from time
  8. Thank you sir i dont know how to do that
  9. Tim I know I’ve said this before but listen to twelve76 , the way you make me feel on critique , freak beat the stafford way
  10. Hi davenpete original napalm A contained benzine and polystyrene and orher good stuff as it burned and was sticky early vietnam war made your eyes water i think
  11. Another one believe it or not Benzine village of tears obviously not a soul band persay or heavy garage a message non the less but who would really sing about dropping napalm on a village benzine and detergent = napalm

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