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    Boss reggae , roots , uk digital roots , northern soul , milliteria, VWs, x box ,
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    Osterley / chiswick
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    big frank and the essences , wont let you seeme cry

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  1. LP only tracks?

    Also Total eclipse , six o clock on the imperial lp if i remember correctly been looking but cant find it so going from memory 🤙😀
  2. Bunny sigler

    Bunny sigler , dont make me wait on the squeez box music thingy in my fullers west london boozer wtf
  3. Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    12 monkeys on syfy
  4. Gucci Does Northern soul

    See the dude attempting floor work in the (GUCCI) special dj copy northern soul blokka boots near end , hard work or what bet his legs were 2" longer a sad parody of ns indeed 🕺🏿
  5. Jerry Naylor

    Hi ady its karl , roger stewarts old mate got a sparton copy and im in chiswick still hope this is helpfull
  6. Ebay's Global Shipping Program?

    I'll get me coat
  7. Ebay's Global Shipping Program?

    Bought a pair of camper boots for my girlfriend , realy nice in suede in original box boot leg stuffed withpaper to keep shape box size is quite big (bootsize) anyway what arrived weeks later was a box that action mans boots would have looked small in co...
  8. Prince Buster

    Rip prince buster voice of the people king of ska & rock steady
  9. Big frank and the essences

    Sorted thanks
  10. Big frank and the essences

    Wanted Big Frank and the Essences , I Won't let her see me cry Blue Rock or phillips please let me know ktf karl
  11. Big frank and the essences

    Any one got a copy ofbig frank and the essences for sale ? Let me know k
  12. seanadams & micksmith

    Can only agree gav top bloke hi gav its karl how the hell are you long time dude
  13. nice girls @ 100

    Hey karen its karl simmonds by the way Top try good you remembered though how are you lena king i think her name was , do you see her or know whats happened to her ? atb karl
  14. Karl s

  15. i have some genuine LEVIS which are made in the 1940 to 45 war time style brand new with labels s501 XX W 38 L 36 shrink to fit so they will end up a 36 ish waist and 34ish on the legs though i dry clean mine so no shrinkage i like mine with big turn ups o...