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    Boss reggae , roots , uk digital roots , northern soul , milliteria, VWs, x box ,
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    big frank and the essences , wont let you seeme cry

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  1. Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    Its the souri pictured above if i remember 10 years since ive seen it
  2. Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    Hi guys give me a few days and i will meet my mate who runs a sound and see if he still has the cutter and get imfo and hopefully some pics dont worry im on it
  3. Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    Hi pete jah tubbys still cuts dubplates for shaka as he only runs plates and vinyl think there is a place in france still makes them 12” 10” 7” will try to find out there is also a plate cutter that mounts on to a 1210 , 1200 then a computer f...
  4. Had one years ago think it had some green around the oliver bit writingwas green aswell i think never seen one like this though but im no expert
  5. Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    Pete please tell us the full story of it As I for one don’t have Facebook or anything like that and am seriously dieing to know its story 🇱🇷😁😁
  6. LP only tracks?

    Also Total eclipse , six o clock on the imperial lp if i remember correctly been looking but cant find it so going from memory 🤙😀
  7. Bunny sigler

    Bunny sigler , dont make me wait on the squeez box music thingy in my fullers west london boozer wtf
  8. Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    12 monkeys on syfy
  9. Gucci Does Northern soul

    See the dude attempting floor work in the (GUCCI) special dj copy northern soul blokka boots near end , hard work or what bet his legs were 2" longer a sad parody of ns indeed 🕺🏿
  10. Jerry Naylor

    Hi ady its karl , roger stewarts old mate got a sparton copy and im in chiswick still hope this is helpfull
  11. Ebay's Global Shipping Program?

    I'll get me coat
  12. Ebay's Global Shipping Program?

    Bought a pair of camper boots for my girlfriend , realy nice in suede in original box boot leg stuffed withpaper to keep shape box size is quite big (bootsize) anyway what arrived weeks later was a box that action mans boots would have looked small in co...
  13. Prince Buster

    Rip prince buster voice of the people king of ska & rock steady
  14. Big frank and the essences

    Sorted thanks
  15. Big frank and the essences

    Wanted Big Frank and the Essences , I Won't let her see me cry Blue Rock or phillips please let me know ktf karl