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  1. Dawn B

    Dawn B

  2. I must admit I didn't know anything about him until seeing him on Jools Holland earlier this year. Soon after found out he was touring over here and bought tickets for Shepherds Bush last night. I have to say I am very glad to have caught him and his band. I thought they were brilliant. Really entertaining, high quality songs etc. Definitely one to pay attention to if you like the early soul/gospel/doowop/rRnB end of things.
  3. Billy Miranda - Count Your Teardrops/You Could've Had a Good Thing Going on Queen.
  4. Happy Birthday Chalky. Hoping it has been a good one for you. Love Dawn & Nick x
  5. You are right Alan, I was at the Ray Pollard one and it was truly fantastic! Another one for me was at Great Yarmouth with Chuck Jackson. He was fab. I remember Val and I being right at the front and when he threw his cummerbund (?) into the audience, after a tussle, I got it, and still have it. A friend of mine borrowed it for an 'Easter ball' she was doing, and I remember she washed it...oh no! I have photos somewhere of that night. I must hunt them out soon.
  6. Can I just ask, if you click more than once on it from the same computer/log in etc. does it count just the once, or as many times as it is clicked? Thanks a lot, Dawn
  7. Sonji Clay - Deeper in my Heart - is based on a Japanese/oriental tune
  8. Sorry to take a week to say this, but I had a fab time on Saturday at the 100 Club. I was saying to Nick, that for me, there was something reminiscent to when I started to attend in the 80's. An open minded crowd with enthusiasm and energy to dance etc. I have to admit that I had a couple of glasses of wine too many, which saw me doing a combination of switching off the decks, trying to take one of Nick's newly lined up records off , thinking that I had just played it, to put in my own box (my eyes really need testing even without the wine), and numerous episodes of almost falling over. Dignity never was my middle name. I really enjoyed the Candi Staton record Ady, but must have missed Marva somehow. Spoke to lots of lovely people, old and new. Glad that Geoff had such a lovely birthday celebration. Hope the 100 Club continues to be as successful. All The Best, Dawn
  9. Are you down for just the one night, Ray? There's Boogaloo soul in Greenwich tomorrow night, if you are down and at a loose end. Friendly crowd. London is a really 'fast' , anonymous place for most, especially when you are used to seeing the odd green field!
  10. Another thing I have found in Islington is a free pub event at The Hobgoblin, 73 White Lion Street. 9pm til 2am. Paul Aaron's Groove Lineage Sessions playing 'Eclectic Freestyle Dance' Soul, Jazz and Soulful House. Nearest tube is Angel on the northern line, and is meant to be very near the pub. This event and the Bob Stanley event are at pretty much opposite ends of Upper Street in Islington. About a 15 minute walk between them. I will stop 'stalking' you now! Whatever you do, hope it's a good one, Dawn
  11. If you do go to the Buffalo bar and go through Highbury & Islington station it is literally 'just there' would take you less than a minute from the tube. Official address is 259 Upper Street, Islington. Good luck!
  12. Have also just found another night in Stoke Newington called the Mod Generation, which appears to play lots of vintage soul stuff. Have never been to this night and Stoke Newington is a bit more difficult to get to, but if you need more details come back on here and I will give you the details. All The Best Dawn
  13. Hi Ray, I looked at the events page and the only thing I could find in London tonight was a night in Highbury Corner at the Buffalo Bar (Victoria tube line) 9pm til 3am £6. It is a night put on by Bob Stanley, who plays a mix of northern, 60s girl groups, pop etc. It is a mixed night musically. In the past I have been to a couple of things that Bob has put on and have really enjoyed it, but it depends how strictly you want a northern night, I suppose. Bob is a nice bloke and used to attend our Scenesville soul nights with his wife Annalise(?) who was also really friendly. Hope you find something you will like. All The Best Dawn

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