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  1. It's with great regret and disappointment that we must notify you of the cancellation of the March Allnighter. With a large proportion of both staff and punters at risk and with growing concern regarding large groups, in light of the current crisis, the safety of all is absolutely paramount. We feel it's the responsible thing to do and for the benefit of us all. Our records will make it through the pandemic regardless and we must ensure that we do too. Once things are a bit clearer we'll keep you updated regarding the forthcoming niters on a month by month basis. First and foremost be sensible, respect the science. We'll all be back down those stairs before you know it. Soulful regards A&M
  2. Hi Andy. sorry mate was DJing in Leeds last night. I’ll pop that in now. Cheers. M
  3. Edu snagged the £40 copy 2 mins before I did from Discogs. Such a great tune.
  4. Glad you got one buddy. It’s all about the hot cut.
  5. Hi guys. Trust me the lead vocal take is completely different and nearly a different register to the issue and LP take. Deffo Curtis in lead as all who’ve received one will attest. Flew out so apologies to those who didn’t get one. Though there’s another 25 count box out there somewhere so it will turn up again. Tried to upload the sound file but it’s massive.
  6. Mattbolton

    100 Club 6TS

    Despite our best efforts, due to licensing issues we are unable to have a 6am finish thisSaturday. We hoped this wouldn’t happen but sadly Westminster Council are standing firm on their refusal of the late application submitted. We know how much this inconveniences those of you who have to travel great distances and are deeply sorry for the obvious problems this might cause. Any specific problems please contact us. Despite this setback we’re never deterred and will still be running a 9pm-3am affair at £8 on the door - the same great DJs for less, but an earlier finish. We are also hoping to secure an after-hours venue close by for those with early morning trains, etc but can not confirm that at the moment, we will let you know as soon as we can. Once shut away from the outside world, that basement is still a magic space once the soul music plays. The company will be as ever wonderful. Many apologies again, we hate letting you down. This was partly brought about by the guvnor’s phone breaking just at the point of the licensing reminder. We have now put in place three separate reminders to three different people and will apply further in advance and announce when the license has been received. Ady & Matt
  7. The Impressions - Love Me US Curtom Demos. Untouched since the very day they were sleeved. £20 & £2 UK P&P Have a small number of these phenomenal 45s which many people don’t know is an alternate take to the issue/LP with Curtis on lead, a killer bass line and a bit more pace. You see loads of these with a promo stamp but this is what the real demo should look and sound like. Sounds fucking mental over a massive system. Roll up, Roll up! Once they’re gone they’re gone! DM me for a sound clip. I don’t think there’s one online.
  8. Mattbolton

    100 Club 6TS

  9. It is no hyperbole to assert that the 6Ts all-nighter is as important in the history pages of soul music as the very artists and studios that produced it. That a club has endured so long is testament to many factors. To the incredible legacy of music left to us by musicians whose music lifts us. To those who crawled for years on hands and knees in dusty rooms to share their spoils for the enjoyment of others. To those who have fought fatigue to dance till sunlight. And to those who have the tenacity to push the efforts of all the aforementioned, understanding the importance of the pursuit of shared raw emotion. For 40 years the 6Ts all-nighter has, without equal, fed the demands of those who seek visceral and meaningful sentiment in their choice of records. All through a very esoteric sound. It’s certainly not everybody’s cup of tea It is not just the wealth of records that have been broken, uncovered, discovered that makes the 100 Club all-nighter so unique but rather the dedication to quality. No Joe 90’s needed here. Like many others I remember travelling 400 miles every month for decades, without question just to hear Luther Ingram, Ben E King and The Demures. It seems unfathomable that we may never have had the opportunity to shed a collective tear to Lou Johnson’s mastertake on Roy Hamilton. To feel chills as the opening vibes of Carla Thomas‘ greatest recording envelops us, laid dormant for so many years. And for this we should all be thankful. From dancers to artists alike. For gifting us the exposure to masterpieces of recorded emotion, hitherto unheard, in a sacred place of sanctuary and companionship. Through his tireless work with Ace records we have all benefited from Ady’s seemingly unending (some say ‘jammy’) ability to find and raise the fortunes of incredible, unreleased soul. This is the true strength of the 100 Club. Ady’s influence via the records he found and subsequently played at the 100 Club send shockwaves across continents. ‘The Magic Touch’, ‘What’s With This Loneliness’ and more recently ‘Secret Weapon’ are perfect examples of 100 Club exclusives that eventually found their natural home in the wider world and our own collections. Mostly for free! One of the most telling stories for me highlights the wealth of incredible records played, loved and filed away over the years. 6am one morning, post niter, Ady handed me a test pressing as a present. One side I didn’t recognise till I got home. It was Sharon Scott’s ‘It’s Better’, an unreleased record of monumental beauty I had cherished from a decade before but had long forgotten, lain unplayed for years in the back of Ady’s box. From the very early days of his tenure as resident, Butch’s steel, northern resolve meant his records were unlike anyone else’s. His testing bed at the 100 Club has gifted us a torrent of sensational soul tracks. Completists have lost count of the one off gems that have travelled in his box for their first spins in their natural home. The Mello-Souls had us fiercely tearing up those notoriously imperfect boards. More recently the likes of United Sounds, ‘JB Hammond’ and Love Company turned the place into a pressure cooker of euphoria, cementing the clubs ability to shift and adapt. From skip raids to vault raids, our understanding of soul has been shaped immeasurably over the years by what these two have presented at the 100 Club niter. And it’s importance nationally and globally cannot be overstated. Past and present residents have added an incredible wealth of variety and skill to what the nighter has to offer and I only wish I could have experienced the early days I was too young to know. It’s strength is in that it has meant so much, to so many for so long. When so many legendary clubs fell by the wayside, that basement rumbles on. Moving with the times. Still trying to offer the same matchless level of quality. For us all to continue to enjoy. We promise we’ll try our hardest to give you 40 more. X
  10. Mattbolton

    100 Club 6TS

  11. Mattbolton

    100 Club

    So great to hear that Kev. I agree. They had a great time. I suspect they might be back! See you there. X
  12. Mattbolton

    100 Club

    He’s guilty of all charges, Len! Hope to see you soon!
  13. Mattbolton

    100 Club

    Following a cracking run of super niters, Ady takes a well deserved break as we end the year’s niter programming of superlative soul in style. Joining the World’s No 1, Butch and fellow resident of distinction Joel Maslin this month are... Val Challoner. After years of trying to get this eminent collector onto the 100 Club stage (including one false start) we’re over the moon to welcome the man behind the legendary Chunky’s Choons. Renowned for his wealth of rare soul and taste there’s few places more perfect to showcase Val’s black music addiction. Henning Börm This Swiss soul master has long been a weekender fave for his masterful across the board choice of mind bending obscurities. With a keen ear for 60’s and modern alike expect top quality spins from this European champ. Wayne Napier-Gibbins Bursting out from the Mod and R’n’B scene, Wayne’s breadth of up to the minute rare records extend much farther than the 60’s. Buckle down for a genre hopping treat from this Northampton vinyl junkie. Usual deal. 11-6 £12 otd No entry past 3.
  14. Mattbolton

    100 Club

    Looking to be a great night. Always appreciate the efforts people make to travel.

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