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  1. Was really enjoying it. Until the vocal comes in. Awful mix. Sounds totally disjointed. And I say that as someone who rated If This World Were Mine as pretty much my favourite soul album of all time. What a shame.
  2. those "sad" records you play late at night

    This.... Love Jerry's version but this just kills me. And on the femme side... Brenda Holloway - You've Changed Me Nearly died when Butch played the acetate at the niter. Had it for ages, ne...
  3. Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    Usually at least 5 test pressings. I was in a minor indie label band and even we had 5. Though this is a really interesting find.
  4. News: Bob & Gene LP - Back On the Shelves Again

    Probably my favourite soul album of all time.
  5. Such a lucky find. Brenda's voice sounds incredible as ever. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Detroit - The Movie

    I was under the impression that the extended abuse scenes were to give the viewer an idea of the regular brutality many people suffer at the hands of others. In that it hit its target perfectly. Its not a sunshine subject and was never going to be easy ...
  7. Rockabilly tracks at Mod Events?

    Charles Sheffield, Mike Pedicin and plenty more came over from the Rockin scene. I love how Northern DJ's were quick to claim these records. And inflate their prices.
  8. Unreleased 100 Club monster from the Kent archives courtesy of Ady. A record I used to travel 400 miles to hear. Pre internet.
  9. Sharon Jones, Lovemasters

    Sharon Jones & Dapkings - Just Dropped In... Original Daptone Unplayed. £40 & pnp Lovemasters - Pushin & Pullin - Jacklyn Ex- £35 & pnp Thanks.
  10. Sam had Share My Love and Lady Sunday carved up. The two best records he ever made.
  11. Gucci Does Northern soul

    The clothes are beautiful but much more aligned to Black US late 70's and disco which is really the way they should have run this campaign. I was actually offered the gig but my days of getting commercial cash from soul are long behind me. I've had my s...
  12. 100 club single - Quotations/George Soule

    George Soule still one of the best Anniversary sides. Tremendously good.
  13. Ernie and the Top Notes + Elois Scott

    Eloise Scott is simply incredible. Like the better edit of Gloria Ann Taylor.