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Buzz At The Beehive


Recently being hearing good thing about a event up in Bradford, called the Beehive.
As with a lot of similar events, they look after the soul fan well, one feature is the free regular publication of a newletter, featuring news, playlists and so on. Thank to Derek P have three from events this year, which give a far better idea of why the nite is getting good reviews


  " The Beehive could be called Son Of Wilton as our music policies are in line with theirs, a mixture of rarities, semi knowns from the 60s & 70s, some R&B, a dash of crossover and some class oldie"

 As with a lot of similar events, they look after the soul fan well, one feature is the free regular publication of a newletter, featuring news, playlists and so on. Thank to Derek P have three from events this year, which give a far better idea of why the nite is getting good reviews

 Next Beehive is on Saturday 28 July with guests Ronnie Pedley from York and Mick Howard from Heywood

 To the organisers and DeeJays - you know who you are -a great big thank you for providing another buzzing night at the Beehive - Great music, great people, great atmosphere . :-) Cant wait for the next one. Shirley  


Bradford Beehive - Saturday 26 May 2001 - Newsletter Three

Once again welcome to another soul session down here at the Beehive, once again we have guests who know what soul is and arent afraid to play it. We hope were attracting the kind of people that want a bit more from their music than regular played out stuff. We could go really obscure and alienate all but the hard core chin strokers but where would that get us. Wed like this club to have longevity to be able to expose a wide range of tracks from the rare oldies to the up n coming next biggie.

 If you always do what youve always done - you always get what youve always got Tonights DJs "Intended Ten" - records theyd like to play but as all DJs know - what youd like to play and what you actually play are often 2 worlds apart.


Roger Banks:

Charmaine "Standing in need of love" (unissued);
Kim Weston "Look my way" (unissued);
Denita James "Wild side" (Flip);
Paulette "Love you babe" (Contact);
Jackie Wilson "Stop lying" (Brunswick LP);
Jesse Johnson "Left out you bastard" (Old Town);
 Persians "Why you said lets get married" (Gold Dust);
Mary Johnson "These tears" (Queen);
Maxine Brown "In my entire life" (Epic LP);
 Leon Haywood "Consider the source" (Capitol).

Dave Box:

Paul Thompson "Special kind of woman" (Volt);
Natural Four "Hanging onto a lie" (Boola Boola);
Houston Outlaws "Aint no telling" (Westbound);
Icemen "Its time you knew" (Ole 9);
Otis Brown "Southside Chicago" (Ole);
Patti & Emblems "Its the little things" (Congress);
John Wesley "Love is such a." (Melic);
Chubby & Turnpikes "I didnt try" (Capitol);
King Diamond "Black woman" (Powerhouse);
Johnny Moore "Cant live without you" (Jadan).

Chris Shepherd:

Whispers "Cant see myself leaving you" (Soul Clock);
Ebonies "Im so glad Im me" (Phil Int LP);
James Lately "Love friends and money" (Temple);
Billy Kent "Take it all the time" (Expo);
Sonny Till "I gave it all up" (Clown);
David Dee "Message to you" (ICA);
Minnie Jones "You get to me" (Sugar);
Jimmie Ellis "Happy to be me" (Century City);
Ann Bogus "Dont ask me to love again" (Statue);
Nate Adams "Why is it taking so long" (Atlantic).


 Derek Pearson:

International GTOs "I love my baby" (Rojac);
Mill Evans "Why why why" (King);
Gloria Scott "What am I gonna do" (Casablanca);
Bobby Reed "Time is right for love" (Bell);
Keni Lewis "Whats her name" (Buddah);
Kenny Carlton "Lost and found" (Blue Rock);
Enticers "Calling for your love" (Cotillion);
Originals "Dont stop now" (Soul LP);
Toni Basil "Breakaway" (A&M);
The Caressors "I cant stay away" (Ru-Jac) on loan.


Dave Guiry:

Disciples Of Soul "Together" (Phantom);
Syl Johnson "Ive got to get over" (TMP-ting);
Vanguards "Gotta have love" (Lamp);
Rosebuds "Say youll be mine" (Tower);
Ray & Belaires "Blames on you" (ARV);
Sonny Bryant "Grapevine" (Roulette);
The Mark Five "Gone" (Sagport);
Talmedge Armstrong "Gi Gi" (Spindle Top);
Claude Huey "Drifting" (MIOB);
Soul Notes "How long will it last" (Way Out).
Tony Coleby: Irma Thomas "Good things dont come easy" (Chess);
Jimmy Hughes "Neighbour neighbour" (Fame);
Ben E.King "Dont drive me away" (Atco);
Ron Holden "I tried" (Challenge);
Bobby Womack "Tried and convicted" (Minit);
Charmaine "Send my baby back" (Temple);
Joe Simon "The girls alright with me" (SS7);
Sensations "Lonely world" (Way Out);
Clarence Carter "What was I suppoused to do" (Ronn);
Juanita Williams "Baby boy" (Golden World).

 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------- Potential Monster waiting to Explode. Last night I went to the New Beehive do in Bradford. Typical old style Northern venue in a cellar under a pub. Nice low roof and a sort of grubby feel that always works for Northern. The place is quite reminiscent of the Cats or LAmbassador. Spinners were Bob Hinsley, Derek Pearson, Dave Guiry and Roger Banks. I have to say that the overall quality of records played was very very good, and despite the line up hardly any out and out RnB stuff. For pure music content its the best night Ive been to for ages. Description of the March 24ths Beehive Session by Kevin Schofield aka Kegsy

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------

Bradford Beehive - Saturday 24 March 2001 -

Newsletter Two Welcome to this fourth session of rare soul here at the Beehive in Bradford. Due to landlord Williams instillation of a new sound system (two brand new Technics 1210s and a sound system specially designed for the room no less) it will be like Woodstock without the hair. Thanks to the Wilton chaps for their previous loan of their equipment. I imagine this Cellar Bar to be just like the soul clubs in the sixties which originally kicked off this scene of ours. Dark, underground and reeking of that thing we call atmosphere. Small intimate clubs like this can warm up and reach boiling point quite quickly. The DJs are so close to the dancers we can smell them. So lets go for it. Lets dance like crazy and remember those days when we first started going out. Drink, dance and be merry. Enjoy yourself thats why youve left the house. Tonight youll see some real vinyl heavy weights behind the decks - once again we put the DJs under pressure and ask them to name records they intend to play. This evidence has been documented for future use.

Bob Hinsley:

Skull Snaps "Didnt I do it to you" (GSF); Psychodelic Frankie "Putting you out of my life" (Hi Speed); Betty Everett "My love to lean on" (Sound Stage 7); Richard Caiton "Take a hold brother and sister" (Up Tight); Bobby Rich "Theres a girl somewhere (for me)" (Sambea); Gladys Tyler "A little bitty girl" (Decca); Tommy Turner "Lazy" (El Bam); Ree Flores "Look into my heart" (M&H); T.C.Lee & Bricklayers "Up and down the hill" (King); Wayne Anthony "Blow me a kiss" (Walana).

 Roger Banks:
Bradford Beehive Basement Biggies

 Mill Evans "Aint you glad" (King unissued); Vernon Garrett "Im guilty" (Kent unissued); The Dells "You belong to someone else" (Cadet); Mack Starr & Mellows "Drifting apart" (Cub); Jimmy Ellis "Putting it on your mind" (Salem); Beverley McKay "Say it with feeling" (Old Town); Milton Grayson "Your old standby" (Derby); Gene McDaniels "Hang on a little bit longer" (Liberty); Billy Barnes "Until" (Liberty); Larry Laster "Thats just what you did" (Duo Virgo).

Andy Dyson:

David Rhodes "Hung up in mid air" (Chi City); Doc Oliver "Going through a change of love" (Lucky); Jackson Brothers "Ive got to hear it from you" (Providence); Bobby Patton "Keep calling me" (Hilton); Winfield Parker "I love you just the same" (Rujac blue); Bobby Montgomery "Make me yours" (Generation); Mathew Brown "Love me just a little bit" (Sew City); Mary Wheeler & Knights "I feel in my heart" (Atom); Turbines "We got to start over" (Cenco); Homer Banks "Sweetie pie" (Genie); Exceptionals "Baby you know I need you" (Groovey Grooves)

Derek Pearson:

Moses Dillard "Ill pay the price" (Mark V); Little Dooley "If ever I needed you" (Ko Ko); Jackie Edwards "I feel so bad" (French Vogue EP); Johnny Gilliam "Roomfull of tears" (Cancer); Jack Montgomery "Take a chance on me" (Revue); Soulful Twins "I cant let you go" (Sable); Irma & Larks "Without you baby" (Priority); Tommie Young "Hit and run lover" (Soul Power); Willie Hobbs "Till I get it right" (SS&); Otis Leavill "Keep on loving" (Columbia); Duke Turner "Babysitter" (Spinning Top); Shirley Lawson "One more chance" (Backbeat).


Detroit Spinners "I just want to fall in love" (Atlantic); Elvin Spencer "Lift this hurt" (E.S.Cozy); Little Dooley "Its got to be now or never" (North Bay); Exsaveyons "I dont love you no more" (Smoke); Modulations "Your love has me locked up" (Buddah); Ruby "Decieved" (Gold Token); J.J.Barnes "Got to get rid of you" (Volt); Major IV "This little girl of mine" (Venture); Creations "Footsteps" (Zodiac); Ella Woods "I need your love" (Margin). Tony Coleby: Sylvie Varton "Ive made my choice" (RCA) courtesy of Ron Ped; Rosetta Johnson "That hurts" (Atlantic); Charmaine "Send my baby back to me" (Temple); Vicky Anderson "Wide awake in a dream" (Deluxe); Joanne Garrett "One woman" (Duo); Jimmy Ruffin "Boy from Mississippi" (Chess); Barbara Lynn "Dont spread it around" (Jamie); Bobby McLure "Dont get your signals crossed" (Checker); Billy & Essentials "Baby go away" (Smash); Margo Thunder "Mama youre alright with me" (Haven).

Next session at the Beehive will be on Saturday 26 May - DJs so far confirmed include Frobishers finest Dave Box and Chris Shepherd the man with a Rochdale FC season ticket.




Beehive Saturday 27 January 2001

Newsletter One Thanks for coming tonight and we hope you enjoy yourself, you might hear some music that goes straight on your wants list, then again you might hear some stuff you think is rubbish, hopefully youll hear some different things. And thats what its all about. Keep it moving forward. If you can get the right people in the right club anything is possible. Read any fanzine and when they talk of progressive venues the same 3 names always crop up.
The 100 Club, Albrighton and the Wilton. Think how proud Chris Pelle and Mouse must be for flying the flag up north for so long. The Beehive could be called Son Of Wilton as our music policies are in line with theirs, a mixture of rarities, semi knowns from the 60s & 70s, some R&B, a dash of crossover and some class oldies. Just as the scene needs large venues catering for the big attendances of 500 to 1000 people we need smaller more intimate clubs like this. The larger clubs generally have spacious dance floors which need filling or the promoters panic. This can limit the DJs choice of music as oldies dominate to fill the floor. At smaller clubs DJs can be more creative by taking chances and gambling. These tiny venues are like seedbeds where the forgotten and over looked sounds from yesteyear can take root, before spreading out like ripples on a pond to mass acceptance. Tonights twenty pound sound youre hearing could be next years hundred pounder.

 Tonights DJs "Intended Ten" - records theyd like to play but as all DJs know - what youd like to play and what you actually play are often 2 worlds apart.

Roger Banks:

George Cameron "My heart tells me so" (Portrait); Douglas Banks "Aint that just like a woman" (Guyden); Lamont Dozier "Your dearest one" (Melody); Willie Jones "Wheres my money" (Mister Peacock); Joe Arnold "No clouds in the sky" (Two Spot); Bobby Guy "Good enough" (APT); Azie Mortimer "Lips" (Big Top); Jimmy Wallace "Ill be back" (Alpha); Lost Souls "Secret of mine" (Raven); Jimmy Merritt "Ill forget about you" (Crackerjack).

Steve & Heather Dowling:

Deena Johnson "The breaking point" (Wild Deuce); Barbara Redd "Ill be alone" (SPQR); Blue Jays "Point of view" (Jay); Escorts featuring Goldie "I cant be free" (Coral); Eskew Reeder "Undivided love" (Instant); Chuck Wright "Love I wont be your fool anymore" (Ember); Jean Trevor "Get outta my heart" (Norman); Garland Davis "Dont worry about dancing for me" (Kick Off); Marv Johnson "With all thats in me" (U.A.); Kenny Lewis "Whats her name" (Buddah); Eddie Bo "Lucky in love" (Bluejay); Demures "Raining tear drops" (Brunswick).

Ron Pedley:

Tony Clarke "Love must be taboo" (Fascination); The Fenways "The fight" (BlueCat); Mousie & Traps "How about you" (Toddlin Town); The Butler Bros "Reputation" (Academy); George Freeman "Why are you doing this to me" (Jay Boy); Johnny Moore "Cant live without your love" (Jadan); Bill Spoon "The one who really loves you" (Hense Forth); Jackie Forrest "Show me how to love" (Platinum); Nate Adams "Im gonna be good" (Atlantic); The Golden Boys "I dont want you no more" (Mainstream). Dave Guiry: Ray & Belaires "The blames on you" (ARV); Dynamics "You make me feel so good" (RCA); Sammy Bryant "Grapevine" (Roulette); Talmadge Armstrong "Gi Gi" (Spindle Top); Cynthia & Imaginations "Is there anyone" (Magic City); Pauline Shivers "Tell him no" (Opex); Sinceres "Girl I love you" (Pzazz); Stereos "Dont let it happen to you" (Val); Continental Showstoppers "Not too young" (SS7); J.J.Daniels "Mr Lonesome" (Sureshot).

Derek Pearson:

Choice Of Colour "Your love"(Apt); Maxine Brown "Let me give you my loving"(Wand); Clarence Hill "Whole lotta loving" (Mainstream); Rose Brooks "Im moaning"(Soul City); Stewart Ames "Angelina" (J&W); Vanguards "Good times bad times" (Lamp); Connie Laverne "Cant live without you" (GSF); Ray Pollard "This time"(Shrine), We The People "Making my daydream real"(Lion); Jesse Boone "I got to love" (Soul-O-Potion); TSU Toronadoes "I still love you"(Ovide)

Tony Coleby:

William Hunt "Would you believe" (Stream Side); Tom Emanuel "Why the knower" (Golden Three); Willie Harper "But I couldnt" (Alon); Troy Keyes "You told your story" (ABC); Sonny Daye "Long road to happiness" (Power); Jimmy McFarland "Lonely lover" (RPR); Gino Washington "Like my baby" (Mala); Clyde McPhatter "I never knew" (Mercury); Originals "Ooh you put a crush on me" (Soul); Tobi Lark "Happiness is here" (Topper).


We must be doing something right as DJs have now started asking us for guest spots. Thanks to all the above DJs for their time & effort and to the Wilton for loan of their equipment. Next Beehive on Sat 24 March features the DJing talents of Mister Bob Hinsley Review of The Beehive, Bradford 28 October 2000 by Dave Rimmer in Soulful Kinda Music issue 44 (Dec 2000) "What a wonderful venue this is; a pub cellar bar with a low ceiling, dance floor at one end and lots of little alcoves with seats and tables at the other.

Music policy was clear from the line up, Roger Banks, Andy Dyson, Dave Rimmer, Derek Pearson and Tony Coleby. Sixties newies, R&B, a few seventies and some class rare oldies. A crowd of about 150 turned up and enjoyed themselves so much that the landlord actually let it run over by half an hour. Recommended if you live anywhere in Yorkshire or even further afield". Mark Hanson also gave Octobers Beehive a good write up in Soul Up North #31.

Derek Pearson 26/1/01

A previous club at the Beehive was called The Underground Set - neat little name me thinks. ------------------------------------------------------------  

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