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Colsterwood Fox - Rare Soul Nite/ Tonys Niter Blackburn - lookback

Colsterwood Fox - Rare Soul Nite/ Tonys Niter Blackburn - lookback cover

Saturdays activities saw after last weeks trip to London for CSC 3rd annivesary event a bit of a change

Instead of us hiring a car Steve t had jacked up a pre booked cheap 7 seater discovery thing so we can meander thru the midlands of england to get to



cutting it short, got there 150 miles 2 and half hours ish later, no probs, its south of cworth if going, as we tried the north bit first as garage semed to think were 2.

Nice venue, hotel/pub style venue on A1. Nice layout inside, and smart floor, record seller area and minor stuff like the bar all ok

Crowd wise, place wasnt packed and was told it was a bit quieter than usual, due to the number of events on elsewhere? Was just a few familar faces including dmsc 100% regulars Stuart and Wendy I, from St Ives, Oogie from soul talk come over and said hello along and passed on his quote "often say if we was only allowed to attend ONE Soul night a year....COLSTERWORTH would be the one!!!!!"

A lot of almost familar or not regonised faces, as was the first time in this part of the world on soul side, made a nice change meeting people who come from such exotic places as Grismby and beyond, all a bit cosmopoltian compared to Bolton etc

Sales box up and out and did the "buy my unwanted records as xmas is coming". Nite before did well, not so much this nite, but a few deposits and phone numbers gave hope of buying little Timmie Hughes that new crutch.

Some interesting stuff on sale, two copies of one of our lot much searched for and much desired on other side of country want were found.

Seemed a lot of interest in early soul stuff here by buyers with ought that looks just a bit old being given a listen to.

Talked to a few including the group who run night, as told was started in a very familar and often repeating fashion nowadays. Not their actual words but "its the same old story"

Sick of hearing the same boring safe stuff that gets pushed out at some venues

Decided to get together and start up their own rare soul nites, playing the music what they want to hear

Crowd seems to agree! Many knowledgable and respected people here, and the whole feel of nite was people coming to enjoy the music events like this seem to thrive on.


Great stuff, a much needed refresh of my soul senses , quality sounds from quality djs, no policy, no dance floor pressure, leaving the djs to deliver what they wanted, all gave out quality worthwhile sets, which reflected their own tastes and style.


As may have noticed given up notes, memory tricks, or even efforts of trying to remember loads of what was played as not really time or the mental thought process at moment

Basic feel of whole nite was a bit of a early edge, some more than others, r&b tracks out and about, along with mix of all styles of 60s rare quality soul

Seemed the djs enjoyed doing it, know steve t says he did.

Tonys: Blackburn

Come around 1 am it was time to move on, with choice of down the a1 to 100 club niter or up to Tonys Blackburn niter, the small fact car had to be back by 9am made the choice bit easier, off up a1 and thru to the drive round blackburn 11 times part of the nite.

Got to say numbers were a bit down, however was a great feel and friendly buzz to the place, as always much catch up and sorting out of things were done. Think one of appeals to me of Tonys to me is the local pub feel of cafe bit, go in and straight away feel on familar ground, familar faces, familar greets and so on. While at times dont always enjoy some of the sounds some of the djs push out , though suppose someone somewhere must, usually they are balanced out by a quality set by other dj.

The disapperance of the whole worlds stock of latest dmsc flyers caused a laugh or two, though a bit of bin-diving retrieved them.Caught up with Paul B whos well up for his guest bit in the revamped second room at next dmsc, informed him no longer billed as Paul "Banging " Baldwin as could be mis-interpeted!

Well nite was coming to end for us and just caught the annoucement of "thanks for the support" message over the mic which went down well, and it was get back to where we come from.

Bit of a long one,gotta say recommend the Rare Soul nite at the Fox in Closterworth, a night of quality stuff, great crowd, great feel and thanks to all concerned for a great enjoyable nite. Another event that belongs on that ever growing list of Quality Rare Soul Events in uk where quality soul and punter friendly feel are the main driving force! You know it makes sense

As always Tonys was Tonys and though we only had a few hours as always most enjoyable, some quality sounds and a good old laugh!

Well after the last two weekends travel marathons, I looked at the next weeks events and was well relieved

Next weekend sees a niter at ....Llandudno and its a 5 min walk from my front door, no hire cars , people movers, hours of taking piss out of each other or inanae vinyl questions, no petrol cash, just pick up me fags and outta door.

Mmmm just saw details of a weekender in germany , dont even think about it!! :)



Anyway as always just my own view on going ons and as always it would be well appreciated if any attending any events of nite would like to post up views.

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