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Look Back at Middleton Civic Niter Jan 05


Well after not getting out much over xmas, seems new year is off to a good start, last week was lucky enough to enjoy a great nite at the Big Lock, and last nite had a most enjoyable nighter at Middleton Civic Centre in the top bit of Manchester.

Billed as a " Allnight Tribute To Carl" it certainly seemed like it was going to be a nighter thats a bit different from the norm. Not sure how many djs were lined up for the 3 rooms but am sure if added up all on the dj rotas the total could well be over 30. And as the night was a tribute all were choosen by Carl.

Nite kicked off with a mixed minibus load of welsh/irish types turning up at start, first time at this venue and have to say its a great venue, 3 rooms, main room had a upper tier sort of thing which housed all the vinyl vendors and a bar, and overlooked the main floor area.

Little John got things going, Liz Foster, Steve Thomas, Shute, Danny D, Mace and more followed, each pushing out some great sounds, as said there were loads of djs on, two German guys one after the other, continued the flow, think was Michael Fuchs who pushed out the Geno Wahington "Ive been hurt by love" which sounded great (clip is up in cheap affordable section) Rob Thomas hit us with the likes of tremendous "you made a man out of me" Scott English(associated acetate), Switch Around and also Soul Inc -Your Proposal (in sounds)to name a few, Roger Banks, Andy Dyson/Andy McCabe doubling up, Paul D and John D did the one before Carl W took over to finish the night.


The other room was kicking every time went in,first walked in to catch Fred Kohl finishing his set with "my propsal" - soul inc (twice in one night in different rooms was a bit of a bonus to me -up in sounds sounds) with Big Mick taking over after that, Pete Coulson had place jumping later on and of course there must have been a fair few other djs doing the job just as well thru out the night

Modern room was downstairs, not sure how this went, as only went in at the start there was a fair few in, but had word that numbers were down later though.

In between all these rooms had nice lounge sort of layout along with a cafe kiosk thing, and if spent any time knocking round these parts were treated to Maria walking up and down between rooms ensuring that all the djs were in right place at the right time, and managed to achieve this 100% hiccup free.

7am back in main room think said in an other recent look back that Carl is defintely finshing things off on a high, and yep hes still doing that with a great set, of course teardrops went down well, at home plans meant had to leave before the final and so we left with the survivors playing which seemed apt.

Dunno how many online types bumped into, but was a laugh and there was a fair few, too many to count or namecheck.

As said was a most enjoyable nighter, great venue, as a tribute the different approach worked well, numbers wise went up and down through out the night,also heard that Lowton was good one as well

Thanks to Steve for lift and thanks to Geoff and all the organiser types involved in putting on the event and of course Carl and Maria

Hit rate for photos was low, only the two up here were really usable - dark, flash, and crap being reasons others not used

one below is quite a rare one, as it shows Danny awake :-)


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