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The Tempest

The Detroit Sound - Wyncote Album

ive got the lp but only for the jumping at the go go track a big wigan casino spin mid 70s the rest of the lp is cr*p imo,!!!,jumping at the go go was also booted off the lp onto a green wyncote label 45 mid 70s,:thumbsup::thumbsup:

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YEp Ive got it as well - Not sure how rare it is - but I bought just for Jumping at the go-go and cannot remeber any other tracks on it!

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Picked up my copy in Woolworths in Jacksonville Florida in 1978, in a 3 albums for 2 Dollars deal. It was about the best "original" album, but I also picked up other bits like Impressions greatest hits reissue Bobby bland greatest etc. got a good few albums.


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