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    Steve Eckersley- AKA Ernie Andrews Love all types of soul- since I was a nipper. Was out of the scene for 15 years until my return in 1999. Divorced with one Little girl - My Princess or Monster - depending on the mood Im in! Dj on the odd occasion- Dont get to enough venues. Im very opinionated and very principled. This is a wekaness of mine. Generally a nice guy so Ive been told who is not very good at picking Women but I keep Wishing & Hoping (Theres a song here somewhere ) Still learning loads abouttunes I missed when out of the scene but I have to say Ive met some great people on my return to the scene.

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    I am a Roman Soldier of the fourteenth Legion (WE are the ones who kicked Boudicas arse) Like most genres of soul music but absolutely hate country & western
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    Fine young girl - Ernie Andrews

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  1. Dr Z was cheap- Wish I hadn't sold mine for £30 but it was 40 years ago! Paul Anka price! Hahahhahhahha so based on grade when we get there is now a grand in mint cond! Just shows you that this scene is absolutely fucked! With dealers aiding and abetting it! Lou Edwards from £50-£75 now approx £400 plus in the space of just a few weeks! This is not market forces but an alternative slant on insider dealing. Thank fuck Im out of it!
  2. _ Should be The Jades - Snatch & Grab(Don't know what happened with the upload) Another unusual instro is Jan Davis -Raunchy 1970 on Direct hit Both pretty cheap records to buy!
  3. very sad! He was an icon on the NS scene . RIP Tony
  4. The Ballads - Confessin the Feeling LP
  5. Quote

    HI - Ive got a French Tamla white demo of Higher than High by The Undisputed truth. Ive also got and Indian copy of Jnr Walker LP Shotgun


  6. steve

    your account email is bouncing

    need a new one via pm



    1. Wilxy


      Sorry Steve, don't understand????

  7. Black Sugar - Too late Can anyone tell me when this was booted on a look-alike label and not just a one off carver? Cheers
  8. David & The Giants Or The Embers would be good classics.
  9. All offers by 6pm tommorow night- At 6pm I will notify only those who made an offer of the highest bid. I will then give one hour for any more bids from only those who made an initial offer. 7pm bidding closes and successful person notified.
  10. Posted on a facebook page PM me if intending to offerhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/hasslefree/permalink/1376368185732412/
  11. Sorry can the OP explain why wanting a copy of Remember me and not Remember as they are the same record as far as I know! So IF I had offered you a Mother stamper of the record you would not have been interested even though its exceptionally rare in that format!
  12. Yep got a UK Polydor copy - Big hole ( Not dinked) EX cond PM me REgards Steve
  13. Come on guys didnt you see the thread on Facebook! Prices have all but become a joke! THeres even someone yesterday on here trying to sell Frederick Hymes for over £800. Its all become about whats the most I can get for something and has nothing to do with any value/valuations. On the Millie Jackson I sold the original LP acetate to a local friend here in Aberdeen a couple of years ago for £30. He still has it as we discussed it a couple of weeks ago!
  14. So How much is this worth? I wouldnt have a clue but my god it really has to be rare as hens teeth! Im not going to use the term In Demand because that is so subjective but Im guessing both sides would fill the floor from a DJ perspective! OBviously condition has to be taken into consideration.

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