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  1. This one Joey. Another one of Simon Soussan acquisitions I believe.
  2. Paul r

    Instrumentals of 1974

    There was also the Gary Glenn & the Soul Set version played around the same time, but still not an instrumental! I remember Leon Young Glad All Over being played almost every other record around that time. It died a death after a couple of weeks though. And what about all those awful Simon Soussan synthesized efforts They Say, I've got Something good etc.
  3. Probably Gary Glenn & The Soul Set and your mind erased the terrible vocals!
  4. Paul r

    Poll: Version Battle - Not My Girl

    I find Johnny Hampton a bit of a downer. When I first heard the Platters it was wow!, The backing singers lift the whole feel of the song to a happier more upbeat level. Paul
  5. Paul r

    earliest youth club memories

    St Maries youth club in Southport in 71. Scratchy The Snake Cool Jerk Little Piece Of Leather Barefootin' Backstreet Plus a few chart things at the time, but it was the listed ones plus Mitch Ryder & the usual motown things that really made an impression. Paul
  6. Paul r

    uk labels -did they ever exist

    I may be wrong, but I used to get lists in the early 70s from A J Lewis in Telford, I think the name changed to Soul Scene I think, I believe he may have become oldies unlimited. Originally it was just general soul stuff, but there were some "northern" items in there. Paul
  7. Paul r

    Graham warr discoverys

    I used to get his lists in the early/ mid 70s, an remember hearing Youngblood Smith at the casino & the name rang a bell. Sure enough, verve demo 25p on Graham's list! Unfortunately it had gone when I phoned. Oh well!
  8. Paul r

    Tojo - Broken Hearted Lover

    Tom Jones obviously!
  9. I would have loved to have seen Rita And The Beatroots at Rountrees Sounds!
  10. Paul r

    Pendulum Club

    Is that "Joe from Oldham"? I knew you from the Casino, then bumped into you again in the beer queue on the old Ark Royal!
  11. Paul r

    Denise LaSalle R I P

    It's such a shame that generally in this country she will be known for "Don't Mess With My Toot Toot". RIP Denise. Paul
  12. Paul r

    Can anyone identify a track

    Cheers mate, he might stop hassling me now. Paul
  13. I've got a "live" recording from around late 74 0r 75 possibly from the Newcastle Tiffanies(it's marked Tiffs!) other tracks played are 4 Larks Discotheque Groove, 7 Day Lover, Devil Made me Do It. Wrong Crowd, etc. a mate of mine wants this track identifying. I don't remember it, probably because it isn't that memorable. Any of you fine folks help? unknown.mp3 Paul unknown.mp3
  14. Paul r

    Unlikely record finds...

    Another from Plymouth, at a school jumble sale, and the only interesting record for sale was a Valentines Breakaway on Sound Stage 7 for the princely sum of 2p. I was going to haggle over the condition because unfortunately someone had sellotaped a spider in the centre.
  15. Paul r

    Unlikely record finds...

    When I lived in Plymouth in the early 80s, I was round at my wifes aunties house, and spotted one of the small 25 count record boxes. I looked in and there was the usual 60s chart stuff, but also a Panic Bell demo, which she kindly let me have. Paul