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  1. I'm smoking more but enjoying it less, I get a whole lot of sleep but I don't get enough rest. Paul
  2. The Gloria and Towanda tunes are different versions/mixes aren't they? Paul
  3. Didn't it happen at the Queens Hall in Leeds in 74? Never again!!!! Paul
  4. While we have been talking about everybody's favourite reptilian song. I seen to remember when I first heard it in 1970 or 71, singing along to the line in the first verse that mentioned "50 coloured skinheads"! Paul
  5. Was there a version by Kenny Bernard, or are you mistaking the Pye Disco Demand release with Leon Young on one side, and Kenny Bernard, What Love Brings on the other.?
  6. Did I sell you a copy years ago in Plymouth? Paul(I was known as Jimmy back then!)
  7. I've never seen any pictures of me at the Casino or any other 70s venues. But these were taken on holiday in 1973 about a month before my first all nighter at VaVas. I looked quite innocent then!
  8. People who buy you a T Shirt with "Northern Soul Keep The Faith" and a white fist on it.
  9. Let's just lock the thread then and go home or just put a link to YouTube for any of this type of thread.
  10. Now I know how to post code, here's another goodie!
  11. Out of interest, does number 22 have your name in it? Back in the olden days, I borrowed what I'm sure was number 22 off one of the Ormskirk guys(I even remember who). It was either taken off me or I lost it, he wasn't best pleased. Paul
  12. Number 398. Just flicked through it and on page 103 found a picture of my sister with "George from Hull with friend". I've still never found a photo of me. I must have avoided the cameras!
  13. March 73. Unless the badge is referring to Chris Burtons ill fated Torch revival allnighter at the Village Disco in Stetford. This turned into a crap alldayer in an ultra modern(at the time) chrome and glass disco. Paul

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