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    First heard "northern" in 71 at St Maries youth club in Southport. Started going to Allnighters in 73 at VaVas at the tender age of 15. Closely followed by Wigan a few weeks after it opened. Also used to go to other venues, Mecca, Sams, Whitchurch etc. Joined the Navy in 76. I still love Northern Soul to the exclusion of all other music, but do not attend many venues nowadays. I Now live in Portsmouth.

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    Paul Rimmer
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    Northern, Lambrettas
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    Portsmouth, UK
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    Frankie Beverly If That's What You Wanted

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  1. If we're including samples, how about The Sugarbabes Red Dress sampling Landslide! Paul
  2. I bought Motown Memories Vol 1 on cassette when it came out. The non stop one with 6X6, little Darling etc. One of the best compilations ever!
  3. Unfortunately not a documentary, but did anyone watch the near impossible quiz, Only Connect last week. A music question about what links the following tracks. They played Lorraine Chandler You only Live Twice. The link was rejected James Bond themes. Paul
  4. I don't think this has been mentioned, but it used to be mentioned in the adverts in B&S, and I certainly remember it being played round 74. The Tikis, Stop Look And Listen. Paul
  5. Sorry for another slightly negative thread, after Pete's "Most hated" one being resurrected. I look at FB when the a lot of the same tracks are posted, and people claim they are their absolute favourites and I just don't get them at all. I'll mention 3 Cajun Hart Got To Find A Way Rufus Lumley Stronger Than Me Mike McDonald God Knows I get why they may have been played in the lean years, but people seem to absolutely love them! There, that's off my chest! Paul
  6. A local DJ down in Plymouth in the 80s who incidentally had a lot of great originals, used to play Love Affairs Everlasting love. I asked why he didn't play Robert knights version. He said Love affair was better. When was that the point? Paul
  7. I'm smoking more but enjoying it less, I get a whole lot of sleep but I don't get enough rest. Paul
  8. The Gloria and Towanda tunes are different versions/mixes aren't they? Paul
  9. Didn't it happen at the Queens Hall in Leeds in 74? Never again!!!! Paul
  10. While we have been talking about everybody's favourite reptilian song. I seen to remember when I first heard it in 1970 or 71, singing along to the line in the first verse that mentioned "50 coloured skinheads"! Paul
  11. Was there a version by Kenny Bernard, or are you mistaking the Pye Disco Demand release with Leon Young on one side, and Kenny Bernard, What Love Brings on the other.?
  12. Did I sell you a copy years ago in Plymouth? Paul(I was known as Jimmy back then!)
  13. I've never seen any pictures of me at the Casino or any other 70s venues. But these were taken on holiday in 1973 about a month before my first all nighter at VaVas. I looked quite innocent then!
  14. People who buy you a T Shirt with "Northern Soul Keep The Faith" and a white fist on it.

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