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  1. Didn't we go through this in 1975 with Footsee, Wigans Ovation etc. Plus Major National newspapers, including the Sunday Times, doing spreads about the scene. There was a relatively large influx of "Divs", "Sightseers" etc. The floor at the casino full of sle...
  2. Northern Soul In the Mainstream

    Didn't this all happen in 1975! Paul
  3. Not the end of the night, but end of my set was Almost, Betty Lavette. Paul
  4. LP only tracks?

    I remember this version being played round our way. Paul
  5. One of my favourite groups from when I first heard Baby Do The Philly Dog, The Olympics. I love the lyrics of many of the songs, Particularly I'll Do A little Bit More, Secret Agents, Same Old Thing. Paul
  6. Sides with a spoken part

    No one mentioned Bob Relf Blowing My Mind To Pieces yet?. Surely one of the best!
  7. Paul r

  8. John Peel's unknown soul record from 1975?

    I remember him waxing Lyrical about Linda Jones, especially IJCLML. It was just after they did a record collectors article about Northern Soul Collecting. Ian Levine was interviewed, and they played, if my memory serves me correctly, Invitation Band Of Angels...
  9. Gucci Does Northern soul

    Apparently the next fashion house to do this are Primark, with a soundtrack of Wigans Ovation, Ruth Swann and The Jezabels
  10. Gucci Does Northern soul

    The Night only became really well known after it was plucked from relative obscurity, played at Wigan and other "northern" clubs. It was then re issued and hit the charts. Just saying!
  11. Idle Few - People Thats Why - Blue Book

    I once played that out at 45 RPM covered up as Pinky & Perky. Great dancer, but the vocals were a bit off!
  12. Wigan Burns, Piano remains

    Is that Ian Levine playing on the SWONS version of My World Is On Fire?
  13. Blackpool Mecca cover-ups 1974

    My God, two I obviously blocked from my mind!
  14. Wigan three before eight

    I remember it keeps raining being played by Dave Evison in the main room around 75. Totally cleared the floor. I was surprised when I heard that it had gone quite big a few years later.