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  1. Paul r

    Pictures of Us

    Far better being a gunbuster. No watches! Now I'm more of a clanky controlie in Pompey dockyard.
  2. Paul r

    Pictures of Us

    CEM. The elite!
  3. Paul r

    Pictures of Us

    I left from Mayport. So missed the med & the hurricane!
  4. Paul r

    Pictures of Us

    Great pictures joey. The casino one is how I remember you. There aren't any of me at Wigan. But have you got one like this from about 78 LOL.
  5. Paul r

    Bad soul doo's

    I used to travel a lot for work, and ended up for a couple of days in Zantè fixing a yacht. I had my dinner in a restaurant, and on the way back to the hotel saw a flyer in a bar window saying "Tuesday night is soul night with Darren". As it was Tuesday I went in. Darren was just setting up his equipment. It looked like it was going to be CDs, but that was ok. The music being played from behind the bar was a mixture of chart stuff and a bit of northern. So far so good I thought. Anyway, as 8 o'clock approached Darren got ready. The first track started, ok it was Stand By Me, I thought I'm only here for a couple of hours due to an early flight next day. As the intro to Stand by Me got to the point when Ben E King was about to start, Darren lifted the mic to his mouth and in true pub singer style screamed "whin De Nite as come"!. Feck me, I've never finished a pint and run away so fast!
  6. Paul r

    Simon Soussan Djing @ Wigan Casino

    Sorry, is that Kev, for some reason I thought it was Richard!
  7. Paul r

    Simon Soussan Djing @ Wigan Casino

    I came into Russ's shop on the Saturday afternoon. You, Russ and Soussan were there, and As was playing some of his synthesizer instrumentals as I walked in. His version of Thumb a ride was on the turntable. The look on his face was a picture when I said "what the f*ck is this shite". I wasn't impressed with the sounds or his pink suit!
  8. Paul r


    Soul sounds boots are part of the history of the scene, more about memorabilia than a record collection.
  9. Paul r

    Most Miserable Records Ever

    You could say, just about everything by young Darrow! Pain Gets A little Deeper, What Have I Got Now, etc
  10. Willie Henderson and the Funky Sisters were not there, but shit group called Hearts Of Soul were.
  11. Sure is a mighty chew!
  12. Paul r


    I always thought Keep On Keeping On must have stuck out at the time of first plays. Also Purple Haze! Paul
  13. This one Joey. Another one of Simon Soussan acquisitions I believe.
  14. Paul r

    Instrumentals of 1974

    There was also the Gary Glenn & the Soul Set version played around the same time, but still not an instrumental! I remember Leon Young Glad All Over being played almost every other record around that time. It died a death after a couple of weeks though. And what about all those awful Simon Soussan synthesized efforts They Say, I've got Something good etc.
  15. Probably Gary Glenn & The Soul Set and your mind erased the terrible vocals!


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