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Mel Torme LP question

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Just got Mel Torme Right Now LP mainly for secret agent man but has couple of other great tracks too. 

Question is does anyone know why the album is called right now but doesn't have that track on it...

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It was probably called 'Right Now' to reflect that Mel Torme was doing contemporary hits & bang up to date mid'60's Pop/Soul rather than the Jazz/MOR he usually performed and personally favoured(apart from 'Comin' Home Baby' his one other dip into Pop/R n'B) 'Power Of Love' is a great track on the LP-and 'Better Use Your Head' is a decent version

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Dunno. I bought this LP on Columbia myself when very young and got caught out thinking it would have the original recording of, 'Comin' Home Baby' on it only to find it was a later, inferior remake on the LP. So maybe they were still trying to somehow cash in on the hit version of that (with Right Now on b-side) a few years later? There was already been an LP called 'Comin' Home Baby' on Atlantic so that was taken....(he speculated)

Michael - 'Power of Love' is originally 7" only, I believe, not on this LP. Also had this coincidentally on UK around the same but never really rated it. The other side of that by Mel ('Dominique's Discotheque') is almost as lame as it sounds but there's a very decent indeed 'northern' version of it on one of Sarah Vaughan's LP's.

Ramble, ramble...😀



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'Power Of Love' definitely is on the LP -the 66' UK CBS one,anyway.Maybe it's not on the US Columbia version


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Yeah just had a look. Its on the UK but not the US version.

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