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  1. Soul Spinner

    Help With Lost Record...

    I lost Novus Nine Pain. Had a gig in the shopping arcade where I bought it in a charity shop 2 months earlier and thought good place to spin it. Couldn't find it anywhere, was sure I played it last record of last gig. searched box house all over me and my wife remember playing it at home too. Turned up at son in laws house where it had been from the day I bought it. I had added it to my discogs collection and played it a few times from there on the phone at home. It will turn up in the least likely place...
  2. Soul Spinner

    first three records to start a set

    Last nights first 3 Wings Wonderful Christmas Time (Played at the pub the video was filmed at) Hey Mr DJ Bobby Moore & the Rhythm Aces Ain't there something that money can't buy Young Holt Trio Hard going playing to the wrong small crowd but they did enjoy the first track knowing the history obviously...
  3. Soul Spinner

    first three records to start a set

    Hi all, I enjoy reading your posts and thought its about time I added something. Only been DJing a couple of years and at a recent evening I was first on as usual and went for these 3 first. The Pageants Are you ever coming home, The Drifters If you don't come back, Ola V Harper I wanna weep. Earlier there was a post saying that if 3 demo or promos were put on instead of issues they and possibly the floor would walk out. Don't really understand why I thought if they were meant for DJs and some tunes never got issued anyway ?
  4. Soul Spinner


    Great find in a nice venue for a Sunday afternoon, with a very welcoming crowd. Bi monthly and look forward to August now, family friendly too...
  5. Soul Spinner

    Soul Spinner


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