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Tommy Andre Miss Press

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Just got the Tommy Andre 'one more try' miss-press / miss-label on Broadway that plays a track that seems to be called 'hold back the tears'.

Think it's fantastic and was wondering if it came out as another record correctly labelled or if it's only available on this miss-press.

thanks for any info.

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It's a seriously superb tune. thumbsup.gif

I've done quite some digging and searching and have checked out loads of tunes called "Hold Back The Tears" but as far as I know, that tune hasn't turned up on vinyl anywhere else apart from the mispressed Tommy Andre 45.

Sounds a bit like Don Gardner singing to me.

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Spoke to Mik about this earlier on.

Used to play this on the Mod scene in the early 90s, my copy played 'Hold back the tears' and for some reason can't find the bugger at the moment.

It does however include the lyrics 'One more try' near the end of the track, and can be heard on soulclub as this same track.

So if this is a mispress, has anyone actually got a sound bite of the track that is supposed to be called 'one more try' cus I've only ever heard the track which starts 'Please, hold back the tears.....'?



***sorry, only just seen Miks last post so kinda repeated his question***

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Broadway 406 - One More Try / Blue Print - 1967

Broadway 503 - One More Try / Blue Print - 1967

Mines a 503 playing Hold Back the Tears.

I've never seen a #406 and I suspect that it doesn't exist. I've had three different copies of this 45, two demos and one issue and all of them have been Broadway 503. Only one of the demos plays the "Hold Back The Tears" track. One demo and one issue plays the proper "One More Try" and it's clearly sung by an entirely different singer. I'll post up a soundclip below. The b-side is the same on all issues.

Some scans below.

This is the "Hold Back The Tears" mispress demo:


Correct "One More Try" demo:


Correct "One More Try" issue:


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ouch! jesus that's awful, maybe the people at the label just couldn't bare to waste any more vinyl on that turd so pressed up something good on it instead. maybe tommy Andre was the boss's brother or something and he didn't have the heart to tell him his record was crap! I wonder what the ratio of correct ones to miss-presses is and who really does 'hold back the tears', cos he sure aint fucking about :boxing: You shouldn't have told anyone about the miss press, imagine the amount of people who would rush out and buy it only to have to hear that, surely that would have given you some sort of sick amusement?

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thanks for the info and scans. i asked about this a while back but no-one answered :boxing:

i was assuming the run-out markings would be the only way to tell, glad to hear there's an easier way, unless anyone know says that they have a stripey label demo with the 'correct' track...

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