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Midas Touch.... Updated...reduced...updated

Chris Anderton

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Hi Guys,

Welcome along to list 46. The list is a little later than usual due to me been on hols in the States, had a great time and even found time for a bit of record shopping!

Due to increased costs i will be restricting the number of free sales Cds I`m sending out for future lists. To be sure of receiving a sales Cd please subscribe, it only costs £5.00 (worldwide) for 3 monthly Cds, which just about covers the cost of discs and postage. The Cds feature a sample of around 60 of the tracks from the main list, giving you first chance to buy the tracks you want and also enabling you to hear some tunes that may be new to you. I accept paypal to the usual address or you can send a cheque/ cash to the address listed below. Customers who buy every month will recieve the discs as normal.

Grading is as follows......

M Faultless/ Probably unplayed

E Few light marks, still a nice copy

vg More marks, maybe some surface noise but plays thru ok

I will also use + or minus to indicate grades in more detail. I also offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with any record for any reason, so please buy with confidence.

Payment, I accept paypal to this address chris.soul@btinternet.com or you can send cash/ cheque to; Chris Anderton, 1 jackson Av, Nantwich, Cheshire, CW5 6LL. Postage costs are... £1.90 recorded (only insured up to £34) or £5.20 by special delivery in the Uk (fully insured up to £1000). Overseas £2.00 airmail or £5.20 signed for airmail, ask if you need insurance.

Events this month, I will be guesting at the White Bull in Gisburn on Friday 18th July. Musical policy is 70s/crossover, I`m really looking forward to this, heard some great things about the venue. The Three Greyhounds is currently taking its anual break but returns in September with some fantastic guests lined up plus the usual dodgy residents! The next date at Willington will be July 19th, always a good night there.

On with the list........

1.Marvin Smith-Who will do your running now-Mayfield E+ sold

2.Art Emsley and Fabulous echos-Open the door to your heart-Shiptown M- 100

3.Pure Velvet-Hooked on your love-Osiris WD M 50

4.The Casuleers-Dance dance dance-Roulette E+ sold

5.James Walsh and Gypsy Band-Cuz its you girl-RCA E 80

(Few light marks but plays fine...one of the best Modern anthems ever)

6.Faye Crawford-What have i done wrong-RCA WD M- sold

(Stunning....both sides)

7.Magic Night-If you and I had never met-Roulette WD M 65

(Mecca classic...sounds so good today)

8.Albert Jones-I do love you- Tri-city E+ sold

9.William Bell-Easy coming out, hard going in-Mercury M- sold

10.The Ghetto Children-Its not easy/ Dont take your sweet lovin away-Roulette M- wol 70

(Two great sides, lille bit of wol brings the price down, vinyl mint)

11.Sharon Soul-His love is amazing-Coral YD E- sold

(Proper Northern...few crackles but plays thru, ok for DJing)

12.Gary Haines-Keep on going- Sound E+ sold

13.Frankie Newsome-We`re on our way- WB M- sold

(A real toughie to find...great 70s, could go massive)

14.Lou Rawls- See you when i get there-PIR E+ 10

(Found a few copies....down comes the price)

15.Walter Jackson-Let me come back-Brunswick M- sold

(One of my faves ever...what a voice)

16.Malcom Hayes-Put your love to the test/ I gotta be with you-Filmways WD E+ 90

17.The Orlons-Envy-Cameo WD M- sold

18.The Velvelettes-A bird in the hand-VIP E+ sold

(For me this is one of the best Motown Northern dancers out there, needs spins!)

19.Glen Watts-My little plaything-Bunky M- 30

20.Carrie Cleveland-Make love to me-Audio ent M 50

21.Ernestine Eady-The Change-Scepter WD M 100

(Great underplayed oldie)

22.Gene Middleton-No one to love me-Funk factory M- slt dish nap 75

23.Percy and them-Look in the mirror of my eyes-Roulette M- 175

24.Motherlode-What does it take- Buddah M- 30

25.Tutti Hill-He`s a lover-Arock E+ sold

(Realy tasty R&B tinged dancer)

26.Joey Scarbury-Midnight mail-Dunhill M 35

(Seen this at 70 quid a few times)

27.Holland Dozier-New breed kinda woman/ If you dont want to be...-Invictus M- 40

(Other side is so so under-rated..old Albrighton spin for me!)

28.Etta james-Mellow Fellow-Argo M- sold

29.Brenton Wood-Better believe it-WB M- 25 stkr on label 25

30.The Temptations-I want a love i can see-Gordy E+ wol sold

31.Spyder Turner-I cant take it anymore-MGM M sold

(If this was rare you`d hear it out every week!)

32.The Masqueraders-How big is big-Bell E+ sold

33.Kenny Smith-Go for yourself-RCA WD E+ 25

34.Curtis Blandon-In the long run-Wand M- 100

(very slight warp, plays perfect, underplayed oldie)

35.The Volumes-My kinda girl/ My road is the right road-Inferno M- 30

(Loads of calls on this last time...Detroit supremecy)

36.Mike Williams-Lonely soldier-Atlantic E+ 15

(Call me sick but i just love Veitnam records...this is one of my faves)

37.Jerry Butler/ Brenda Lee Eager-Cant understand it-Mercury M 8

38.Kenny Young-Aint it funny what love can do-Share M 15

39.Eddie Holman-I`ll cry 1000 tears-Bell M 25

40.Mamio- You`re welcome, stop on by-Infinity M- sold

(Vicki Anderson, great vocals)

41.11th Commandment-Why are you so hard to forget-Chess E+ 35 sold

(Hard one to find...nice crossover, writing on label)

42.William Bell-You`ve got the kind of love i need-Stax M- sold

43.Junior Walker-Brainwahers pt2-Harvey E+ 30

44.The Shirelles-Last minuite miracle-Scepter M- 25

(So under-rated...perfect northern)

45.The Hesitations-She wont come back-Kapp WD M- 75

46.Steve Mancha-Dont make me a story teller-Groovesville E 8

47.The Masqueraders-I aint gonna stop-AGP M- 20

48.Maxine Brown-Little girl lost-Wand M 12

49.Sam Waymon-You can count on me-Ninandy M 20

(Great oldie from the days of the Torh...or so they tell me)

50.Kenny Carter-Dont go-RCA WD E 40

Dont forget the sales Cds...only £5.00 for 3x Monthly Cds....

51.Brenton Wood-I think you`ve got your fools mixed up-Double shot M- 10

52.Walter Jackson-I dont want to suffer-Columbia E 25

53.The Trutones-He`s got nerve-Soulville M- 30

54.Margie Alexander-It cant last forever-Atlantic M- 20

55.Scotty Williams-In the same old way-Jubilee M sold

56.Gloria Gaynor-This love affair-Polydor uk M- 30

57.The Newcomers-The whole world is a picture show-Truth E+ 15

(Fantastic crossover)

58.Etta James-Seven day fool-Argo E+ sold

59.Wales Wallace-Whatever you want-Innovation M 20

60.Winfield Parker-Sweet little girl-Atco WD M 25

(Needs playing, great Northern )

61.Harold Melvin-Reaching for the world- ABC E 8

62.Teddy Pendergrass-You must live on-PIR E+ 15

63.Teddy Pendergrass-Do me-PIR E+ 15

64.Teddy Pendergrass- Where did all the loving go-PIR E+ 15

65.Innervision-Honey baby be mine-Private stock E+ 15

(Great 70s...sounds so fresh right now)

66.The Four Tops-I just cant get you out of my mind-ABC E+ 10

(Same as above!)

67.Razzy-I hate hate-Aquarium M 15

(Great up-lifting soul tune..starting to get more spins)

68.The Herbs-put a hurtin in my heart-Smoke Wd M 20

69.Act 1-It takes both of us-Spring WD M 35

70.Irma Thomas-What are you trying to do-Imperial M- 50

71.Van Trevor-A fling of the past-Vivid M- sold

(Great mid-tempo)

72.The Manhattans-Give him up-De luxe E+ 10

73.Chuck Cissell-Dont tell me you`re sorry-Arista M- sold

(So hard to find on a 45....... great 70s dancer)

74.The Continental 4-The way i love you-Jay walking M 25

75.Martha Reeves- Heartless/ Taking my love and leaving me-Gordy M- 15

(Back in stock..."Taking" is a wonderful, almost crossover type dancer)

76.The Falcons-I`m a fool i must love you-Big wheel E wol 25

(Great Detroit mid-pacer few marks, plays fine)

77.Sharon soul-How can i get to you-Wild duce E+ 30

78.Dee Dee Warwick-When love slips away-Mercury M- sold

(Not many better midtempo tunes than this one)

79.Sam Dees-Come back strong-Atlantic M- 30

(Getting spins at last, just as good and as hard to find as "fragile")

80.The Pockets-Take it on up-Columbia M 10

81.Rocky Brown-Without a warning-Penntowne M sold

82.Love Salvation-Spread a little love around-Bell M- 20

83.Vivian Copeland-He knows my key is...-D`oro M- 15

84.The Vibrating vibrations-Suprise party for baby-Neptune E- sold

(Few marks, seen a bit of life but lived to tell the story...plays ok)

85.The Shakers-One wonderful moment-ABC E 20

86.Jackie Wilson-I lost you-Brunswick E 10

87.Love Peace and Happiness-Strip me naked-RCA E+ 20

(Great 70s dancer..getting noticed at last)

88.Fats Domino-If you dont know what love is-ABC M- 30

89.The Platters-Sweet sweet lovin-Musicor E 8

90.Maxine Davis-Before i leave you-Guyden WD M- 30

91.Brenda Holloway-When i`m gone-Tamla M 30

(Rarer "globes" design)

92.Leon Gardner-Stay here-Misty E- 30

93.Pat Lundy-The Thrill is gone-Columbia WD M 40

94.Jesse James-If you want a love affair-2oth Cent M- sold

95.Andy Mack-Later than you think-Chess DJ 65

96.Billy Kenedy-If i was a kid-Silver M- 40

97.Lilly Fields-I`ve got to tell you-Holton E 65

98.Gene McDaniels-There goes the forgotten man-Liberty DJ M- 40

99.Barbara mason-Boby is my baby-Arctic vg+ 10

(Looks rough, plays thru ok)

100.The Originals-Good loving is just a dime away-Motown E+ 15

Some really tasty Lps this month........


101.Marvin Gaye-MPG-Tamla E+ sold

(Inc. A bitter pill to swallow, only a lonely man etc...awesome LP)

102.G C Cameron-Love songs and other great tragedies-Motown E+ 20

(Inc. I`m gonna give you respect)

103.Satisfaction Unlimited-Think of the children-Hot wax E+ 45

(Inc. Lets change the subject....great LP)

104.Gayle Adams-Love Fever-Prelude E+ 15

(Inc. Baby i need your loving)

105.Chuck Bridges-L.A Happening-Vault M- 40

(Inc. Head over heels. LP was sealed until i opened it for sales CD)

106.The Main Ingredient-Afrodisiac- RCA E+ 10

(Inc. Work to do (great version). Slight tear on cover)

107.Thelma Houston-Ready to roll-Tamla Motown uk E+ 10

(Inc. Saturday night, Sunday morning)

108.Linda Jones-Hypnotised-Loma E+ 40

(Inc. If only we had met sooner)

109.Lou Bond-Same-We produce E+ sold

(Inc. Why must our eyes be always turned backwards)

110.Esther Phillips-Good black is hard to crack-Mercury E+ 20

(Inc. Changin`)

111. William Bell-Its time you took another listen-Mercury E+ 25

(Inc. Yesterday i lied today i cried/ Easy coming out, hard going in)

112.Voices of east Harlem- Can you feel it-Just sunshine E sold

(Inc. Amazing love, So rare, take a stand)

113.George and Gwen McCrae-Together-Cat E+ 15

(Inc. Winners together losers apart)

114.Edwin Starr-25 Miles-Gordy E+ 20

(Inc. 24 hours to find my baby)

115. The Persuaders-Its all about love-Calla E+ 20

(Inc. Trying to love two women)

116.The Natural four-Heaven right here on earth-Curtom E+ 20

(Inc. Whats happening here)

117.Lamont Dozier-Peddlin music on the side-WB E+ 10

(Inc. Going back to my roots. some writing on back of cover)

118. The Dells-No way back-Mercury E+ 20

(Inc. Life is the time)

119. Sidney Joe Qualls-I enjoy loving you-Dakar M- 35

(Inc. The next time i fall in love)

120.Jackie Wilson-Beautiful day-Brunswick E+ 35

(Inc. Because of you plus 3 other great crossover tracks)

121.Three Ounces of love-Same-Motown E+ 20

(Inc. In the middle of a heartache)

122.Natural four-Same-Curtom E+ 25

(INc. You bring out the best in me, try love again)

123.Teddy Pendergrass-Teddy- PIR E+ 10

(Inc. Do me)

124.Barbara Lynn-You dont have to go-Ichiban E+ 20

(Inc. Trying to love two)

125.Barbara McNair-The real-Motown E+ 45

(Inc. It hapens every time/ Forget you ever met me baby)

126.Les McCann- Plays the hits-Limelight E+ 25

(Inc. Pretty little girl)

127.The Natural four-Nightchaser-Curtom E+ 20

(Inc. I think i found that girl)

128.True reflection-Where I`m coming from-Atco E+ 25

(Title track is wonderful)

129.Motherlode-When I die-Buddah E+ 15

(Inc. What does it take)

130.Dionne Warwick-Then came you-WB E+ 15

(Inc. Move me no mountain)

131.Don Thomas-You`re the one-Myrrh M- 25

(Inc. You`re the one)

132.Charles Mann-Say you love me too-ABC E+ 20

(Inc. Its all over, you came out of nowhere)

133.Randy Brown-Welcome to my room- Parachute E+ 20

(Inc. I`m always in the mood, love is all we need)

134.The Originals-Portrait of-Soul E+ 20

(Inc. Dont stop now)

135.Gloria Gaynor-Park Av sound-Polydor E+ 12

(Inc. This love affair)

136.Chuck Jackson-Raindrops keep falling on my heart-VIP E+ 20

(Inc. I`ll fight til i win your lovce, have you heard about the fool etc)

137. Peabo Bryson-Turn the hands of time-Capitol E+ 15

(Inc. Why dont you make up your mind)

138.Lenny Williams-Lets do it today-MCA E+ 10

(Inc. Dont stop me now)

139.Sonny Till-Returns-RCA E+ 25

(Inc. Tears and misery)

140.7th Wonder-Thunder- Casablanca E+ 20

(Inc. Missing out)

Edited by Chris Anderton
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61.Harold Melvin-Reaching for the world- ABC E 8

62.Teddy Pendergrass-You must live on-PIR E+ 15

63.Teddy Pendergrass-Do me-PIR E+ 15

64.Teddy Pendergrass- Where did all the loving go-PIR E+ 15

(This guy can do no wrong in my book...4 awesome tunes)


By the time of the fantastic "Reaching For The World" on ABC , Teddy Pendergrass had left the Blue Notes after his well publicised disagreement with Harold Melvin ....

I believe his replacement David Ebo sang lead on "Reaching For The World" which was every bit as good a record as anything Teddy Pendergrass sang lead on.

Ebo had as much vocal talent as Pendergrass and had circumstances been different he could have continued to carry the

group at the top of the charts in the same way that Dennis Edwards did with the Temptations when he replaced David Ruffin.

Pendergrass went on to solo stardom of course and the Blue Notes splintered into two groups - Harold Melvin put a new set of Blue Notes together and recorded for ABC Records (including Reaching For The World) as "Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes" while the others - who were original members from the 60's incarnation of the Blue Notes and who claimed they had as much right to the name "Blue Notes" as Harold Melvin - went off and recorded that great album on the Glades label out of Miami as just "The Blue Notes".

There was much conjecture at the time in Blues and Soul and Black Music magazines as to who caused the big split and which member went where afterwards ....

As one of soul music's greatest groups, there seems to be precious little biographical detail on Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes - especially before they struck it big at Philadelphia International in 1971 - and it would be interesting to see a complete family tree and discography of the group from their inception in the late 50's through the 60's especially in light of the fact that Get Out on Landa and What Can A Man Do on Arctic are Northern soul classics.

In fact does anyone know of any other 60's records by the group other than the abovementioned ones on Landa and Arctic and one (or more) on Uni ?


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Thanks for the info...its funny, I hesitated before i wrote that comment with some nagging thought in my mind telleing me is was`nt Teddy...but it was such an good oppotunity to list all 4 records in a row i took the chance!

Still 4 great tunes...and all still for sale!

Thanks again.


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As one of soul music's greatest groups, there seems to be precious little biographical detail on Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes - especially before they struck it big at Philadelphia International in 1971 - and it would be interesting to see a complete family tree and discography of the group from their inception in the late 50's through the 60's especially in light of the fact that Get Out on Landa and What Can A Man Do on Arctic are Northern soul classics.

In fact does anyone know of any other 60's records by the group other than the abovementioned ones on Landa and Arctic and one (or more) on Uni ?


The Bluenotes discography

Any additions / corrections welcome

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The Bluenotes discography

Any additions / corrections welcome

The Victors

Phillips 40475 - Not Only A Girl Knows / Hurt - 1967

Dave, never realised that the Victors on Phillips were the Blue Notes ? :thumbsup:

I'd like to see the source of that assertion !

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