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  1. Few bargains

    Isonics Sugar Kammy vg+ £400 Will Collins & Willpower Anything I can do Derby PS vg++ £400 Helen Shapiro Stop and you will become aware. Columbia. vg++ £400 Bottom & Company Gonna find a true love Motown. m- £250 SOLD Jacki...
  2. Force - Holy Moses

    Force - Holy Moses Streaker Records Thanks, Sean
  3. Pee Wee, Shuck & Huey

    Pee Wee, Shuck & Huey - Beside myself. Flagg Thanks, Sean
  4. Carbon Copies - Just don't love you

    Must be on Git Down Inc Thanks, Sean
  5. Angela Davis & The Mighty Chevelles

    Angela Davis & The Mighty Chevelles - My love is so strong. Flaming Arrow Thanks, Sean
  6. Harvey Averne Dozen - Never learned to dance Uptite Cash waiting Thanks, Sean
  7. Sean Tasker

  8. 200 rare imports for sale

    Paul, My email: sean.x.tasker@gsk.com Thanks,Sean
  9. Tommy Tate - Hold on Malaco LP

    Cash waiting Thanks, Sean
  10. Soul Incorporated - My proposal

    Soul Incorporated -My proposal Coconut Groove Anybody sick and tired of it and want to move it on to fund other wants let me know and I'm sure we can make a deal. Thanks, Sean
  11. Some rare ones

    Ray and The Blue satins - She doesn't love me ARV Ex £750 Otis Lee - Hard row to hoe Quaint M- £650 ON HOLD Melvin Brown & James Matthews Philmore Vg++ £650 SOLD Thanks, Sean
  12. Cal Tjader - Soul Sauce Verve

    Thanks Dazz, but sorted now
  13. Cal Tjader - Soul Sauce Verve

    Ex or better Thanks, Sean
  14. Whatever Happened To............................?

    Whatever happened to
  15. Whatever Happened To............................?

    What ever happened to Cresta pop