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  1. Were soul people wearing T's and vests to northern gigs as early as Nov '71 ? And carrying Adidas bags ? Thought clothing wise, it was still very much a mod/suede scene in 71 ? Fred Perry polos, button down Ben Sherman, Brutus, Jaytex shirts ?
  2. Members on here might be interested to see the prices of Ska, Rock Steady and Reggae keeping up with rare Soul. The Skatalites, a great piece of ska from 1964, just sold on ebay for $4,306.00 US and was in "EX" condition. The Joya Landis, a nice rootsy tune, sold for $3,802.00 US and was graded "VG-/G+ ... slight storage warp ... light label wear ... writing on labels ... very slight peak distortion -... hazy patches to play surfaces." All on a not very sexy handwritten blank ! ---------------------------------------- Skatalites "Colly Bud (Cally Bud)" Ultra Rare Reggae 45 Pat's Blue Vinyl mp3 09 Jun, 2020 Winning bid: US $4,306.00 [ 48 bids ] Joya Landis "In That Bar" Ultra Rare Reggae 45 Treasure Isle Blank mp3 09 Jun, 2020 Winning bid: US $3,802.00 [ 32 bids ]
  3. Having established who Cajun Heart is ... that he is from the south (USA) and appears to have worked primarily in the southern states, with no real soul or RnB pedigree, it's perhaps a little surprising that somewhere along the line he managed to get a record released in 1970 on Brunswick with credits to Carl Davis, Willie Henderson, Eugene Record on what is essentially a Chicago soul record. Perhaps his manager Lee Magid had the right connections and engineered that one off release with Brunswick. Although it is known that Carl Davis on occasion worked with white pop artists like Dana Valery.
  4. Tommy Hunt "Loving On The Losing Side" and Diana Foster "I'm Gonna Share It With You" are two of the better ones from the 70's ... and, contrary to the previous post, Evelyn Thomas "Weak Spot" is a superb record and most definitely Levine's finest effort. Post 70's, Chuck Jackson "All Over The World", another Levine effort, springs to mind, although the superior mix is not the one that charted ... this is the better mix:
  5. Anyone know if there are plans to release this on 7" vinyl ?
  6. It's really interesting to see that Not Me Baby got airplay in a major centre like New Jersey. It begs a couple of questions: why would a radio station like WAAT play a tune that was ONLY available on an LP, or as a 7" single enclosed only with the LP ? And so, is it another urban (northern soul) myth that the 7 " single of Not Me Baby never got a commercial release outside of the LP ? Sure, time has shown that the seven of Not Me Baby isn't a commonly found record but there have been numerous northern "rarities" over the years that did get some sort of commercial release, albeit limited.
  7. Thanks Sebastian although I didn't mean to imply that they are the same recording .
  8. Also released as a 7" by the Trends on ABC
  9. I find it staggering that people still do not accept that the pre '71 scene at clubs like the Wheel or the Catacombs or a number of other clubs for that matter was not a fully formed "northern soul scene". Having said that, I do respect that people can and do have the opposite view ... as expressed earlier in this thread ... and I'm happy to leave it at that and not hi-jack this topic which is not about the genesis of the northern soul scene. The issue has been debated several times before over the years on Soul Source. But feel free to start a new separate topic on the genesis of the "northern soul scene" and we can debate it all over again!
  10. If Magic Corner was released in 1967 then perhaps the song's writers should be suing the estates of Eugene Record and Sonny Sanders (Soulful Strut/Am I The Same Girl) for copyright infringement ...
  11. Lillian Dupree's daughter Deshan Jones on her facebook page has a photo of her mom whom she calls "Lillie Mae" ...
  12. This you tube video of Hide & Seek has the following comment about Lillian Dupree from Deshan Jones: "Deshan Jones : 6 years ago : Thanks Mr. Soul, this is my mother!! She taught me the music love." And judging from her youtube profile, her daughter Deshan appears to be a very talented vocalist and guitarist carrying on her mother's Detroit soul tradition ...
  13. Hugh Boynton ‎– We're Gonna Make It right up there as well ...
  14. Did he ever appear live in the UK or Europe on the back of Janice and his seventies dancers on Abet ?

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