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  1. Wasn't "Honey Trippin" , also by the Mystic Moods, popular at the Mecca ?
  2. Anyone got a picture of a red Congress stock copy ?
  3. At least three variations of the Congress white demo ... any others? And ... anyone have a picture of the Congress stock copy ... if it exists that is ... ?
  4. Are you selling Billy or looking to buy?
  5. The whole LP "Soul Run" is worth listening to but the record company would be best served by putting out on a vinyl 7" what is easily the best dancer on the LP:
  6. until
    The National Australian Northern Soul Weekender returns to Adelaide for its 20th Anniversary. DJs from Australia, NZ, and the UK spinning northern soul, rare soul, and Motown on original vinyl. The weekender runs from Thursday 9th November to Sunday 12th November inclusive. Thursday night: $10, or free entry with any other ticket purchase. Adelaide's finest DJs PLUS live music from Gumbo Ya Ya and Lady Voodoo & The Rituals. 7pm until midnight. The German Club. Friday: $25. 7pm until 1am. The German Club. Two rooms. Saturday: $25. 7pm until 1am. The German Club. Two rooms. Sunday: $25. 2pm until midnight. The Burnside Ballroom. Search for the weekender special ticket - entry to all dates plus a northern soul CD for only $60. For information on this event and the rare soul scene in Adelaide: Find us on Facebook: 20th National Australian Northern Soul Weekender which has information on how and where to buy tickets for the National
  7. This is the flip side to their hit version of You'll Never Get To Heaven (If You Break My Heart) from 1972 ... amazing how many modern soul enthusiasts are completely unaware of this great finger snapping dancer ...
  8. goes without sayin' everyone should book their plane tickets for the Aussie annual big event ... details here:
  9. Does this mean there's going to be a Kent Various Artists LP called something like ... "Kent does Soulful House" ?
  10. Has it sold yet ?
  11. Not if it's one of these Dave ! Flipped with Glen Miller ! These appeared around 2002 .... their legitimacy though is anyone's guess !
  12. Well it will surely warm Jazzy B's heart to see a northern soul club full of black people ...
  13. Scotland WILL be overseas very shortly ...
  14. You might as well do post Wigan right up to the present (and overseas scenes if you can manage it). Hopefully mention here will put your cause out in public view again and you'll get a torrent of useful stuff from punters and promoters. As you've said all along , that part of the story needs to be told.
  15. Well Chalky was planning to tell the whole story post-Wigan ... wonder how that's going ?