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  1. For what it's worth , another theory on 45cat site: http://www.45cat.com/record/k13568 jukebox george 7th Sep 2019 The 1966 Copyright filings are for How Can I Find The Way + On You Heart Ache Looks Good. BMI.com has the Composer names as Wayne Nathan Wadhams, Donald Edward Askew, and Kenny Karen Ancestry.com does not have a Gavin Bernstein, lending credence to the comments below that the Producer credit is incorrect. This 45 is not mentioned in the pages of Carole Bayer Sager's memoir available on google books; the memoir has details on Sherry Harway. One comment suggests thi
  2. Have to say that this is yet another example though of how the Amy Winehouse vocal style has become so pervasive among contemporary female urban / RnB / soul vocalists ... to the point where the vocal style has become a complete cliche ... it's reached the point now where a couple of bars into hearing a tune like this and you just roll your eyes and think "oh no, not again, another Amy imitator". The tune is pleasant enough but completely unremarkable ... like a 3rd rate out-take from Amy's Back To Black LP. Amy was great and a one of a kind but she's been gone almost a decade now and Back to
  3. No mistaking this as an original .... New Zealand Stateside
  4. Soulful Detroit had a thread many years ago: https://soulfuldetroit.com/archives/3190/2145.html?1045499562 containing the following information about recording dates and location of certain O'Jays releases: STAND IN FOR LOVE Produced by Bobby Massey & Larry Hancock January 27, 1966 at Way Out Studios, Cleveland WORKING ON YOUR CASE / HOLD ON Produced by Bobby Massey & Larry Hancock Arranged by Herb Williams January 4, 1967 at Way Out Studios, Cleveland Of The O'Jays three releases on Imperial previous to Working On Your Case / Hold On: I'll Never Forget
  5. Mark, can you put a year on the two photos of lads in suits that you've posted ?
  6. After the 7" vinyl release please ... not the 12" Cheers !
  7. thanks Mike ... just amended my post to include the link.
  8. Thankfully this site is active again (with a new host) after being dormant for years. A great reference for those collectors who insist on having the correct company sleeve for their records. http://45-sleeves.co.uk/index.html
  9. Fantastic new release in the last few days from two legends of soul ...
  10. Giant of a man ... giant of a voice ...
  11. Seem to recall that Dave Godin in his pieces on the Wheel in Blues & Soul from 1969/70 mentions that one of the people he met was "Zan" ...
  12. Are you saying that you supplied the first copy of Earl Jackson "Soul Self Satisfaction" to be played on the scene ? And so it was first played at Up The Junction ?
  13. No info on that release but here is a super rare early 80s interview and video of the man performing his modern soul classic I'll Do Anything for You.

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