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  1. sunnysoul

    Little Richie on Manship

    I'm intrigued ! Could you please describe what an "average collector" looks and sounds like ?!
  2. sunnysoul

    Info needed: Women on the Northern Scene

    Not to my knowledge . The link given above is to The Face Radio.
  3. sunnysoul

    Info needed: Women on the Northern Scene

    Gail Smith is a top class DJ in Australia and plays at most of the major events. Check her out here ... https://thefaceradio.com/archives/gail-smiths-work-your-soul-june-2018
  4. Does the Box Set include a booklet of information/liner notes on the history of the label and owner Jack Taylor ?
  5. sunnysoul


    Still looking for this
  6. sunnysoul

    Christine Cooper - Voices of Vista Lp - 1966

    To Dave's credit he doesn't want to indulge in shameless self promotion ... so everyone should know that there's some excellent material on Christine Cooper in Dave's brilliant book which every good home should own !
  7. It's the 7" that I'm after ... not the 12" . Let me know if you have the 7" for sale. Cash waiting. Cheers !
  8. sunnysoul

    Pete Smith List 127

    Pete should still have it ... after all it's only been 15 years !
  9. Underground / Stardust have been reissuing major label pop and rock artists such as Elvis, Manfred Mann, Jimmy Gilmer as well as soul & RnB since the mid 70's. Until the end of the 80's vinyl was still the primary music media and , for major labels , their greatest source of revenue. Wouldn't you think the major record companies' lawyers would have come down like a ton of bricks on any outfit that was openly and illegally issuing and selling their product ? Yes, Discogs states: "Canadian reissue label known for quasi-legitimate reissue 45s (mastered from existing vinyl records; it occasionally issued singles with odd artist and/or song pairings) and compilation CDs of questionable mastering quality. " So, Underground / Stardust do simple one off licensing deals with big and small labels ? So what ? Many other legit outfits do that. They also find that production costs are reduced by simply dubbing off existing discs rather than going to the trouble of gaining access to master tapes. Not exactly a crime is it ? Odd artist/song pairings? Again, makes commercial sense to appeal to two markets instead of one on the same single release. That's smart business. And if the legal authorities want to pursue them, guess what? Their address is clearly shown on the label. They're easy to find. They obviously think they have nothing to hide. And they've been operating since the mid 70's with no apparent legal issues. They must be doing something right, mustn't they? And as for finally concluding that they therefore must be legit ? Well, in democratic countries at least , it's called the "presumption of innocence". But then again , the strange world of northern soul is a law unto itself isn't it?
  10. The Stardust issue has been a topic on Soul Source previously and I'll repeat now what I said back then : if anyone has evidence that Stardust is not a legitimate operation, then please present the evidence. Otherwise Stardust must be regarded as legitimate unless proved otherwise. It's as simple as that. And no, I'm not being paid by Stardust nor do I have any connection whatsoever with Stardust.
  11. sunnysoul

    Yorkshire Soul Venues -- 60's / 70's

    Slightly off topic but since John mentioned the Dungeon in Nottingham, there is an excellent website on the Dungeon Club which many here on Soul Source would be interested in viewing ... https://dungeonmods.wordpress.com/
  12. sunnysoul

    Celeste Hardy " you're Gone"

    There's an original in Mint Minus condition on ebay - as a "buy it now" - at a bargain $1600 US. You better be quick though ... https://www.ebay.com/itm/CELEST-HARDIE-Youre-Gone-Thats-Why-I-Cried-M-VG-Reynolds-Northern-Soul/302750957052?hash=item467d5cfdfc:g:9KQAAOSwURlbCeRK
  13. sunnysoul

    Felice Taylor

    Felice Taylor's daughter just posted this on Youtube: Robert Velez 9 months ago I wonder if Felice Taylor and Barry White were an item back in the day? REPLY ILMJXXX 8 months ago I have never come across anything to say that they were or have ever been? REPLY Charlotte Taylor 4 months ago My mom was not an item with Barry White, she was married to my dad Johnnie Taylor! Barry White produced and managed her career with my dad. REPLY DJ Agent Double O Soul 1 month ago Charlotte , is your mom alive and well today? REPLY Charlotte Taylor 20 hours ago Unfortunately my mom passed away on 6/12/2017
  14. sunnysoul

    The Spindles on ABC ??

    So ... the Spindles on ABC were completely unrelated to the Frankie & the Spindles group based in Philly via Baltimore (Roc-ker, Gamble , PIR labels etc) ?
  15. sunnysoul

    Early Skinheads & Soul / Rare Soul 68-72

    Original "brolly boys" ? 'Brolly Boys', Montrose, Scotland, early 1970s


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