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  1. Leslie Uggams Original or Boot

    It's the Aussie one you want to have Pete ....
  2. But by far the rarest and most desirable is the Aussie Demo ...
  3. US Prodigal UK Demo UK issue Popsike has a number of entries ranging from around £20 - £107
  4. Showstoppers-Houseparty/what Can A Man Do

    What happened to those two test pressings of the Four Perfections Gotta Get Closer ?
  5. Gene Townsel 45

    His other legal 7" on Ah-La-Vi .... a 70s release ... looks to have a similar font and design as the Balance Town 7" ...
  6. Gene Townsel 45

    So, unless evidence is produced to the contrary, we can only presume that the Balance Town 45 is legal. And whether Gene was responsible for the issue of the Balance Town 45 in the late 70s /early 80s in response to interest from overseas such as Japan...
  7. Gene Townsel 45

    Excellent thanks. According to Discogs, Crazy Beat issued their release in 2005 since which time which Gene made those general comments about bootlegs. But has Gene ever specifically addressed the Balance Town 45 release which was released in the la...
  8. Gene Townsel 45

    No Dobre 45 release has come to light but there have been a couple of threads on here before on the Balance Town 45 and some knowledgeable and well respected members on here have expressed some doubts over the legitimacy of that Balance Town release . And Gen...
  9. Benny Harper - My Prayer

    Anyone want to sell ???
  10. Two Modern Soul Wants

    Still looking for both of these. If anyone has a High Frequency 7" I'm happy to pay $300.00 US which is well over the odds. The highest sale to date on Discogs for the 7" is $251.00 US ... so if you sell yours at $300.00 you'll be doing some great busi...
  11. Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    About 48 hours ago Mr Manship had the maximum number of facebook friends - 5,000 - at last count it's now down to 4,994 .....
  12. Once records like manu dibango, barrabas babe ruth etc were discovered and became popular on the early New York disco scene, US DJ's and record labels started casting their nets far and wide , including Europe ... al foster was a popular disco record in the ...
  13. Versatile Gents Matrix Info needed

    Christ Chalky ... have you also been looking at microscopic organisms with that camera ....

    Mick was right .... Rod's way out of tune and his vocal is all over the place !!! The Wicked Pickett's original is far superior .... with Tami Lynn on female lead ... great film of him on Hollywood A Go Go
  15. Guetto Kitty = The Toys

    Kym, please tell us more about your time with Willie & the Mighty Magnificents ?