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  1. sunnysoul

    Bo Jr - Coffee Pot

    bump .... I know someone out there has one to offload ....
  2. sunnysoul

    Bo Jr - Coffee Pot

    Wanted please Bo Jr - Coffee Pot. Thanks
  3. sunnysoul

    Curtis Mayfield - Move on up (Curtom demo)

    Very intereresting. The reference I usually go to for US & UK chart placings (pop & soul) is this site http://www.musicvf.com/songs.php?page=artist&artist=Curtis+Mayfield&tab=songaswriterchartstab which I believe is based on the Billboard charts .
  4. sunnysoul

    Curtis Mayfield - Move on up (Curtom demo)

    This is a record that's always had a life of its own. But was it really played as a new release on the northern scene ? The major northern clubs in 1972 were Torch , Up The Junction , Catacombs & Mecca (until it closed that year) but you never see Move On Up listed in their top sounds at the time. It wasn't like Archie Bell & the Drells, Tams and Robert Knight whose initial impetus for UK chart sucess came from the (at that time) underground northern scene , was it ?. And as for it being a "minor hit", Move On Up reached the number 12 position on the UK charts in July 1972 which surely makes it a fairly major hit by any standard , doesn't it ? Didn't Move On Up only really become associated with the northern scene from the late 70s on ? With added momentum from the mod revival of 78/79 when old soul hits were being revived and re-released by record companies in the UK (e.g. Green Onions ) ? Was Move On Up played at Wigan in Mr Ms late 70's ? In the US it was never a hit single ... at any time. It didn't even make the US RnB charts. As for a promo release in the US two years later in 1974 ? Highly unlikely in light of the fact that Curtom moved it's distribution from Buddah to Warner Bros in 1974. A promo 7" release in 1974 would have featured "distributed by Warner Bros etc" at the base of the label but all copies of the US Move On Up promo still bear the "exclusively distributed by Buddah " legend.
  5. sunnysoul


    I usually try and buy all new releases that don't try to sound like a 60s soul record ...
  6. sunnysoul

    The Furys (Keymen) writers credits US and UK differ

    Did Fred Smith ever own the rights to the label or the recordings ? Randy Wood founded the label didn't he ? Until several years later when his various enterprises failed and he filed for bankruptcy in the early 70s . Did Fred Smith ever have a commercial stake in the ownership of the label ? Who was doing the licensing to President in the UK in the early 70s ?
  7. The label was Solid Hit .... so surely the "balloons" people are referring to are in fact meant to represent bullet holes ... wouldn't you say ?!
  8. sunnysoul

    MIKE TERRY photo.

    NIce one Tim ... bet Sammy Lowe also has some of his own stories to tell ...
  9. sunnysoul


    Still looking !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. You mean Kenny smith the "blue-eyed soul singer" ?!
  11. sunnysoul


    Someone have this to sell please.
  12. sunnysoul

    The Triumphs - The Line up ? Okeh

    Not doubting you for a minute ... but I am curious where you obtained that information ?
  13. sunnysoul

    Little Richie on Manship

    I'm intrigued ! Could you please describe what an "average collector" looks and sounds like ?!


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