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  1. The Stardust issue has been a topic on Soul Source previously and I'll repeat now what I said back then : if anyone has evidence that Stardust is not a legitimate operation, then please present the evidence. Otherwise Stardust must be regarded as legitimate unless proved otherwise. It's as simple as that. And no, I'm not being paid by Stardust nor do I have any connection whatsoever with Stardust.
  2. sunnysoul

    Yorkshire Soul Venues -- 60's / 70's

    Slightly off topic but since John mentioned the Dungeon in Nottingham, there is an excellent website on the Dungeon Club which many here on Soul Source would be interested in viewing ... https://dungeonmods.wordpress.com/
  3. sunnysoul

    Celeste Hardy " you're Gone"

    There's an original in Mint Minus condition on ebay - as a "buy it now" - at a bargain $1600 US. You better be quick though ... https://www.ebay.com/itm/CELEST-HARDIE-Youre-Gone-Thats-Why-I-Cried-M-VG-Reynolds-Northern-Soul/302750957052?hash=item467d5cfdfc:g:9KQAAOSwURlbCeRK
  4. sunnysoul

    Felice Taylor

    Felice Taylor's daughter just posted this on Youtube: Robert Velez 9 months ago I wonder if Felice Taylor and Barry White were an item back in the day? REPLY ILMJXXX 8 months ago I have never come across anything to say that they were or have ever been? REPLY Charlotte Taylor 4 months ago My mom was not an item with Barry White, she was married to my dad Johnnie Taylor! Barry White produced and managed her career with my dad. REPLY DJ Agent Double O Soul 1 month ago Charlotte , is your mom alive and well today? REPLY Charlotte Taylor 20 hours ago Unfortunately my mom passed away on 6/12/2017
  5. sunnysoul

    The Spindles on ABC ??

    So ... the Spindles on ABC were completely unrelated to the Frankie & the Spindles group based in Philly via Baltimore (Roc-ker, Gamble , PIR labels etc) ?
  6. sunnysoul

    Early Skinheads & Soul / Rare Soul 68-72

    Original "brolly boys" ? 'Brolly Boys', Montrose, Scotland, early 1970s
  7. sunnysoul

    Charms Unlimited - What Goes Up Must Come Down

    A few people have contacted me with a Soul Inc issued 7'"( live version) to sell. Thank you but I'm only after the Charms Unlimited 7"
  8. If you have one of these to sell please get in touch
  9. sunnysoul

    Dave Rimmer at Cleethorpes

    Well you can always book a plane ticket to go the Australian National Weekender in Perth in November . Dave Rimmer will be there as special guest - along with Mick Heffernan - and you can be sure that Dave will be playing at a time when everyone will be able to enjoy his selections.
  10. sunnysoul


    Had this discussion on here numerous times over the years. Established and reputable sellers like carolinasoul don't engage in such dodgy practices simply because they don't need to ... and to do so would only damage their reputation and goodwill. They attract high bids from lots of serious bidders because they offer quality items on a regular basis and are extremely conservative when grading their records ... just like Jason Koenig (Funkyou) , paperstax and others. If you're finding the same bidder on multiple items listed by the one seller, it's either a lone wolf private collector bidding on 30 items to try to bag a couple at a reasonable price ... or more likely a serious UK soul dealer bidding and winning most of the high end items from the one seller and then putting them up for sale on his ... or her ... own website at an even greater premium; many on here know one individual in particular in the UK who operates that way (anyone care for some rare northern soul?) . But then, that's what business and the free market is all about. Finally, if you don't like what's going on, then the best advice is ... just don't bid. No one is forcing you to buy. Get out of the rat race and you'll probably feel so much better and your pocket will be so much fuller ...
  11. Just came across this photo ... Andy's Records Cambridge 1969 ... parka, bleached levis & turn ups & harrington (possibly), record digging ...
  12. sunnysoul

    Mtume / Lucas Picks

  13. sunnysoul

    EMI -- How The Mighty Are Fallen

    EMI through HMV in New Zealand were also responsible for the this Darrell Banks New Zealand Stateside release
  14. sunnysoul

    Brotherhood Of Man - Reach Out Your Hand (W-T show)

    More Images Various ‎– The Northern Soul Scene Label: Deram ‎– 844 805-2 Released: 1998 Tracklist 1 –Frankie & Johnny* I'll Hold You 2:29 2 –David Essex So-Called Loving 2:29 3 –The Flirtations Nothing But A Heartache 2:43 4 –Fearns Brass Foundry Don't Change It 2:13 5 –Clyde McPhatter Baby You Got It 2:58 6 –Micky Moonshine Name It You Got It 3:25 7 –Ronnie Jones My Love 2:13 8 –The Fantastics Ask The Lonely 2:50 9 –Tom Jones Stop Breaking My Heart 2:26 10 –Billie Davis Billy Sunshine 3:21 11 –Amen Corner Our Love (Is In The Pocket) 2:41 12 –Danny Williams Whose Little Girl Are You 2:07 13 –Eyes Of Blue Heart Trouble 2:34 14 –Bobby Hanna Everybody Needs Love 3:05 15 –Dave Berry Picture Me Gone 2:45 16 –John E. Paul I Wanna Know 2:11 17 –Elkie Brooks The Way You Do The Things You Do 2:44 18 –John Gunn I Just Made Up My Mind 3:02 19 –Adrienne Posta Something Beautiful 1:44 20 –Brotherhood Of Man Reach Out Your Hand 3:18 21 –Sonny Childe Giving Up On Love 2:36 22 –Truly Smith My Smile Is Just A Frown (Turned Upside Down) 2:48 23 –Stevie Kimble All The Time In The World 2:22 24 –Tony Newman Let The Good Times Roll 2:36 25 –The Bats* Listen To My Heart
  15. Also on that snapshot of your book at the top of this thread regarding the SOS Band , you may be interested to know that SOS Band vocalist Mary Davis is very possibly the same artist as the Mary Davis who released an excellent 7" on Conclave in the late 60's ...


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