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  1. sunnysoul

    4 title's for $200 each.

    Someone's just snapped up the bargain of the week ...
  2. sunnysoul

    Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    Personally, I would love to hear Do I Love You one more time ...
  3. When Edwin Starr’s “25 Miles” was later issued it was considered so similar that the writers Jerry Wexler and Bert Berns were given joint credits. Are you saying Wexler & Berns were given writing credits on 25 Miles? Really ? What's the source of your information ? Last time I looked, the composers of 25 Miles remain credited as Johnny Bristol / Harvey Fuqua / Edwin Starr ...
  4. sunnysoul

    Topics "Booking up" Mercury red issue

    Just curious why you're after the red issue ... the grey demo has the two different sides sides on it as well ... and both issue and demo are styrene to the best of my knowledge with no legitimate original vinyl release of this in either issue or demo .
  5. Soul Source music video feature announcement - Just added to our video feature .... Name: B.B. KING Heartbreaker 1968 Beat Club Category: Artists Singles Date Added: 2018-03-04 Submitter: sunnysoul Video Description: watch now... B.B. KING Heartbreaker 1968 Beat Club Soul Source Soul Music Video Feature 2017
  6. sunnysoul

    Who was in The Exits?

    Lots of history within that group. Jimmy Conwell of course everyone knows and loves . Godoy Colbert - probably best known for his Revue 45 "Baby I Like It" - had an interesting career too. He apparently went on to join the Free Movement who had a big pop and rnb chart hit with "I've Found Someone Of My Own". " A native of Crosset, Arkansas, he was a founding member of the early 1950s rhythm and blues vocal group, the Pharaohs. Together with two friends, Robert Harris, and Noel Collins, the Pharaohs were formed out of the Jefferson High School in Los Angeles, in 1954. They are probably best known as the backing band of singer Richard Berry, with whom they recorded the 1957 hit single, "Louie Louie." The recording which was originally written in 1955 by Berry was based on The Rhythm Rockers version of composer Rene Touzet's "El Loco Cha Cha", and somewhat based on Chuck Berry's "Havana Moon." The single first became a minor regional hit for the group, and then a more major hit for them when the Kingsmen recorded a more raucous version of the song in 1963. Colbert's very distinctive voice opens the song with the famous "duh duh duh duh-duh" sounds. After the success of "Louie Louie" the Pharaohs toured for sometime and Richard Berry eventually left the group to pursue other options. After the departure of Berry from the group, Colbert and the Pharaohs did a series of singles for the DelFi Record Label, and more performing. It was soon after this that Colbert and the Pharaohs themselves decided to call it quits and disband. Colbert went onto perform with such musical acts as The Exits, the Afro Blues, the Visitors, the Kuf-Linx, and Free Movement who had a Top Five pop and Top 20 R&B Billboard Music Chart hit with the 1971 single, "I've Found Someone Of My Own." He also sang successfully as a solo artist. In 1996, for the first time in 30 years the original members of the Pharaohs including Richard Berry reunited for a special concert put on by the Southern California Doo Wop Society. A year later Richard Berry died from a heart attack. Colbert himself passed away in Sacramento, California, from several forms of cancer including liver, colon, and prostate on July 17, 2002. He was interred in Inglewood Park Cemetery."
  7. Only 1 original member left now in each group ... if I had a choice, I'd rather sit down for a day with Ronnie McNeir and Ron Tyson (Ethics / Love Committee ) and hear them reminisce about the local Detroit and Philly soul scenes back in the day ...
  8. sunnysoul

    Roscoe Thomas American Girl

    The Sound Gems release seems to be much less common than the World Record release. Presumably the World Record release is the local release ... then Sound Gems ? Anything known about the artist ? About the World Record label? Comment on youtube clip: " wayne walker 3 years ago DC artist and musician and police was a great vocalist and friend and partner!!! "
  9. sunnysoul

    Lamont Dozier UK Tour 2018

    Has there been any direct communication at all with Lamont regarding what material he will be performing ... at least at the Blackpool weekender if not the other gigs ?
  10. sunnysoul

    Lovelace Watkins

  11. sunnysoul

    Innersection - Group 5

    A comment on Discogs for this record says : stickemupnow - February 8, 2016 referencing Let Me Love Yuh / I'm In Debt To You, 7", Single, GFR 101 Collectors beware. There are look-a-like counterfeit copies of this White Promo being sold as originals[which they are not,they are bootlegs]. The quickest way to tell is to closely inspect the letter "R" in the INNERSECTION name on the "Let Me Love Yuh" side. The bootleg has a different shape letter "R" to the image shown on this page. Inspect it closely to the one here and if it is different its a bootleg. Spotted on ebay, sold on 4/2/16 for £488.12 with 20 bids ! Someone has been badly ripped off ! Check before you buy. Really ? He/she only mentions the shape of the letter "R" as a point of difference between the so called counterfeit and the original . The counterfeit he appears to be referring to is this : https://www.popsike.com/The-innersection-Let-me-love-yuh-Rare-modern-soul-45-Double-Sider-im-debt-to-u/321992320409.html The photo is poor and its difficult to make much of it. Aside from the Goldmine Sevens and Sonic Wax reissues ... and an obvious bootleg with Essex 1V on the other side ... can anyone confirm that there IS/WAS a counterfeit made of the white demo ? If so, can you post a clear photo of it?
  12. sunnysoul

    Gene Townsel 45

    Just a few days ago on ebay ... the Gene Townsel Balance Town 7" sold by the guys at carolinasoul for $787.00 US ... in VG- minus condition ... 14 bidders all with strong feedback ... 6 of whom were prepared to pay over $500.00 US for it ... 70s Soul 45 - Gene Townsel - There's No Use Hiding - Balance Town - mp3 See original listing Winning bid: US $787.00 [ 21 bids ] Seller: carolinasoul (33835 ) Also interesting is that this sale mirrors the exact same sale price - $787.00 - and even the number of bids - 21 - achieved on carolinasoul's last sale of this record in September last year ... in VG condition: 70s Soul 45 - Gene Townsel - There's No Use Hiding - Balance Town - mp3 End Price: USD $787 Start Price: USD 6 End Date: 2017-09-10 Start Date: 2017-09-03 Number of bids: 21 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Possible observations? judging by the photos of both sales , they appear to be different records ... the photo of the one sold in September 2017 shows some slight label wear whereas this weeks sale does not if they are the same record , perhaps the winner of the auction in September 2017 for some reason wasn't happy and then returned the record to carolinasoul, but for this week's auction to achieve the exact same sale price and number of bids, that's an amazing co-incidence? Not inferring any dodgy practices here on the part of carolinasoul who is a highly reputable ebay seller and doesn't (knowingly) sell bootlegs. Time will tell if they have happened upon a small quantity of the record. Either way, quite a few apparently serious bidders appear to be willing to pay good money for this record ... surely on the basis that it is not a bootleg ... Number of bids: 21 Country: USA Auctioned at: ebay
  13. sunnysoul

    picture wanted


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