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  1. The promo information was overlaid, rather than stamped, but exactly how they did it, i'm not quite sure.
  2. Wanted : the original 7" US release ... not the Japanese re-issue. Thanks
  3. The world still awaits an official vinyl release of Sharon McMahon's version ...
  4. yeah must admit the dance lessons bit was naff ...
  5. At the risk of being accused of lacking a sense of humour, it all looks pretty cool ... so, not sure what the issue is . And Mallorca sure beats Blackpool doesn't it ?
  6. Great record from 1973, Gene Barge produced, recorded at Ter Mar Studios in Chicago, anyone care to speculate who was in this Drifters line-up and who sang lead ? The Drifters "The Struggler" (Steeltown)
  7. Except that Bill Millar makes the oft-repeated and wholly incorrect assumption that Ben Aiken (of Loma and Phily Groove fame) was white ...
  8. Probably quite a few ... he had a complete LP released in the UK and US in 1972 which, despite a number of Leon Ware composed songs, comes across as soft, folksy pop ...
  9. Well Martha's voice was shot many years ago too ....
  10. And in the years after the gold label issue surfaced, one lost track of the number of apparently "OVO" events where DJ's played the gold label record as an "original" ... or on the basis that it was a legit second issue ...
  11. Credit to you Mal because you put me on to the right people to get one
  12. Apologies, I'm fully aware that this is not the WANTS section but if anyone has a copy of the Goldmine Double CD "Soulful Kind of Seventies" to sell at a cheap ( by any standards ) price , please PM me . Cheers

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