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  1. neiljon31

    Favorite two-step tracks/artists?

    One for Saturday tea time. Got that essential bubbly sound
  2. neiljon31

    What's Your Audio Setup?

    I upgraded to these cables today - early conclusion is improved sound. Better clarity and deeper bass I’d say. Good tip thanks. also upgraded an interconnector and think it’s worth doing the lot, one by one though.
  3. neiljon31

    Favorite two-step tracks/artists?

    Nice one on Jewel there from Blackpoolsoul. I just gave the LP a spin and it’s one of those “never realised it was this good” moments. And I know that’s one thing that we can all agree on as being a good moment. Final track side 1 “Rhythms of Hope” is floating my boat especially.
  4. neiljon31

    Favorite two-step tracks/artists?

    nice 45 from '84 also out under another alias I recall but cant remember what right now.
  5. neiljon31

    Favorite two-step tracks/artists?

    Epitome of ‘80’s stepper ? 1985 huge track that as I recall was loved unequivocally. Perfect with a tin of red stripe, basic criteria !
  6. neiljon31

    Favorite two-step tracks/artists?

    Thought I’d stick another fave up before I pop out for a pint. Love this, on Bluenote. Super cool, sultry stepper
  7. neiljon31

    Favorite two-step tracks/artists?

    Just about sums it up for me ; and as I’ve said before and I’ll say again it’s a broad church brothers and sisters.
  8. neiljon31

    What's Your Audio Setup?

    f youre thinking about upgrading Id definately get rid of that behringer mixer. Ive got a pioneer dj mixer which does the job sonically but will upgrade to a rotary mixer in the future. Right now im really into the Varia rdm20 which is a really sexy beast. Good rotary mixers are expensive though. How come you don't rate the Behringer, Ive always been pretty happy with it. Had good reviews and rep when i bought it. Just curious, something I don't know ?
  9. neiljon31

    What's Your Audio Setup?

    I’ll check out the chord clearway cables ; nice one. New cables sounds like a good first move for me. my mixer is a Behringer djx750, does the job for me (and beynd to be honest) it’s come down in price as far as I can tell. I like the ortofons for ease of use mainly, when I first used them I thought the quality was better than the previous I had in. Thanks for the tip on AT95 I’ll take a look.
  10. neiljon31

    What's Your Audio Setup?

    Interesting read this. Like a lot of folk I have a mixer (behringer) at home supporting 2 t/tables (1 Technics, 1 Stanton Str8;150 which I like). Again like a lot of folk I dont really ‘need’ 2 t/t or a mixer but I like having a drink and good night playing through all sorts. Also have 2 CD players connected up one of which is a pioneer cd recorder but they get little use really. Got some nice Quad speakers and a fairly old ‘budget’ Akai amp that is very robust and has a lot of inputs. So it all suits me fine - I’m no hi-if expert but recently I’ve been wondering about the sound quality and I have a question or two in my mind (aside from is it my hearing changing) does using a mixer affect sound quality much / a lot / not at all ? whats wisdom on best cartridges to use - I have ortofon pro s. How many miles are they e is red to do. as has been alluded to - how much should be invested in cables (within reason) mine are mainly budget cables and prob 20 years old or so. I’m thinking at Xmas I might take it all apart and replace cables. I only really want to do that if I’m gonna go wow after I buy buy a fair few new soul / house / jazz etc releases so it’s not exclusively scratchy old 45’s !! Good thread. Cheers
  11. neiljon31

    Late 70's Jazz Funk Scene

    just keep em coming I say......lets groove !!
  12. neiljon31

    Soulful House / Garage Picks

    another dreamy house vocal, 2010
  13. neiljon31

    Soulful House / Garage Picks

    cool 12 from 2017. Anthony Nicholson got some back catalogue he has...


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