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  1. Late 70's Jazz Funk Scene

    just thought I'd say what a great thread is and thanks to all contributors and Chris for kicking it off. Some dynamite music ; some I know, some I have and loads thats new to me. top stuff
  2. Northern SOUL BO-LL-OX...!!

    I love the descriptions / blurb "sounds great today" '"Could go big with a few spins" my favourite possibly "getting spins " or "picking up plays" as mentioned already ...."under the radar" always a good one. "One for the more disce...
  3. Did you see review in July Record Collector ? Maximum : Five Stars
  4. Toast Toppers

    last time I had one I was sick as a dog, but give it a a shot anyway I'm sure you can still get 'em
  5. Bedford Modern Soul Allnighter

    Here you go : couple more flyers im sure the Rock City do's were discussed previously on here : prob wider topic too.
  6. Bedford Modern Soul Allnighter

    No probs Chalky pm me your email if you want ; I'll try and do it over next few days.
  7. Bedford Modern Soul Allnighter

    Great events these were. dug out these.
  8. Modern Soul time of year

    Louie Vega part 2 3 x 12's worth it for 'Been Such a Long Time' with Josh Milan. Fantastic. old Masakela tune as it turns out. never knew.
  9. Yep, really really good read this is.
  10. 4 semi known belters

    Dropped you a pm thanks Neil
  11. neiljon31

  12. Favourite New Track of 2015

    Roisin Murphy : Jealousy (disco mix : Crosstown Rebels 12) stormer !
  13. Shades Of Soul Issue 3 (December 1984)

    Blimey I'd not thought about it like that with the sound files etc : Derek's thoughts is a good idea as well. I was just thinking about a book !
  14. Shades Of Soul Issue 3 (December 1984)

    if the run of Shades Of Soul issues were bound together in I don't know maybe something like a book with a jacket it would fill a huge void in the documented history of the, and I hate this phrase but here it is 'UK Northern Soul' scene. I'm sure that someone...
  15. World's Wealthiest Dj's

    Mind you I think Pete Tong seems like a decent bloke. i reckon any of us would quite fancy the curve they've been on !!