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  1. Brand new Theo Parrish 12. It’s got a lovely Dego mix on flip too. Been “umming and ahhhing”over it for some reason but picked it up this morning. Partly on noticing it start to sell out and when it’s gone it’s gone principle ! That’s all the hook we collectors need sometimes ey.
  2. Pulled a few 12s at the weekend. This from 2016 - got that spacey cosmic vibe which I am digging a lot. House, Soul..... all that Doctor I may have balaeria
  3. Proper journey there from Mal. Post injection burn. Got the Harvey Sutherland 12 today as tipped by Chris. Really good - both sides.
  4. Blimey ; the Harmonica Song - that brought a distant vague recollection back. I couldn’t have told you what it was called or anything though !! nice selections Malc. Yep I agree reckon we all buy some odd curiosity stuff deliberately -I then feel I need more to put alongside the others. A nice little off piste foray there. Lovin BSO Bless The Darkness. I’m off to look that one up - hopefully to add to basket - notice it’s side 5. Jo Wallace is boss (I think ) at RamRock. Got some good recent releases.
  5. Final one of 3 for me at mo. Recent release. This is best mix. Chugs and waltzes along in lovely equal measures. Just putting off goin’ for a run now !!!
  6. While we’re on the euro tip or trip. A fave 12 from 2016. It’s a broad church we’re all friends here......
  7. Mal said it’s ok to wander off piste. As it’s Friday afto here’s a bit of sleezy deep euro disco from a few years ago. I love this ; it’s never far from a spin in my house.
  8. Casbah 73. Added to basket. Top shout Soul Hippy thanks
  9. Here’s another fave 12. More King Street magic ;
  10. Being as King Street got a mention: This is one of my fave 12’s. 2003. woozy slow burner. Nite Grooves / King Street
  11. Another from ‘85, one of the finest indie 45’s you’ll come across with Love Pains on the flip.
  12. https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=betty+wright+in+time+you'll+see&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-gb&client=safari Ms Wright from 1986. from the ‘Sevens’ LP. Some top notch tracks on it.

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