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    It's not how rare , it's how good they sound... ..
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    Arthur Alexander " I Need You Baby "

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  1. Eddie Hubbard

    Tony Turner - 6 x 6 - the truth !!!

    Willie Hutch is about 14.40 in on this mix ,excellent too ...
  2. Eddie Hubbard

    Songs That Use Same Arrangement /backing Track

    same backing ,the link here is Jesse Herring I guess ....
  3. Eddie Hubbard

    Songs That Use Same Arrangement /backing Track

    Is Maurice Jackson still around to ask ? I know his son is the famous Hip Hop guy Madlib.
  4. Eddie Hubbard

    Colin Curtis at Ease Your Mind Banbury V Lounge

  5. He’s in the White Stripes Steve ....
  6. Eddie Hubbard

    John Abbey

    Really , B & S ,Black Music and Hot Buttered Soul were invaluable to us collectors pre Internet Pete .I religiously bought them every time .
  7. Eddie Hubbard

    John Abbey

    He says he doesn’t recall it Julian , but he did so many shows with Major Lance apparently. I went to see him at Cheltenham in about 74 ,but he didn’t turn up .Eventually caught him live at Hinckley early 80’s .Cheers Eddie
  8. Eddie Hubbard

    John Abbey

    Will do Pete
  9. Eddie Hubbard

    John Abbey

    Ok I’ll ask him Julian , there is hardly anything about Soul Music on his page , which is criminal and a shame I think .He must have so many stories to tell .Heard a great radio show a while back ,where he explained how he used to call up artists like Tyrone Davis for interviews , from a pay phone ,frantically putting in money ,and trying to make notes in the cold .
  10. Eddie Hubbard

    If I was granted one vinyl wish...

    I found 5 copies of “ Just wont move “ on our local market 10p each .All gone now though Im afraid .
  11. Eddie Hubbard

    John Abbey

    Yes John is still around ,am friends with him on FB
  12. Eddie Hubbard

    Your Ten Top P.I.R. favorite titles...?

    Remember hearing Robert Upchurch the first time I went to Blackpool Mecca in ‘74 .....
  13. Eddie Hubbard

    Your Ten Top P.I.R. favorite titles...?

    A few current faves ..... Teddy Pendergrass - Come And Go With Me ( probably my all time fave ) Jean Carn - I Bet She Don’t Love You Like I Do The O’Jays - Let Life Flow Anthony White - I’m So Much In Love With You The Jones Girls - Baby Don’t Go Yet Patti Labelle - If Only You Knew Jerry Butler - I’m Just Thinking Of Cooling Out Bobby Bennett - Days Go By Dee De..
  14. Eddie Hubbard

    Soul Patrol / save your love .

    I’ve got a WD ,I’m not sure if it was booted ,or whether the copies that hit the scene in the mid 70’s were Originals ,as it probably wasn’t that old ?
  15. Eddie Hubbard

    Your Ten Top P.I.R. favorite titles...?

    Yes ,I’ve got it on U.K. also .Great Record ..