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    It's not how rare , it's how good they sound... ..
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  1. Your Ten Top P.I.R. favorite titles...?

    Remember hearing Robert Upchurch the first time I went to Blackpool Mecca in ‘74 .....
  2. Your Ten Top P.I.R. favorite titles...?

    A few current faves ..... Teddy Pendergrass - Come And Go With Me ( probably my all time fave ) Jean Carn - I Bet She Don’t Love You Like I Do The O’Jays - Let Life Flow Anthony White - I’m So Much In Love With You The Jo...
  3. Soul Patrol / save your love .

    I’ve got a WD ,I’m not sure if it was booted ,or whether the copies that hit the scene in the mid 70’s were Originals ,as it probably wasn’t that old ?
  4. Your Ten Top P.I.R. favorite titles...?

    Yes ,I’ve got it on U.K. also .Great Record ..
  5. Ease Your Mind Banbury with special guest John Manship


    Wishing you all the very best Dean
  7. 50 Years Ago Today the Mello Souls

    Great info Andy , thanks for sharing
  8. Joan dovalle let me go on sport records

    I paid about £350 last year ,love it ,plus the flip is great too .
  9. I remember playing The Sherrys at home in the 70's ,and my Mum saying that she knew the song from when she was young in the 1940's .
  10. Is This The Rarest Bootleg Pressing?

    How about The Trips - There's that mountain / Love can't be modernised on Soultown ? The copy I have even has the same pressing plant stamp as John and The Weirdest on Tie .Would this have been a legal re press via Bobby Sanders ? There is so much info on the...
  11. Articles: Soulbowl

    From Blues and Soul April 1991 .....
  12. Various Soul sales

    Will Sessions / Amp Fiddler - Lost without you / Seven Mile ( Sessions ) Mint unplayed £20 Starvin' Marvin - Disco Boogie ( Velvet Bullet ) Mint - £100 The Paramounts - I won't share your love / The girl with the big black boots ( Mercury WD ) E++ ...
  13. Little Anthony - was he good?

    I thought he was very good on the ballads ,I was stood at the front of stage .He did have to read the lyrics to his Northern biggies which makes for a more stilted performance IMO .Still great to see him live though .
  14. Ease Your Mind

    Thanks Sean ,good photos .A very successful day ,great weather , Soul and Jazz from the 70's ,80's etc up to the present day . The owners were very pleased with the turn out , a bumper day ...

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