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  1. Very sad news ,I was too young for The Torch ,but his late Wigan and Stafford sets were superb .A proper character who loved the music and had great taste , thank you for influencing our All night soundtrack Keith ,Rest in peace x
  2. I remember Arthur playing what was probably the 2nd copy of Mike Jemison “ You’ll never get my love “ in that room upstairs .It was great while it lasted ...
  3. Finally out on BRC Japan ....
  4. Betty Boo was an unissued track that John Anderson got from either Popcorn Wylie or Ollie McLaughlin in the 70’s along with many other previously unissued master tapes .Again Richard Searling was the first to play them ,at Wigan Casino .
  5. Little Ann - What Should I Do was a long standing cover up for Richard Searling as Rose Valentine “ When He’s Not Around “ .There is one US test pressing credited to Ann Bridgeforth ,which Richard still has .Its real identity was unknown until Gilly and Tats were at Dave Hamilton’s studio in the 90’s and he played it on a reel to reel tape for them along with a bunch of other tracks .Gilly managed to hook Dave Hamilton up with Ady and Ace Records and the rest is history .
  6. Hi Gary ,a friend on Facebook has asked me about the Deep Soul Classics 1- 23 On P - Vine ,and if any of the versions of songs differ from the released versions ? I was wondering if you had any info ?Wasnt sure if you are on Facebook . Hope you are keeping well ,Regards Eddie
  7. I think Richard played it a few times at a Wigan Anniversary,5 or 6th not sure ?
  8. Kenny Burrell ,Tim Brown ,a DJ from Notts ,name escapes me ...
  9. A great effort Mark ,very thought provoking ....Regards Eddie
  10. Keb Darge - Marsha Gee - The Dance Track .Think John Vincent had it first ,but Keb made it massive .I still love the instrumental .
  11. Pat Brady - Junior McCants - Try Me For Your New Love - King .Massive at Stafford covered up as Little Carl Carlton - Hey Little Girl .Guy Hennigan- Jackie Day - My Naughty Boy .Another Massive Record at Stafford covered up as Shirley Matthews and The Belles .Ginger Taylor - Burning Bush - Keeps On Burning - Mercury .This was massive in the 70’s and Ginger had the only copy for a while at Cleethorpes .I remember Richard getting a copy and saying the first time he played it “ I got this for Wigan “ ...
  12. Russ Winstanley - Frank Wilson -Do I Love You ( even if he probably didn’t have an original copy ,he was the first to play it ) .Ian Levine - The Carstairs ,a defining record as it was one of the first records of a different style to be played .Butch ,any number of one off exclusive records ,but his Mighty Lovers cover up would ,in my opinion be the record that defines him .Good shout with Richard Searling - Cecil Washington ,another special one would be Little Ann - What Should I Do ,one of the longest lasting cover ups as Rose Valentine ,and he still has the only known original test pressing

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