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  1. Your wit, dry sense of humour, knowledge and history will be much missed. Respect to you sir.
  2. What is 'Proper' dancing?

    I'm not bothered about the moves, just that whoever is attempting to dance to a tune is in time and actually look as though they are dancing to the record being played and not a totally different one in their own head. Those teapot moves though....* shakes head.
  3. For anyone who knew Jan and wants to show their respects, the funeral service will be on Friday October 14th at 12.00 mid day at All saints church in Bloxwich, Walsall. Apologies if this is in the wrong forum section.
  4. Millie Jackson house for sale

    As they'd sing in London, 'There's an arse for sale'.
  5. Salou - Soul Bars

    I went to Salou about 10 years or so ago and there was a soul bar then, I actually won a soul quiz in there Ha Ha. It was up the hill towards the top (nicer) beach. You go up the hill and you'd come to a T junction. The bar was across on the opposite side of...
  6. Boo & The Tru-Tones LP

    OK, thanks fella.
  7. Boo & The Tru-Tones LP

    Do you have a copy Dean?
  8. Boo & The Tru-Tones LP

    'Show the World' LP. It's a St. Lucia t'ing on Wirl.
  9. Boo & The Tru-Tones LP

    Anyone got Boo & The Tru-tones - 'Show The World' LP on Wirl.
  10. Kool Blues Can we try love again Capsoul

    I think you were very lucky to pick it up for that price then as it was probably at it's peak then and generally going for at least £300-350.
  11. Billy Arnell - Tough Girl

    Hi Jay, do you have any photos of the group at the time?
  12. jordirip

  13. The Naturall Band / Aswads - There Was / I'm So Proud

    Cracking 45, used to be on my wants list too.
  14. Paragons and Walter Jackson

    Hi Gary, I've got a copy of 'Con Me' on Buddah. I'll check condition but I think it's ex. However, it plays with some styrene static hiss which I think they all do apparently. As you know, it's a rare one so make me an offer. Jordi
  15. "Something To Give "

    Was it this Nita Rossi?

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