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    Black Americian music, sharp clothes, walking wild camping with my mutt.
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  1. Cheers Martin. You don't see it for sale much. My mate has one and thinking of selling it.
  2. Hi all, any idea on how much Bobby Valentin "Use It Before You Lose It" on Fania sells for please. Regards Kimbo.
  3. Hi Manus, just to let you know I am still intact and enjoyed getting a semi at the bog snorkel gathering. My new wet suit made from the hair of the Peruvian Llama was a great secret weapon. That plus only having 3 toes on each foot like a fighting cock. As the season is now over I am looking forward to The Cali on Friday. More people need to give this fantastic soul nite a try. Great dance floor toons and people. I will of course be snorkeling up the Nene from Wellingbrough to Peterborough then to the venue via streams, water filled ditches and sewers. Regards Kimbo aka Adrian Bogworth
  4. At last some info, been waiting in vain for someone to answer my pm since the 31st of Dec. I am in 2 minds about making the journey if this lack of organization/ info is as good as it gets. Hoping for a good nite if I come.
  5. kimbo


    Hi I've heard there are 2 rooms, is this correct? (A modern room?)
  6. Brill Manus, see you later. Dave says he may wear a nice little hessian off the shoulder number he picked up at a local farm shop. The hessian has King Edward printed on it. Don't think that's Dave more like the spuds it contained until Laurance Lluwelyn Dave Bates got hold of it. More madness later mate. Just off out with the guv nor to check out his turf. Kimbo
  7. Ours too. say Hi to us. Kimbo n Lisa and our mate Mick Mick Maye all from Northamptonshire..... Let me also add CHRIS we have never met or heard of Stevie P and Michelle except to say Steve eats all my cake when he comes round to see our dog Reggie lol. Joking aside really up for this. See you ALL tomorrow. Hoping to get there by 7.30 ish.
  8. Looking forward to this very much. if the crown carpark is full
  9. Cheers Edwin & Gilly. Will report back to those guys. I only remember going the once as well. atb Kimbo.
  10. Hi, was talkin to a couple of lads at the co-op niter on sat. I mentioned a niter in Sheffield that I went to in the early to mid eighties. The niter was promoted by Steve Croft. As far as I can remember it was held in an old mill? I know it was a Rasta club normally redstripe on sale all nite and heated by 2 bar electric fire lol. A lot of the Rasta lads came in and had an all nite card session in a back room. If I remember right, the building was called Blues Old Warehouse. The lads I spoke to were from That area and couldn't remember it at all Anyone remember? all the best Kimbo Nort
  11. kimbo

    Grumpy Soul Runcorn

    Len eats rusty nails with his special K like desparate dan! Anyhow Len on a serious note hows your new business venture going " Hot Drinks By Post" it's a gap in the market alright!! talking of stories Dave. Lisa said she would dress up in a school uniform for me.... Dinner lady wasn't what I had in mind tho. BUGGER!!
  12. kimbo

    Grumpy Soul Runcorn

    I'll have whatever is going Dave. I ate a tortoise once cus Len told me it was a pie!
  13. kimbo

    It's A 70s Soul Thang

  14. We got there a tad later than we would have liked about 8ish. But all the dj's played some awsom toons. I enjoyed the whole nite, layed back mellow. But most of all hearing great soul music you wouldn't normally hear. Well done all hope it goes from strength to strenghth. Sorry I missed tanks spot a mate of impeccable soul taste. But nice to hear my good friend Johnny the Fox get a mention also a man with an ear for class soul music. K n L.
  15. kimbo

    Grumpy Soul Runcorn

    Thank you Louise. See you n Dave there.

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