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  1. Dave Thorley has one, i know of about 4 copies, rare indeed
  2. Fab Playmates is pretty tough, i had just 2 copies off one of the band members in 1990 but this is just pure fantasy at £3K & more
  3. Sam played me this about 20 years ago , he'd just got it off Andy Dyson for £100 i think. Finally in demand so i'm guessing £5-600 , always loved it & play it occasionally
  4. Firstly i must apologies to the Author for not submitting my recollections of John, not sure what happened but i'm sorry about that. I met John in 83/4 & had hundreds of 45's off him. He was indeed the most unique dealer/collector i ever met and as reported in the article John was a total gentleman & had the most extensive knowledge. The way it worked with me ( & many others i guess ) was that we drove him around town & treated him to lunch & he would share his "special places" . My strongest memory was sitting in a diner & John proudly showing me a huge Red chili & with that broad smile of his saying " this is the godam hottest thing you can eat". I believe most of the meagre profits he made went to the Indian trust. Just a brilliant guy! Arthur.
  5. As i recall this is probably the mintish copy that went through ebay quite reasonably 3/4 yrs ago for about $2.5K so not a bad return on investment. Not a record i like tho
  6. Funny this as until possibly 20 yrs ago i don't know of anyone who had the promo. Circa 78 it was Poke's "Mel Brit" cover up. 18 months later issue's turned up at the Bowl @ £20 or so apiece. I bought 2 . I found 1 spare for $2 at John Hilliyard's house in 85 & sold it to Graham Ellis. Not everyone's cup a T for sure but i love it 8-).
  7. Er 50? not quite that old hehe, i'll settle on 46 8-)
  8. looking forward to hearing that Ady 8-)
  9. I went along, took me weeks to get the dust out of my hair 8-)
  10. Oh yeah, he also had some other pop bits off me at the time like cindy lynn
  11. Er, i found the buckinghams in a thrift store in leeds circa 76 & gave it to Alan Rhodes to play at wigin. Sorry guys!
  12. i picked one up out of a U.K sales box 18 months ago for £100, minter too. Lots around in iffy condition tho.

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