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  1. Arthur Fenn

    Detroit Sounds of Friction

    he did 8-)
  2. Arthur Fenn

    Detroit Sounds of Friction

    Funny this as until possibly 20 yrs ago i don't know of anyone who had the promo. Circa 78 it was Poke's "Mel Brit" cover up. 18 months later issue's turned up at the Bowl @ £20 or so apiece. I bought 2 . I found 1 spare for $2 at John Hilliyard's house in 85 & sold it to Graham Ellis. Not everyone's cup a T for sure but i love it 8-).
  3. Arthur Fenn

    100 Club

    Er 50? not quite that old hehe, i'll settle on 46 8-)
  4. Arthur Fenn

    100 Club

    looking forward to hearing that Ady 8-)
  5. Arthur Fenn

    Leeds Queens Hall Festival All-Nighter 1974

    I went along, took me weeks to get the dust out of my hair 8-)
  6. Arthur Fenn


    Best wishes Dean from me & Maria x
  7. Oh yeah, he also had some other pop bits off me at the time like cindy lynn
  8. Er, i found the buckinghams in a thrift store in leeds circa 76 & gave it to Alan Rhodes to play at wigin. Sorry guys!
  9. Arthur Fenn

    Kool Blues Can we try love again Capsoul

    i picked one up out of a U.K sales box 18 months ago for £100, minter too. Lots around in iffy condition tho.
  10. Arthur Fenn

    'Spot-light On' Nev Wherry

    I used to follow Nev at the Winter Gardens dayers & good fun it was too. He was, apart from being an all round great guy a very charismatic dj. One funny thing i'll never forget was whilst working for John Manship Nev was under strict instructions never to say where he'd been looking for records. When he turned up after a mystery buying trip wearing a loud colourful top with " i love LA"all over it i sorted of guessed he'd been on the west coast.
  11. Arthur Fenn

    Larry Allen - Can't We Talk it Over (Green Dolphin)

    i used to play it at the Winter Gardens 78 ish courtesy of Mr Raistrick, think i gave him Danny Monday for it
  12. Arthur Fenn

    patti williams

    just checked mine Eddie, well spotted, i've never noticed that before, got a minter off ebay last yr cherpy cherpy cheap cheap
  13. Arthur Fenn

    Willie Tee - One More Chance'

    sound more like Tom Jones to me
  14. Arthur Fenn

    Margie Singleton - Never Let Go

    But don't forget you said i could play it Ady . Sq? it bleedin brilliant
  15. Arthur Fenn


    spot on Geoff. again it will be top notch musicly & of course not bad socially


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