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  1. Thompson Brothers - You brought love into my life - Wmot. Great copy, VG++ with a couple of faint marks, plays superb. £700 or near offer. Nate Evans - Main squeeze - Twinight demo. Lovely copy, Main squeeze is close to M- with only minimal/very brief noise for like 1/3 of a second on intro. Ballad flip is solid VG++. £200 SOLD!!! Shipping from Sweden, or if you are going to the Liverpool weekender I could bring them ther..
  2. Seven Souls - I still love you/I'm no stranger - Okeh demo. One of the great doublesiders, northern monster b/w crossover gold. Beautiful copy, at least VG++ with clean labels on both sides. Looking for £500 or near offer. Shipping from Sweden, or I can bring it to the Liverpool weekender next week. Payment by Paypal. Thanks for looking, Carl
  3. Ladymidnight

    Stockholm Soul Weekender 2018 playlists

    If only someone could persuade them to write them down:)
  4. 2018 was our best one yet - still nowhere near recovered, but I take that as a good sign. Some playlists are missing (amongst them Mick H, Arthur Fenn, Soul Sam and Pete Shirley) but the ones posted below will give you the gist of what the weekend sounded like. ANDREAS DIENEL I have to agree with all others.. what a great weekender that was!! Lots of new and old friends, happy faces all over, great great music..
  5. Ladymidnight

    Springtime midtempo mix / Stockholm weekender warm-up

    Thanks for the kind words. The Locomotive were apparently from Birmingham (UK), featuring one future member of Traffic. Singer Norman Haines went on to record a big prog rock collectible. /C
  6. Midtempo stuff, 60s-90s + a killer cut from the recent James Hunter album. Some are well known, others maybe less so. Either way, hope you enjoy listening. /Carl Tracklist: 1. Ralfi Pagan - I could never hurt you (Fania LP) 2. Love Affair - I can't stop loving you (United Artists) 3. Side Effect - Spend it on love (Gas LP) 4. William Hunt - Would you believe (Streamside) 5. Charlie McCoy - My baby's back again (Mo..
  7. Add Stockholm to that list. Couple more top tunes on the album.
  8. Ladymidnight

    Sonics, JM Matthews, Sharon McMann etc

    Sorry, it's gone.
  9. Ladymidnight

    The rise of the 'NEW' soulie and the soul revolution.

    You quoted BBAML’s comment on C Rich and said ”not released on vinyl”, hence my comment
  10. Ladymidnight

    The rise of the 'NEW' soulie and the soul revolution.

    Surely the one in the YT clip (the Kent 45) is the same one as on the LP comp from 1988-ish? Never released at the time, so that LP would be the original vinyl release. Not aware of any remixes or other versions, but maybe I missed something?
  11. Put together a mix of various soul sounds as a nudge for our weekender in June - hope you enjoy. Tracklist attached for anyone interested. /Carl 1. Moses Dillard - Bring your dreams to me (Tex-Town LP) 2. Benny Lattimore - Rain from the sky (Blade) 3. Lee Hurst - Whole lotta your love (A&M) 4. Count Yates - Cruising (New Bag) 5. Joi - Spring fever (Beverly Hills) 6. Martineques - If you want to call me (M..
  12. Ladymidnight

    Little Melvin and Boleros - Jealous Lover

    One at the Karl Marthon/K-Mart sales list today.
  13. Ladymidnight

    Soul in the Hole, Sweet, Deep and Mid-Tempo room

    Great stuff Kev, hope the day went well. /C
  14. Two brilliant days at Soul Not Dole. Thanks to all the people involved and everybody that attended the weekend. Here's what Jens and myself played for the Family Circle part of the proceedings, hope Pete will add his bits later on. CARL HEDBERG SATURDAY NIGHT: Bobby Patterson - Everything good to you (Paula LP) Fortson & Scott - Sweet lover (Pzazz) Vickie Labat - Got to keep hanging on (Shagg) Phonet..