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  1. New releases 2018

    Think the new LP is really good for the most part, well worth getting.
  2. Maybe Bill LaBounty - I hope you'll be very unhappy without me?

    Looking forward to coming back, really enjoyed last year! /Carl
  4. Stockholm Dec 16

    Pete is Stockholmsoulfox on here.
  5. Stockholm Dec 16

    That would be him.
  6. Stockholm Dec 16

    Yup, was good indeed. Some superb music played as well, which you contributed very well to!
  7. Stockholm Dec 16

    Myself and Pete Shirley (2/3 of the Family Circle - Jens was excused this time) decided to do an alldayer in a small Stockholm bar and invite a few friends. Turned out to be a terrific day, loads of people and a reasonable amount of pints. In case anyone fanc...
  8. Cover versions -The Good, The Bad, The Ugly ?

    Roburt: Ok, then I understand how you mean. Bit like re-edit vs remix in how the terms are used, sometimes referring to the same thing.
  9. Cover versions -The Good, The Bad, The Ugly ?

    What would it be if not a cover?
  10. Ended at 800-something, so if it did at all go up from £813, it wasn't a lot.
  11. Selling two excellent rarities in very clean condition, strictly graded per Soul Source grading, with label scans below. I think prices are fair, but feel free to hit me with an offer - I can only say no. Nelson Sanders - Mojo man/I'm lonely - Rambler. T...
  12. Stockholm Soul Weekender

    Family Circle is very proud to present STOCKHOLM SOUL WEEKENDER 2018 1-3 JUNE 2018 A selection of Sweden and the rest of Europe’s most established/up and coming/innovative/floor-packing spinners with a heady mix of rare, not so rare, underplayed and just plain good 60’s, 70’s and 80’s soul. Three days and two nights, and a warm-up birthday party on the Thursday for those arriving early. DJ line-up as follows: Soul Sam Edu Domingo Mick H Arthur Fenn CARIB SOUL feat. Peter Robinson, Del Robinson, Mandie and Michael Daniel Andreas Dienel Karl Marthon Matt Fox Terry Wright Bob Snow Dean Roach Steve Wagstaff Martin Haddock Claire Kalvis Erik Höök Fredrik Andersson Jim Sharp Jens Chreisti Pete Shirley Carl Hedberg The nearest airport is Arlanda. About 40 mins transfer. You can also fly to Skavsta and Västeras, but the transfer is longer, about 1,5 hours by coach. Accommodation: We suggest Motel L: https://ligula.se/en/motel-l/ It is situated close to central Stockholm and the train station is just outside the hotel entrance. Relatively cheap for a hotel in Stockholm this time of the year, high season. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me on here, or get in touch with Pete or Jens on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/530921883625901/ Below you find a few of the playlists from last year, to give a general idea of the sound over the weekend: PETE SHIRLEY Friday night: The Saints "I'll let You Slide" Wigwam The Pretenders "Just Be Yourself" Carnival Limitations "I'm Lonely, I'm Troubled" Bacone Kings Of Soul "Is Your Love For Me" Down To Earth Charles Mintz "Running Back" Uplook Salt & Pepper "A Man Of My Word" Heatwave Kelly & The Soul Explosions "Talking About My Baby's Love" Jackey Beavers " Love That Never Grows Old" Revilot Joe Matthews "You Better Check Yourself" Kool Kat Fantastic Four "Can't Stop Looking For My Baby" Ric-Tic Ty Karim "You Just Don't Know" Romark Trace Of Smoke "Treasure Mind" B.J. The Leaders "It's A Rat Race inst." Superstar Sir Guy "Let Home Cross Your Mind" D.P.G. Sugar Boy and The Shades Of Black "Free Man" Shades Halo " Let Me Do It" Dyco The Shider Family Band "Keep You Burning" Headed Up Will Sessions & Amp Fiddler "Lost Without You" SS Patti Labelle "It's Alright With Me" Epic Star Quake "Don't You Know I Love You" Merit Records Ron Shy "Don't You Know" Little Star Saturday 21:00-22:00 early set Jimmy Mack " A Woman Is Hard To Understand" Hamster Percy & Them " Look In The Mirror Of My Eyes" Roulette Mark Putney "Don't Come Around Here Anymore" Ovide Superlatives"Don't Let True Love Die" Dynamics James Bell "The Love Of My Girl" Three Diamonds Ron Harrington "It Happened To Me Again"Hillside John Edwards "Ain't That Good Enough" Kent Bobby Shannon "You're An Uplift" To-Mark Psychodelic Frankie "Putting You Out Of My Life" Hi-Speed Marilyn Smith "Covers Mother" So-Jamm Jaqueline Jones "A Frown On My Face" Loadstone Kittie Doswell "A Face In The Crowd" HES Alex Brown "I'm Not Responsible" Sundi Brotherhood "When You Needed Me" Tesseract Act 1 "It's The Same Old Story" Spring LP Eddie Kendricks "You Can't Stop My Loving" Atlantic LP Unique "Here We Go Again" Col-La-Soul MIKE CHARLTON: Saturday afternoon: Cicero Blake You're Gonna Be Sorry Renee Crystal Clear I Still Love You A Major Label Unlimited Four True Love Is Hard To Find Chanson The Positive Sounds I Almost Blew My Mind Shiptown Cathy Davis. Here I Am In Love Again Taurus The Vanguards. The Ground That You're Walking On Indie Charles Johnson I Betcha Don't Know Mighty Mo The Inclinations. The Harder We Try Janus Sharon & The Bits 'O' Honey Don't Push My Love Cup Aside Penthouse Desire I'll Never Turn My Back On You Red Robin Tony Borders Promise To Myself Quincy The Ellington Sisters I'm Only Wanted When I'm Needed RCA Kimberly Briggs He's Still On My Mind Fantasy Freddie North Lord What Are You Doing To Me Mankind Target All The Lights Are Out Sunshine Don Bryant It Was Jealousy Fat Possum Ernie Hines Electrified Love We Produce Coco Rouzier Reaching Out To You Home Grown Saturday night: Turner Brothers Running In The Rain MB Freddie Hubbard You're Gonna Lose Me Fantasy Gloria Shannon Tears (Are Gifts From Heaven) Real Side Timothy Wilson I Must Love You Sky Disc The Hesitations Go Away Kent Reggie Soul My World Of Ecstasy Capri Wilson Williams I Like Being In Love With You ABC Cecil Shaw This I Gotta See Bil-Mar Moses Smith Keep On Striving Cotillion Mel Williams Sweet Girl Of Mine Buddha Rhonda Davis Can You Remember Duke Melvin Moore All Of A Sudden Sky Hero Stevens & Foster I Want To Be love Jerri Wanda McDaniel & The Ultimate Choice Gangster Boy Apple ray Emory & The Dynamics Things That A Lady Ain't Supposed To Do Peachtree Village Choir All Purpose Love SCM Ringer John Gary Williams A Natural Kind Of Thing Electraphonics KARL MARTHON: Saturday night: Virgil Henry – You ain’t sayin’ nothin’ new – Tamla Lynn Varnado – Wash and wear love – Gator L.J. Reynolds – Key to the world – Capitol Conspiracy – Evermore – Ren Cen Lovelites – My conscience – Lovelite Jimmy Brinson – It’s all over girl – Brin Curtis Lee – Steppin’ – Spade Sag War Fare – Don’t be so jive – Libra Betty Wright – If you love me like you say you love me – Alston Ann Peebles – When I’m in your arms – Hi Innersection – I’m in debt to you – Group 5 Midnight Express – Danger zone – Tri-Fire Major Thomas – And you know’ it – Lion’s Dennis Lee & Notables – Sunday afternoon – Jenmark Young Ladies – I’m tired of running around – Stang Willie Wright – Right on for the darkness – Hotel Willie Tee – Teasing you again – Gatur Reggie Garner – That ain’t the way (You make love) – Abc Marriots – Tell it like it is – Abc Barbara Lewis – I remember the feeling – Atlantic Whispers – It only hurts for a little while – Doré Aretha Franklin – Walk on by – Columbia EP Tommy McGee – We ought to be together – MTMG LP Sag War Fare – Girl! You better change – Libra Ernest Baker – Alone again – Blue Soul George Franklin Smallwood & Marshmellow – Lady disco – Smallwood Bernadette Bascom – I don’t wanna lose your love – Solidarity Sunday afternoon: Rotations – We want freedom – Emandolynn Rotations – If I could be like Columbus where would I be – Law-Ton Crystal Clear – You’re so unreal – Polydor Cato – Slice of heaven – Pretty Music Seville – Show me the way – Kayo Denise Chandler – Yes, I’m ready – Lock Metaphors – You have everything (That a man could have) – Rad Expos – Your best friend and me – Stall Krash Band with Evelyn Holder – So I can make this change – Liberated Special Delivery – Don’t deny my love – SPD Conspiracy – Evermore – Ren Cen Forest Terry – Satellite-love – Lost In The Forest Cardell Funk Machine – It’s all over – Puerile Distributing Adventurers – Something bad (Is happening) – Blue Rock Masterminds – Stop telling me lies – Reynolds Trans-National Funk Co. – Brand new day – AMG Majestics – Key to love (Is understanding) – New World FLANNY Friday night; FLOWERS. FOR REAL DECISIONS. REALLY DO LOVE YOU... BOBBY HUTTON. SEE WHATS LEFT OF ME PROPHETS. I DONT LOVE YOU NO MORE JOHNNIE HOYLE. WHAT ABOUT ME OVERTONES. WHAT WOULD I DO REACHERS. I JUST WANT TO DO MY OWN THING MOONLIGHTERS LONELY BABY WEBS. LITTLE GIRL BLUE THE GREY IMPRINT DO YOU GET THE MESSAGE CHANDLERS YOUR LOVE MAKES ME LONELY LOU PRIDE. YOUR LOVE IS FADING LITTLE MELVIN. JEALOUS LOVER TEMPTONES GIRL I LOVE YOU TOKAYS. BABY BABY BABY NOTATIONS. NOW I KNOW SOUL NOTES. DONT MAKE ME BEG MEL WILLIAMS SWEET GIRL OF MINE PURPLE MUNDI. STOP HURTING ME BABY EMULATIONS MOVE A LITTLE SLOWER GIRL MINNIE JONES. SHADOW OF A MEMORY ALEX BROWN. IM NOT RESPONSIBLE DUPREEMES. SO IN LOVE WITH YOU Saturday afternoon sweet and deep SPECTRUM LOVED BY YOU INTERPRETERS BE KIND TO LOVE DETERMINATIONS. O MY SWEET LOVE RIPPLES. ONLY TIME WILL TELL FLAIRS. I WANT YOU STANLEY IVORY. GOTTO FIND MY BABY TOPAZ. IT WASNT A LIE ULTIMATES COMBO WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME JOE VALENTINE I CANT STAND TO SEE YOU GO SOUL IMPRESSIONS. GIRL DONT WORRY WILLIE HOBBS LOVE EM AND LEAVE EM THE TWENTY DOLLAR FRIENDSHIP PEOPLE SAY WERE IN LOVE EMULATIONS STORY OF MY LIFE STAND FREE I REALLY CARE ENCHANTED FIVE YOUR LOVE COMES SLOWER THAN EVER RAMONA KING. ITS YOU THAT I WANT TERRELLS. DONT BELIEVE CHARLES SPURLING IM GLAD ITS YOU SHAREN CLARK. IM NOT AFRAID OF LOVE KOOL BLUES. I WANT TO BE READY ATTRACTIONS. THINK BACK VEL VETS YOU REALLY NEVER KNOW TILL ITS OVER MAXINE WOON Friday afternoon: Smoke Sugar Company - The girl I can't forget Friday Saturday Sunday - There must be something... Timmy Thomas - It's what they can't see Unlimited Four - I wanna be happy Sunny & the Sunliners – Should I take you home Pat Livingston - You bet I would Spice - For old times sake Fourth Creation - I think I would cry Realistics - Baby baby please Felicia Johnson - I can't kiss you tonight Clyde Brooks - Soul Set Ron Kenoly - You're still blowing my mind Calvin Arnold - After the love has gone Betty Gouche - That's life Billy Stewart - To love to love Sahara - The Wind The Exceptionals - Unlucky girl Internationals - Beautiful philosophy Charlie Mitchell - After hours Len Woods - I'm in love Cleveland Martin - I don't want to slip away. KEITH WOON Sunday afternoon: Belita Woods - That’s when I’ll stop loving you - Moira H Andrews - Steppin’ out - Balance Dusty Wilson - It’s going to be a tragedy - Mutt Billy Stewart - How nice it is - Chess... Ronnie West - Lil’ woman - Goins Robert Ruffin - Cruise - Rolny Attractions - Some of your time - Bell Andy Fisher - My heart’s beating stronger - Fat Fish Carmelita - Isn’t it lonely - Carmen Leonard Adair - That smile upon your face - Stage Roosevelt Matthew - You got me diggin’ you - King Sharon Paige - New to you - ABC Fabulous Caprices - My love - Camaro Fuller Brothers - Stranger at my door - Soul Clock Carl Hall - Who’s gonna love me - Columbia Classics - Looking for a love (of my own) - Wide World Margaret Royal - I’ll never go away - Tra-x Just Brothers - Things will be better - Empire Tanika Charles - Endless chain - Record Kicks Cody Black - Mr blue - D-Town Little Mr Lee & Cherokees - I don’t want to go - Sure Shot CARL HEDBERG Saturday night: Gift of Dreams - Feel it (Jam Power LP) Guitar Ray - You're gonna wreck my life (Shagg) Ozzie Torrens - Mia's boogaloo (Decca LP) Lil Major Williams - Girl (you're so sweet) (Williams III) Barbara Lynn - You're losing me (Atlantic) Masqueraders - How (La Beat) Isley Brothers - There's no love left (Tamla) Family of Eve - I want to be loved by you (Jeree) Jimmy Burns - Can't get over (Dispo) Bobby Burn - I'm a dreamer (Chant) Ann Bogus - Don't ask me to love again (Statue) Arthur Foy - Love dreams (MCS) Sisters Love - Give me your love (MoWest) Eddie Campbell - Contagious love (Artco) Soul Communicaters - Those lonely nights (Fee Bee) Barbara Lynn - I don't want a playboy (Tribe) Soul Bros Inc - Pyramid (Golden Eye) Denise LaSalle - Come to bed (Malaco) Seville - Show me the way (Kayo) Thanks for looking, Carl
  13. Look at My Box

    Ha, I just picked up a parcel very similar in size from the post office - serious waste of material...
  14. LP only tracks?

    Clyde McPhatter - One more chance and the Freddy Butler LP on Kapp to mention a couple.

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