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    Soul music collector and sometimes DJ from Stockholm, Sweden. Part of the Family Circle collective and one of the promoters behind the Stockholm Soul Weekender.

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    Willie Tee

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  1. So glad you put this on vinyl, been waiting for ages for someone to do it.
  2. Deliver me, super record. RIP.
  3. The Family Circle welcomes Dave Ripolles to Stockholm for a night of modern, crossover and 60s soul, from the very rare to the just very good. Dave probably needs no introduction to many people on here, simply a top collector and DJ. If you are in town, make sure to come down. Dave will be supported by the Family Circle residents Jens Chreisti, Carl Hedberg and Pete Shirley. Bar Brooklyn, Stockholm, Friday January the 31st from 10 PM to 3 AM.
  4. Ladymidnight

    Stockholm Soul Weekender

    For the 8th year we welcome you to the Stockholm Soul Weekender, 5th-7th of June 2020. As it says on the tin, three days and two nights of rare, not-so-rare and just plain good soul music from the 60s thru the 80s (surely with a few more current bits thrown in). Residents Jens Chreisti, Pete Shirley and Carl Hedberg are joined by the following DJ line-up: Arthur Fenn Soulful Jules Carib Soul Bob Snow Andreas Dienel Jayney Somers Karl Marthon Terry Wright Jordan Wilson Claire Kalvis Jim Edwards Dr Kruger Dave Girdwood Lynne Girdwood Lars Schröder Jez Bishop Henrik Åkerberg Liam Flanders Jan Hjalmarsson Erik Höök Jadd Fredrik Andersson Friday afternoon: 15-20 Friday night: 22-03 Saturday afternoon: 14-20 Saturday night: 22-03 Sunday: 15-22 The whole weekend is free of charge, so just get your flights and accomodation sorted! Any questions, just drop us a line here on SS or on Facebook.
  5. One just gone up on Discogs.
  6. Here is what I played at the Soul Not Dole alldayer yesterday. Had a great time as always - hats off to the SND team for putting on an excellent event. Robert Tanner - Sweet memories (Megatone) Temptations - I want a love I can see (Gordy) Soul Bros Inc - Pyramid (Golden Eye) Precisions - My lover come back (D-Town) Miracles - Whatever makes you happy (Tamla) David Ruffin - Rode by the place (Motown) Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes - Where are all my friends (PIR) Al Scott - What happened to yesterday (Genuine) ZZ Hill - You just cheat and lie (Kent) Jeanie Tracy - Making new friends (Brown Door) Little Reuben - In the name of loneliness (New) Helen Moore - Get away blues (Renfro) Almeta Lattimore - These memories (Mainstream) Bobby Kline - Say something nice to me (MB) Lil Major Williams - Girl you’re so sweet (Williams III) Tyrone Thomas - You’re hardly gone (Polydor) Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose - Too late to turn back now (United Artists) Tavares - Too late (Capitol) Chuck Cockerham - Have I got a right (Mala) Vickie Labat - Got to keep hanging on (Shagg) Robert Montgomery - I need you girl (Crescent) Willie Tee - Teasing you again (Gatur) Johnny Truitt - Just the other day (A-Bet)
  7. Got mine today, sounding brilliant. Keep up the good work.
  8. Posting for a mate who is looking for Act III - Today I Want To Stay Inside on Harley. Please PM if you can assist. Thanks for looking, Carl
  9. Ledgends always goes down well, though I try not to play it too often - save it for the right occasions, you know:) Hope you’re well, Kev.
  10. Yes, Eddie is deep and then some, never fails to grab me.
  11. Here is my contribution to last Sunday’s COTB at the Hanway Social in London. Quite stunning music played all day, well done to all involved. Young Mods - Gloria (Gangland) Precisions - My lover come back (D-Town) Robert Tanner - Sweet memories (Megatone) Ernie Johnson - I can’t stop the pain (Artco) Ledgends - A fool for you (Red Balloon) David Ruffin - I let love slip away (Motown LP) Memphis - Inside my love (West Coast) Ultimates - She went away (TSG LP) Hard Tymes - I ask a question (Ruby) Joe Simon - Georgia blue (Spring) Mel Britt - Love invented misery (Fip) Eddie Parker - But if you must go (Mam Miko) Johnny Truitt - Just the other day (A-Bet) Adam Wade - Everyone is looking for that someone (Warner Bros) Seville - One down and you to go (Kayo) Kenny Gamble - Don’t stop loving me (Arctic) Joanie Sommers - Never throw your dreams away (Columbia) La Dellics - I'll never change my love for you (Mo-Jo)
  12. One of George's best, and that's saying something. Dave: Brilliant to see you both as always, hope to do it all over soon.

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