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    Soul music collector and sometimes DJ from Stockholm, Sweden. Part of the Family Circle collective and one of the promoters behind the Stockholm Soul Weekender.

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  1. If you’re grading correctly/honestly, yes:)
  2. Yes, definitely VG-, though it played ok. Jason is a very conservative grader in my experience, and I would say that his VG is generally equal to or better than most UK dealers’ EX. I’m certainly not saying all UK sellers are like that, but many of the established ones are, as far as I’m concerned.
  3. Also, most major UK dealers (not all!) are quite sloppy with their grading. For example, a M- could look like this:
  4. Their VG is easily as good as most major UK dealers’ EX grade. I guess that strict grading explains some high prices achieved for VG or less records.
  5. Yes, of course. But in my experience most people, myself included, would never be interested in a G+ copy at all, that’s why I deemed it a less than perfect comparison.
  6. I totally agree the price JM got is insane, but a G+ copy is hardly a relevant comparison, wouldn’t you agree?
  7. Loved reading the book, more of these stories please Gilly. /Carl
  8. Saxie Russell finishes next week, so not a bargain quite yet:)
  9. You’re not wrong, I’m afraid:(
  10. Not just you, I feel like that even when it comes to weekenders, but that may well be just me:)
  11. We're not quite past covid yet, but here's an hour's worth of records that might be in the box when the time comes. Very danceable this time, a mix of 60s and 70s stuff with a couple of beat ballads near closing time - some well-known, others less so. www.mixcloud.com/CarlHedberg/sleepless-nights/ Tracklist: Magicians - Love, let’s try it again (Villa) Bernie Moore - I wanna be loved to death (Burdett) Freddie Butler - Save your love for me (Wheelsville) Magnetics - When I’m with my baby (Sable) Eddie Billups - Ask my heart (Peachtree) Minnie Jones - You get to me (Sug
  12. Looking for a nice copy of Judy Clay - Haven’t got what it takes on Scepter. Please PM if you can help. Best regards, Carl
  13. Seriously... If you think the Japanese buyers (or a lot of the buyers in mainland Europe) are less hip to today’s prices/marketplace than your average UK buyer, maybe it’s time to think again. Edit: Not saying the Bottom & Co price (or a fair few other JM auction finishing prices) is anything other than insane. Who knows who buys these items at these prices?:)

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