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    Soul music collector and sometimes DJ from Stockholm, Sweden. Part of the Family Circle collective and one of the promoters behind the Stockholm Soul Weekender.

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  1. Looking for a nice copy of Judy Clay - Haven’t got what it takes on Scepter. Please PM if you can help. Best regards, Carl
  2. Seriously... If you think the Japanese buyers (or a lot of the buyers in mainland Europe) are less hip to today’s prices/marketplace than your average UK buyer, maybe it’s time to think again. Edit: Not saying the Bottom & Co price (or a fair few other JM auction finishing prices) is anything other than insane. Who knows who buys these items at these prices?:)
  3. The record should be graded separately, as should the pic sleeve (if there is one). Any issues with the labels (writing, tears etc) must be mentioned, or photos supplied. Any cutouts should of course be mentioned as well. It’s quite simple: If you see it, let the buyer know it.
  4. Kev, Are you talking about the Individuals LP? If so, Sorry Sorry is another killer. /Carl
  5. Arabians and Falcons are both regularly available for 400 tops. Again, both are superb doublesiders, but not very hard to purchase for a LOT less.
  6. Thanks for posting. That price for The Falcons must be one of the biggest auction-related WTF’s for a long time. Two brilliant sides, but still.
  7. Yes, and on an Expansion 12”, and on Outta Sight 7”, so I’m not sure what that ”never been reissued” bit was about.
  8. Dead right Kev. "Loser" is the side I bought it for, only to be pleasantly suprised when I flipped it.
  9. Thanks Steve, was a great day. Anyone’s guess when the next time might be with current sharpened restrictions.
  10. One of my favourite doublesiders ever, and not common by any means, but that price is pushing it to say the least.
  11. Until recently, and of course with certain restrictions, we have been able to keep on doing small bar nights in Stockholm. Perhaps some of you who, like me, are not on Facebook can get some amusement out of seeing what was played at our alldayer on Saturday Oct 31st, if nothing else as a reminder of what used to be normality. Pete and myself from the Family Circle were joined by guests Jan Hjalmarsson and Fredrik Andersson. 17.00-17.45, CARL HEDBERG: Mark Johnson - Daydream (Izipho Soul) Darrow Fletcher - Rising cost of love (Atlantic) Lee Hurst - Whole lotta your love (A&a

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