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  1. Arthur did you find a copy when with Sam, but it was his day for first pick? Or was that something else
  2. I know who you are now buddy, didn't realise you were on here. See you soon
  3. The only one that comes to mind is "When love comes calling" but dont think it sounds like another Star
  4. only been going since the Christmas night, but am really enjoying my local soul night. A little bit of modern (80's) also getting played which is right up my street. Well done daryl,Steve and everyone else involved.
  5. He was a great bloke only lived around corner from me will be missed. Deepest condolensces to his family
  6. Ivor, the lee Fields original has a paste over rear sleeve with the tracks on and the Reissue doesn't. Hope yor well Rick (Hull)
  7. Nev, Arthur had 3 copies at the beginning of year i paid i think £500, he got considerably more in swaps not sure if it wasn't Sam for another and kept one for himself. I got a call off a friend over weekend to say there were 2 copies on the bay for about $300 b.i.n. didn't check myself but no reason to doubt him. Spoke to Arthur about it coincidentally this morning, he said one had gone to Canada recently for $1000 he still thinks it's a pretty hard record. Oh, apart from Arthur not heard anyone else play it out, but don't get out as much as i did. Rick
  8. Mark, just had a quick look on the net, it's say the full run was heavily distorted so was withdrawn for that reason. That was one of about 4 or 5 tracks on that label.

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