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  1. They both have other jobs, took this on a few months ago with no prior experience in this type of work, debts everywhere , have been struggling to pay wages , rent etc, this crisis is the perfect get out for them , blame it all on corvid-19.
  2. A local cafe where my niece works shutdown as instructed, all the food they had, bacon ,sausage etc,plus various cheeses and other perishables such as homemade cakes, and not just a few, rather than let the staff take it home or as one employee offered to box some up and give to the needy,free of charge, the inconsiderate idiots binned the lot. She also finds herself in the position of having to sign on because they won't opt for the government 80% wage offer.
  3. I've spoken to the owner of the club regarding this event, although it's not looking promising at the moment ,the date is still available to us, however I would advise anyone that's booked a hotel/bnb room , to get a refund , cancel bookings to avoid any penalty payment, the reason for not completely pulling the plug at this stage is, I'm trying to be optimistic but also have to be realistic, clubs like this that rely on social functions like ours will go out of business altogether, so I'm hanging on as long as possible.
  4. There are around 50 events on this Saturday including a weekender, out of which 3 have been cancelled. At the end of the day people will make their own choices as to go out or stay in, and anyone that's feeling unwell I'm pretty sure will stay at home. If anyone does suffer with poor health [ and I know plenty of us do] then again I'm sure they will stay home, so the events that are on will be affected one way or another , but lets face it , we will probably see more people in the supermarket than in a club.
  5. Listening to the BBC ,you'd think it only a matter of time before barrows are being pushed around and shouts of, bring out your dead, are heard up and down the land.
  6. Paddy Ferry

    Market Rasen All Dayer

    Some BnB's have stayed at the Advocate and it's very good.
  7. One showing on Discogs, £59.95. Tad expensive imho.
  8. Early saver rate at the Travelodge £42,
  9. Gainsborough Soul & Motown @ the Weston Rooms. Guest Dj Neil J Eastwood. Only £3 otd 7pm til late.
  10. Gainsborough Soul & Motown @ the Weston Rooms. Guest Dj tbc, only £3 otd. Large free well lit car park opposite.
  11. Early saver rate at the Travelodge £42, 5 minute walk to venue.
  12. Gainsborough Soul & Motown @ the Weston Rooms. Guest Dj Stu Morton, 7pm til 12'15.
  13. Years ago round our way the local borstal always had lads out working cleaning and clearing hedgerows and dykes, they did a good job, today more than ever these waterways need to be kept clear,but I can't see it happening.
  14. Paddy Ferry

    Market Rasen Soul Club

    This is getting close to selling out, get in touch if you need tickets,cheers.

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