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  1. Hey Dave, thanks for that , had a listen today, to the whole album, potent love is indeed a great track, as is the whole album, gonna have to get one now, think I might have got the last 45 your mate bob was selling so played both versions back to back, leroys vocals just edge it for me , more smooth and polished but still enjoy the other one non the less, would imagine it sounds great on a big system, thanks again......ohil
  2. Hi , can someone tell me what the album is called with the Leroy Hutson version on lead vocals. regards phil
  3. Been to see ‘0ne man two guvnors’ twice, once with James cordon, next time was the touring version, both shows fantastic and so funny. dreamgirls in the west end was also great beautiful- the story of Carole king was great if you like her stuff, so surprised at the amount of famous songs she wrote. Motown, thought was poor, but my wife thought it was great, might just have been the production we saw though . ART at the lowery theatre last year was just so funny, all about, well , a piece of art also went to see hamlet there 2 months before, fell asleep , not for me. fully recommend ART though phil
  4. It’s your money, you do what you want with it, you don’t need permission of anybody
  5. Nice one Richard, thanks for that, we’ve been quoted 636 Euro inc vat, 140gm vinyl with picture sleeve from company in france, does make sense to get more, I’ll check out breed media when home from work, thanks for the reply... phil
  6. Hi all, been doing a bit of research about getting a short run(100) of 45’s pressed for my sons band new Single released in November, seems to be quite a few offerings on the net all in similar price range, but just wondering if anybody can recommend a good reputable company to use as we’ve never done this before. regards phil
  7. That’s the one, thanks for the info
  8. Sure there was a David Ruffin cd a few years back, maybe Japanese , of unreleased tracks, remember it going for silly money, can’t think of the title though
  9. Watched it late Friday night, utterly amazing,Lisa Fischer has to be one of the greatest female vocalist of all time, a really fitting tribute to Nina Simone.
  10. I got a record from France today, in a fookin Jiffy bag with a bit of card sellotaped to the sleeve, it actually shocked me cos this guy had 100 % feedback with a score of over 4000, I was shocked it wasn’t snapped , anyway I’ve always used soundwholesale, competitive price and great service
  11. Hi , if it’s a photo from WC, then WIGAN observer have an archive section of photos from casino
  12. All sorted, thank you to everyone who pm’d me regards Phil
  13. After a copy of I WANT TO GIVE YOU MY EVERYTHING/ SWEET HAPPINESS for a mate, pm with details if you have one to sell cheers Phil
  14. Yes I watched it last night, with my wife, I new he was in a wheelchair but didn’t know the circumstances and he was only 32, jeez, right in his prime, think they could have delved a bit deeper into the murder of his manager which could have been interesting, he definitely lead a Full on life and his story would be a great biopic film, I loved his earlier stuff musically but I thought some of his stage performances were a bit cheesy , but my mrs thought he was gorgeous and sexy, mmmm wonder why.

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