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  1. All sorted, thank you to everyone who pm’d me regards Phil
  2. After a copy of I WANT TO GIVE YOU MY EVERYTHING/ SWEET HAPPINESS for a mate, pm with details if you have one to sell cheers Phil
  3. Yes I watched it last night, with my wife, I new he was in a wheelchair but didn’t know the circumstances and he was only 32, jeez, right in his prime, think they could have delved a bit deeper into the murder of his manager which could have been interesting, he definitely lead a Full on life and his story would be a great biopic film, I loved his earlier stuff musically but I thought some of his stage performances were a bit cheesy , but my mrs thought he was gorgeous and sexy, mmmm wonder why.
  4. I stand corrected
  5. The George Blackwell on smoke, I had 6 about 5 years ago , all boots and they all sold between 18 and 25 gbp, all blue copies there is a yellow one, not sure if value , presume same, think the original is purply/brown (stand corrected though) and go for big bucks, fantastic record
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  6. PM sent
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  7. Great mix man
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  8. Great mix mate, loved every single track, saved me from watching “dancing on ice” ....Phil
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  9. Saw the SOUL TOGETHERNESS 2000 in sales earlier and was gonna buy it when I had time in work, anyway went to buy it and it had been sold, so if any good soul has a copy of this fine comp, please Pm me, more than willing to pay what it went for regards phil
  10. Either, route is ok if in good nick, buying for a friend who isn’t fussed about reissues
  11. After a nice clean copy of this 45 if anybody has one, cash waiting, pm with details.. cheers , phil
  12. I sold most of my records as a job lot about 2 months ago, I got about 50% of value, I don’t need the cash but they were just sat there collecting dust, I only collect LP’s so at the time it was a no brainer , but as soon as they went, I went into a state of mourning, I actually had a feeling of loss, it was terrible, but now I’ve got over it and a mint copy of skull snaps sits proudly on my shelf and a few more beauties are in there way and a few quid in the bank.... Phil
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  13. According to the listing on eBay , his is only known copy, now JM auctioning one, so that’s 2, or its same record, either way it’s nothing special , it’s just ok imo
  14. Here’s one for you, Edee- make it last
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  15. After nice clean copy, issue or demo, cash waiting, please pm with price condition etc regards phil

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