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    lee bracket-ruby
  1. garswood

    Put a smile on time - Medium Rare Soul Warmers

    Great mix mate, loved every single track, saved me from watching “dancing on ice” ....Phil
  2. garswood


    Saw the SOUL TOGETHERNESS 2000 in sales earlier and was gonna buy it when I had time in work, anyway went to buy it and it had been sold, so if any good soul has a copy of this fine comp, please Pm me, more than willing to pay what it went for regards phil
  3. garswood


    Either, route is ok if in good nick, buying for a friend who isn’t fussed about reissues
  4. garswood


    After a nice clean copy of this 45 if anybody has one, cash waiting, pm with details.. cheers , phil
  5. garswood

    Selling Again

    I sold most of my records as a job lot about 2 months ago, I got about 50% of value, I don’t need the cash but they were just sat there collecting dust, I only collect LP’s so at the time it was a no brainer , but as soon as they went, I went into a state of mourning, I actually had a feeling of loss, it was terrible, but now I’ve got over it and a mint copy of skull snaps sits proudly on my shelf and a few more beauties are in there way and a few quid in the bank.... Phil
  6. garswood

    Sebastian - info please

    According to the listing on eBay , his is only known copy, now JM auctioning one, so that’s 2, or its same record, either way it’s nothing special , it’s just ok imo
  7. garswood

    Favorite two-step tracks/artists?

    Here’s one for you, Edee- make it last
  8. garswood

    CM LORD...oh mama

    After nice clean copy, issue or demo, cash waiting, please pm with price condition etc regards phil
  9. garswood

    ENCHANTMENTS, manship auction

    He removes from list as soon as they are paid for, hope this explains
  10. garswood

    Jennifer Hudson - spotlight

    Anybody got the 12” with remixes, i bought one off discogs but they’ve cancelled the order and refunded me so money waiting. Pm with details phil
  11. garswood

    Wedding receptions 21st C.

    Me and my Mrs got married 1992 at the thistle hotel in haydock, most of my mates were into garage, myself and my Best mate Janice Thorpe (rip) from Leigh were the only real soulies but we had Barry May djing for us so it was just like downstairs at Bradford queens hall, it was a crazy crazy night, most of the oldies left by 10 so it was just me and my wife and all our mates, I think Barry must have dj d for about 6 hours solid, I don't now how he did it..........well I do...lol
  12. A chance to purchase this most stunning LP on Japanese P- vine, complete with obi strip and lyric sheet, the vinyl is in pristine condition with not a blemish, no pops or crackles, every track is crossover, sweet soul heaven, it is regarded as the best and rarest in this soul series from 1988. I can't find any for sale on the web. artists include ,brief encounter,Allison, imperial wonders and continental showstoppers ,. unfortunatley I can't convert a sound file off my record player but there are plenty of examples of the tracks on YouTube. price £150 inc postage condition mint minus any questions just pm me,
  13. In lovely m- condition, has "factory sample, NOT FOR SALE" sticker on label. £90 inc postage pm for details phil


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