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  1. Not a clue, obviously thinking of something/ someone else, might have got it from someone in Carlisle, pretty sure PB is a thread on here, gonna have a mooch
  2. I’ve got the George Blackwell boot with PB on it, sure someone one told me they were done by someone from Carlisle
  3. Surprised gangster boy didn’t sell for more, thought it was gonna be 1200 at least, great record, Satan’s breed an average record with a terrible flip side, 3 k overpriced and a case of rarity over quality
  4. Great thread and some cracking tunes that I’ve really enjoyed listening to, here’s my contribution, from Italy, black box- fall into my love
  5. Can somebody tell me the title of track playing in this vid, I know it, just can’t remember...philPhil
  6. Same guy dancing here from about 10 years a go. Really cool moves here.. enjoy
  7. eBay member 21stcenturyobjects offers this service, can’t vouch for the service but 100% feedback, £7 per record
  8. Certainly my cup of tea, any more info please, not been able to find any
  9. True image - if ever there was a case of rarity over quality, then this has to be it, whoever paid over 2k for this needs there heads testing, it’s a nice soul tune at best but not worth the price tag... imo I’m shocked to be honest...Phil
  10. Hey Dave, thanks for that , had a listen today, to the whole album, potent love is indeed a great track, as is the whole album, gonna have to get one now, think I might have got the last 45 your mate bob was selling so played both versions back to back, leroys vocals just edge it for me , more smooth and polished but still enjoy the other one non the less, would imagine it sounds great on a big system, thanks again......ohil

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