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  1. In lovely m- condition, has "factory sample, NOT FOR SALE" sticker on label. £90 inc postage pm for details phil
  2. It was co -written with paul weller, released on RSD, I like it, reminds me of Paul Weller of years ago
  3. Sounds great, definitely going to get this, every track on side four is fantastic
  4. garswood

    Desert Island Stevie Wonder Song

    WOW, love this
  5. garswood

    Desert Island Stevie Wonder Song

    Remember Colin Curtis doing a mix of this little ditty a few years back at modern soul night in Leyland , completely blew my head of, think it went on for about 12 minutes, anyways this gets my vote, interesting thread btw, neither really delved into stevie wonder catalogue so will be interesting to see what comes up...phil
  6. Had to throw this one in the mix as well, perfect lyrics for this topic.
  7. garswood

    Fame recordings - suggestions welcome

    There was a show on radio 2 last night, not sure of DJ , about 7:30 ish, about Rick hall, owner of fame, played some great tracks, mainly R&b, and blues, sure you could get it on I player... phil
  8. garswood

    Help wanted - few tracks to identify

    Flip side to ain’t gonna run no more, great tune
  9. Was listening to this last night, so seems quite apt
  10. garswood


    Or could be your WiFi router in bad position or needs updating, I had similar problem with podcasts, watching bbc I player and Netflix... phil
  11. Me thinks Barry may put some on YouTube , not sure if still there though, I’ve plenty of photos but no video unfortunately... phil
  12. This is the one for me, I play it at least once a week & it gets me every time And the flips not bad either
  13. garswood

    soul food

    Booker t and the mg's- green onions marvin Gaye and tammie terrell- the onion song seems to be an onion theme going on I know
  14. garswood

    Channel 4 -- 20 Feet From Stardom

    Yes, sure it is, sang with Luther vandross, Rolling Stones , sting, won a Grammy, then just stepped back from it all ,

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