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  1. Thanks mate, I only just seen your reply, got sorted this morning atb phil
  2. Please pm with price and condition regards phil
  3. Must listen to this at least once a day, just love it
  4. I watched when it came out , about 2 years ago, really good film
  5. Probs one of the first northern soul records I ever heard, takes me right back to cantilever youth club in Stockton Heath
  6. The guy can’t sing, he’s out of key, 2nd half of the song he’s out of time, terrible lyrics, amateurish musicians, it’s a catchy tune at best, I read JM’s listing in amazement that someone with his reputation could big up a tune that’s so bad, definitely rarity over quality, that’s my opinion for what it’s worth, and I do like marmite
  7. Always happens to me if I click on a saved sellers email alert but if I go direct to them off the app, never happens, this been like this for years, even when I’ve changed my phone so I know it’s not the operating system, just an eBay anomaly I guess
  8. Fab tune, just my cup of tea, ordered Sunday, arrived today, great service Dave phil
  9. Jeez, that didn’t take long to sell out on bandcamp, well done, would have loved one
  10. Went to a few of the Ritz Revival all dayers in the early 80,s, usually the Sunday before a bank holiday Monday and somewhere in my loft I’ve some photos and a couple of C90 tapes that friend of mine (Janice Thorpe from Leigh) did from the balcony. From what I remember lots of jazz funk and whistles, remember hearing king tutt- you got me hung up, for the first time there.
  11. Little Stanley .........tune
  12. Not a clue, obviously thinking of something/ someone else, might have got it from someone in Carlisle, pretty sure PB is a thread on here, gonna have a mooch
  13. I’ve got the George Blackwell boot with PB on it, sure someone one told me they were done by someone from Carlisle
  14. Surprised gangster boy didn’t sell for more, thought it was gonna be 1200 at least, great record, Satan’s breed an average record with a terrible flip side, 3 k overpriced and a case of rarity over quality

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