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  1. Looking forward to it Len...I am never bored if your not present!!...ha ha
  2. Back to basics! Northern Soul Night at The Soul Junction Stanwick
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    Important news!! Any tickets purchased on-line from Tuesday 7th February on. Will not be posted but kept on the door for customers to collect on the day. Tickets can be purchased right up to and during the event (subject to availability) at
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    Here is the DJ line up for Friday night! still available online at
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    DJ line up & times for the main room Saturday: 2pm to 7.30pm all DJ's available free-styling! 7.30pm to 8.15pm Andy Horne 8.15pm to 9.00pm Brian Bates 9.00pm to 9.45pm Jem Brittin 9.45pm to 10.30pm Dave Vanner 10.30pm to 11.30pm Al Leighton 11.30pm to 1am Hammie & Geoff 1am to finish tbc. tickets still available! visit
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    Tickets for The Weekender are selling quickly now, don't leave it too late! Purchase online at
  7. Have to politely disagree with a lot of that, music is music! Beats, rhythms, chord structures etc. haven't really changed much in 60 years! The way it is presented may have with the advent of electronica. Listen to any stuff recorded by current artists like Ed Sheeran (not that many people on here will going by some of the replies) and nothing much has changed at all...whether people think he is a 'ginger prick' or not is irrelevant he sells millions to people all over the world...I quite like some of his stuff
  8. Sorry if this is confusing it's not meant to be. I am just asking people to think 'out of the box' for a moment! Ok for instance... George Gershwin wrote 'Summertime' in 1933 it was actually for a play called Porgy & Bess. However it went on to be covered by countless artists over the years and still is today even 'Billy Stewart' did a 'pepped up version' in the 60s, point being it is classed as an 'iconic' song now..Whether people like it or not is irrelevant..I am not asking for opinions on that. Let's take the example I opened with 'Linda Jones - I Just Can't Live My Life' When George Kerr penned it, do people honestly think he wrote it with us in mind? A bunch of a few thousand people predominately in the UK that might share a few hundred second hand copies of it around, with other like minded people at some point hopefully? Answer most definitely is NO! Like all songwriters he was hoping for great things for it, whether Linda Jones or anyone else for that matter recorded it. In my opinion this song had the qualities to do what the authors, performers and record publishers (Warner Brothers) hoped for.. major success. I don't know why it didn't achieve it and I am sure they were all disappointed as well. So let's reset the thread and ask if you have any similar nominee's ? forget who may have recorded it then or now or whether you personally like it, that is irrelevant..I personally don't like 'Hey Jude' by the Beatles but it doesn't detract from the fact that it is an iconic tune
  9. Not sure whether this has been done before or in this way? I know most of us view the records from a totally different perspective as they fall into our Northern Soul world. However most of the records that were cut by artists were an attempt to gain chart or commercial success, they certainly would never have envisaged them being classed in the future as a Northern Soul record. We often say about some records "can't understand why this never got anywhere" and whilst it is true some of that was down to poor promotion or not getting picked up on radio for airplay. It is also true that some were probably deemed as not very good! We embrace them all and have formed our own opinions. As we are now all older (well most off us) and obviously music lovers: I thought it would be interesting to take an objective and honest view. Some records are classed as iconic by artists like The Beatles for instance, not my cup of tea but I can appreciate why, great arrangements lyrics etc. My question is: given better exposure what records that we class as Northern Soul would you nominate to have gone on to gain wider acclaim or respect and why? I will start the ball rolling: Linda Jones 'I just can't live my life' fantastic musical arrangement, haunting vocals superb lyrics. If Adele was to slow it down to a ballad today and release it. I bet it would sell! over to you!
  10. Welcome to Northern Soul Special! featuring Len Dopson & guests!
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    Wow where do we begin! Just got back from our first Weekender at The Soul Junction. Simply amazed with the amount of people that attended and supported the event! literally 'packed to the rafters' (as the venue does have rafters) Jo & Alec The owners of The Hotel were in attendance on Saturday and as a result are very keen for us to do it again, so we will be working on dates for the next one soon! Thanks to all the staff at Stanwick Hotel, all that helped behind the scenes, all the DJs fantastic sets! And the biggest thanks to all those that chose to buy a ticket and share the Weekend with us! Big Love ...I am so tired now lol! ktf Jem
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    Would just like to say thank you so much to everyone that turned up to the Friday warm up night for the Weekender, we were overwhelmed with the amount of people that were there. Thanks to Ted Massey Geoff, Hammie, Al Leighton for blinding DJ spots!. We kick off today at 2pm It's looking pretty busy. However we have made provision for some tickets to be available on the door but best to call/ text first on 07905 028 003, see you later Jem Brittin
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    Here are the door & DJ times for Friday night & Saturday, main room (Northern Soul) Please note DJ times maybe subject to slight changes on all days Friday 18th March main room only (Northern Soul) 8 pm to 2 am 8.00 – 8.45 Steve Scotney 8.45 – 9.30 Len Dopson 9.30 – 10.15 Geoff Ware 10.15 – 11.00 Hammie 11.00 – 12.00 Ted Massey 12.00 – 12.45 Al Leighton 12.45 To end Jem Brittin Saturday 19th March 2 pm to 2 am 2.00 – 3.00 Jem Brittin 3.00 – 3.45 Len Dopson 3.45 – 4.45 Lou/ Woody 4.45 – 5.30 Baz Bond 5.30 – 6.15 Andy Horne 6.15 – 7.00 Brian Bates 7.00 – 7.45 Dave Welding 7.45 – 8.30 Lou (Mrs. Soul) 8.30 – 9.15 Marco 9.15 – 10.00 Woody 10.00 – 10.45 Jem Brittin 10.45 – 11.30 Dave Vanner 11.30 – 12.15 Al Leighton 12.15 – 1.00 Len Dopson 1.00 To finish Nick ‘Topsy’ Turvey & Jem Sunday times & DJ’s TBA shortly All the best Jem
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    Hi tickets are selling well but not to worry if you haven’t got yours yet! We have managed to get extra ones allocated! You can purchase right up until the event visit to purchase quickly and easily online, please note tickets purchased after 11th March will be retained and can be picked up on reception. There will also be some allocated for general sale on all three days but best to contact us before you travel by contacting us either by phone 07905 028003 or visit the Facebook event page ktf Jem
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    Ha ha all fine and Dandy Dopson but stop nicking my records! I had this long before you......glad you enjoyed it mate
  16. Jem Britttin


    We would just like to say thank you! to all that came to Soul in the Attic on Saturday 27th February 'a sell out capacity crowd' Beve & Julia closed the door early so apologies to any that couldn't get in later, always best to reserve in advance if you can. A great mix of 'Real' Northern Soul from right across the era's from Len Dopson's 'Embankment' days to some forgotten oldies from Brian Bates with plenty of tried and trusted 'classics' inbetween thanks Andy Horne, Dave Vanner, Steve Scotney & Julia Hill for all your efforts it's much appreciated. Let's share the love again! in April. if you can't wait that long then don't forget to join us at The Welcome Inn this coming Saturday 5th March for Welcome to Northern Soul ktf Jem Brittin
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    Just a reminder as we have been asked Friday night is one room only! that is the main room featuring Northern Soul, Ted Massey will be heading the DJ line up in this room. A full DJ line up and timings for all days will be posted up this coming week. Tickets selling well! Some rooms and tickets for all days still available which can be brought online visit
  18. Jem Britttin


    Few people have asked the question. The venue has a fantastic 'sprung' wooden dance floor, you shouldn't need much talc but your more than welcome to bring some if you wish... atb Jem
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    Just to let people know if your attending our 'Soul in the Attic' Night Saturday 27th February that tickets for our Soul Junction Weekender will be on sale there.
  20. Jem Britttin


    Just let people know, if your attending 'Soul in the Attic' this Saturday that tickets for our forthcoming 'Soul Junction Weekender' 18th 19th 20th March will be available to buy on the night.
  21. Fantastic dancefloor!
  22. Welcome to to the second installment of Rushden's newest Northern Soul night! The first one earlier this year was a packer! fantastic fully refurbished venue, with lovely new talc friendly dance floor! Classic Floor Packing Northern Soul! FREE ENTRY! CHEAP DRINKS!
  23. Well done Len and good choice Soul Source! Len always been a constant on Soul Source and the scene in general, with enough time served experience in all areas of it, so I am sure he will share his wisdom, charm, sense of humor and objectiveness with us all .....just a shame he has crap taste in music (banter). There you go mate there's your first bit of moderating to do lol
  24. until

    Just to let people know, here are the day door times: Friday Night only: 8 pm to 2 am (please note Friday is the one main room only with Northern Soul & Crossover played on the night) Saturday All Day: 2 pm to 2 am with both rooms open! Sunday All Day: 12 midday to 12 midnight: with both rooms open! And don't forget you can purchase tickets online visit details of prices are on the event poster on this page and the Groove On link once you click through
  25. Russ some interesting points but would have to take issue with the amount of young people these days 'doing it our way' For me i am thinking 10 - 20 years ahead maybe. Not respecting or giving any credence to the download issue is simply like trying to stop the tide coming in. I think we should at least address it and help pass on the music and ethos that suits a future generation. I agree little point in trying to start a download only event now it wouldn't matter! However i would add that a lot Nights held up and down the country feature mainly well known classics, played on original and bootleg format. I think this is actually helping to support a bootleg industry, just look on ebay. Northern Soul classics on original vinyl are also going through the roof as DJs are stumbling over their self or staying up all night to buy, just to play out at similar local events. Most of these songs are available on legal downloads through i tunes and similar, they are good quality and cost around 80 pence with a percentage of that technically going to artists through publishing companies. I dare bet that many that attend these nights really are just interested in hearing familiar oldies which is cool, so this would be a good opportunity to introduce legal downloads. The trade off being: it might regulate bootleggers and keep the price of classic originals sensible. Is there really anything to prove or a good reason that classics which have been heard a thousand times before be played on any form of vinyl today at these style of events? I do think these nights will also come to a natural end as our generation get older. Reference trying to preserve a scene where the music is more 'cutting edge' if you like. Of course this will always be lead by vinyl and there should and always be a strong element of it. However there is also a lot of this stuff available on legal download as well. I wouldn't see a scene like this involving one format over the other. It would be very simple to cater for playing of both formats with both complimenting each other, in fact you could argue it might make people try harder to find previously unheard stuff on vinyl. But by catering for both it doesn't then put of younger people who are finding the music via other means and among these I am sure there would be some very imaginative DJs for the future who will do it their way! atb Jem

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