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  1. billywhizz

    Pages Heartaches & ZZ & Co Getdown.

    sold mind as a boot , 5 years ago ,25 on e/bay , went for just over 300 , to buyer in japan ,to find out it was ovo / still happy lol
  2. billywhizz

    Bessie Banks

    Thanks all sorted ,
  3. billywhizz

    maurice and radiants ,

    baby you got it , w/d dj copy got drill hole plays excl 110 inc post oops on chess
  4. pay there next day ,spot on , and in mint , many Thanks Rascal / billy 

  5. billywhizz

    Bessie Banks

    so happy , and in mint ,thanks rascal
  6. billywhizz

    Bessie Banks

    i can/t make it , pm please ,
  7. billywhizz

    Barbara West

    congratulations Baby ,on RONN records v v g c, 75 INC POST ,
  8. billywhizz

    sandy william

    pushing good thing to far , any con ,long its play well , pm please billy
  9. billywhizz

    Skegness Rare and Underplayed

    you miss a really good night,just up your street Geoff , 5 star all the way , left very happy
  10. billywhizz

    R I P Lee Vowles

    just saw this on F/B lee past away last night ,so sad , what a lovely guy ,you will be miss ,R I P Lee x
  11. billywhizz

    Radiants baby you got it

    got one w/d dj copy plays well , drill hole very clean good not sure whats asking price ,
  12. billywhizz

    Clifford Curry - Ain't No Danger

    ok sir
  13. billywhizz

    Clifford Curry - Ain't No Danger

    got demo some where ,will look , billy
  14. billywhizz

    Earl grant

    hide nor hair ,Decca issue, drill hole , ex con , 200 ono thanks 4 looking
  15. billywhizz

    Eddie Holman i Surrender


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