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    margert little" love finds a way" d.c .magnatones " does she love me "
  1. speedlimit

    New Century Soul Club Manchester All-Nighter

    I'm sure shifty will do a superb set with or without the mello souls
  2. speedlimit

    New Century Soul Club Manchester All-Nighter

    Didn't shifty sell his mello souls to Kenny burrell who then sold it to mickH ??
  3. speedlimit

    Barney Duke Bonnie Browner

    Hi gilly also remember you telling me the magnetics story then seeing them perform it live at Prestatyn brought the hairs on my neck up spine tingling moment for us all I even got them to autograph my black and white photo which has pride of place in the record room .then speaking with them on Prestatyn see front on the Sunday morning .I'll definitely have a copy of your book mate Regards Steve
  4. speedlimit

    *SOLD OUT* Dab of Soul @ The Seaside Llandudno Weekender


    Well two days and counting looking forward to a great weekend of quality tunes with friends old and new from East coast to west coast 4 1/2 hour's can't wait See you all Friday Steve
  5. speedlimit

    Masters on Crimson - real test press or boot

    Not sure tony I've had three copies of LNS over the years can't remember who had any of them must be a age thing . Do remember it having cue burn though so it may have got to you via who I sold it to. When I got it of keb it was my top want did the deal on stage at Stafford traded cairos which both keb & guy wanted
  6. speedlimit

    Masters on Crimson - real test press or boot

    Love stuff like this my guilty pleasure a bit of doo wop on a Sunday morning
  7. speedlimit

    Masters on Crimson - real test press or boot

    Think he let one go then brought it again at a later date
  8. speedlimit

    Masters on Crimson - real test press or boot

    Hi Rich I sold him my copy around 85 also sold him Sebastian Williams too much on sounds of soul covered as Lester Tipton think I had masters covered as Lee Andrews at the time. The week before he had the cairos off me. Good old days of record dealing I did get little nicky sole out of him lol .Have to catch up sometime .you still in Notts?
  9. speedlimit

    Masters on Crimson - real test press or boot

    Is this rich Broughton if so you sold your masters to me not keb I sold it keb at rock City
  10. speedlimit

    Johnny Caswell

    It was also the cover up name for harry nilsson you can take your love on tower in the 80's if Johnny can well was covered up I'd hazard at a guess at len Barry seeming as b side to you don't want me anymore is i. O.U which was also recorded by len
  11. speedlimit

    Masters on Crimson - real test press or boot

    Looks legit to me had three copies of this superb tune over the years two great sides what does the print say on right side under crimson music? ?
  12. speedlimit

    News: Ace Records - The November 2018 Line Up

    Kae Williams is the dog's do da's monster sound over the last 10 + years or so proper 60's soul
  13. speedlimit

    Jay D Martin Winning Bid: £1,337.00 !!!!!!

    Pathetic more money than sense .you can pick up a handful of quality tunes for that amount it's a piece of plastic for gods sake
  14. speedlimit

    northern soul - the current state...?

    One of my all time favourite oldies Pete you never hear it out probably cause it's not worth a kings ransom was great to see you at skeggy mate at Steve
  15. speedlimit

    Knee injury from dancing

    Think its a soul thing I know lots of people on the scene whom suffer joint related problems mainly knees and hips I've had one hip replaced 8 years ago best thing I ever had done. Now waiting to have the other done .also had knees scrapped.i guess like anything. If it's excessive it's bad for you .40 years of dancing week in week out takes its toll


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