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    margert little" love finds a way" d.c .magnatones " does she love me "

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  1. speedlimit


    Ok soul folk 3 weeks to go till the next caliante cant wait for yet another top night of quality soul from rare 60, s underplayed tunes crossover. Modern. Touch of r&b and some choice oldies too always great friendly crowd. With a fantastic atmosphere .so if your looking for something different come join us at East Anglias premiere soul nite .free admission as well:-):-) see you there Steve
  2. speedlimit


    looking forward to tomorrow night great guests always a superb night and there will be cake , Carl get well mate see you soon. see you all tomorrow
  3. speedlimit

    Its a 70s Soul Thang

    Always a great night of quality 70 soul and I'm sure a contingent of the caliante crew will be there to support Steve Jay See you there
  4. Get the album on South bay awesome tracks on it
  5. speedlimit


    See you tomorrow guys looking forward to a top week end of quality sounds and great company :-):-)
  6. speedlimit

    Poll: Version Battle - Not My Girl

    Johnny Hampton all the way remember Sam first playing this along with delites and debonair es. In late 77-78 He hammered it for months one of the true great detroit sides
  7. speedlimit


    Just over three weeks to the next instalment of the ever popular Caliante always top tunes across the board on nice ovo. Great atmosphere and a truly appreciative crowd and it's double birthday celebrations with Russ and myself supplying the cake lol. See you all there with maybe a few new faces from up north :-):-):-) Steve
  8. speedlimit


    This will be our second visit to s.n.d. The last one was awesome great sounds .friendly crowd all up for a great weekend .Would like to thank Terry and Bob for asking me to stand in for Roger last time . Hotel booked .see you there guys Steve :-):-)
  9. speedlimit

    Tojo - Broken Hearted Lover

    Great sound from late casino era originally played as Ann Perry have you ever been in love Dave it wouldn't have a shrine connection by any chance :O???
  10. speedlimit

    Bobby Smith

    The boots defo vinyl white Black writing as stated had all three different copies over the years black and white demo red and white and black issue great record that epitomises the 80s, & 90's niter scene
  11. speedlimit


    First time down for us hear great things from the spalding crew and my mate Mr snow so we'll see you there Steve :-):-):-)
  12. speedlimit

    Bobby Smith

    Ok some of you are semi right it was first played by both Gary and guy at the tudor court in draycott derby in 1982 twas a cold winter's nite remember it well as I walked the 4 miles from Stapleford to get there as buses weren't running :-):-)
  13. speedlimit

    RIP Dave Forrest - Peterborough

    Yes very sad news I also had known dave since they early 80 I met him on a train going from Grantham to Notts he was going to robs records were I worked back then and I was returning from Dave Raistrick.s with a demo copy of Alfie Davidson Dave said excuse me mate you selling that at all I'll give you £ 80 for it lowe struck up a conversation and remained friends since r.i.p mate condolences to your family
  14. speedlimit



    well what can i say brilliant weekend from start till finish , Having arrived early afternoon friday with john aldridge as we were due to do early sets then join by our partners later as they were at work , the night saw excellent sets from all the dj's playing to a great knowledgable crowd whom appreciated the music dancer and listerner's alike we had some great laughs with our numerous friends saturday day time saw more of the same , great sounds from all concerned while catching up with everyone . saturday night was superb to with every dj. pulling out the stops ;fully appreciated by dancer's and listerner;s alike . roll on next year for more of the same.thanks Dave & Donna for a truely superb weekend . Here's what i played 8-9 pm friday The Temptations " Angel Doll " Motown Gracie Darnell " Bad guy's " Ruth Fantastic Johnny c" New Love " Phil la The Volumes " Never been so in love " Garu Speedlimit " Can't say no " Cutlass acetate Mixed Emotions " Gold of my life " Rock away Danny Moore " Some body New " Alrite Bernard Smith " Gotta be a reason " Groove James Kelly Duhon " In School " Jude The Ceasars " La la i love you " Laine One'sy Mack Never listen to your heart " Ghetto The Shirelles " Look away " Scepter R.B.Hudman " Cause your mine " Cotillion The Magnificents" i can fly " Kent Anniversary Odyessy " Battened Ships " Mowest Butch & Newports" I'm only a man " Black rock The Chi-Lites " When temptation comes " Brunswick Wilson Williams " I like being in love with you "A.B.C Odyessy " Our lifes are shaped by what we love " mowest Lady Wray " Do it again " Big Crown Benjamin & Right Directions" Dreamin's for free " Palmetto The Dramatics " Whatcha see is whatcha get " volt Steve Mancha " He stole a love that was mine groovesville See you all in September
  15. speedlimit



    Day to go bring it on sounds sorted ready for tomorrow night looking forward to seeing you all :-):-)