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  1. speedlimit



    less than a week to go cant wait to drop a few tunes with my good buddy John Aldridge top sounds expected in both rooms across the weekend always a highlight on our events calander be good to catch up with our many friends see you all in the vault friday night ATB STEVE
  2. speedlimit


    How the hell do you shuffle to a 60 record that's slower than most two step records i thought shuffling was to 70s sounds ????
  3. speedlimit



    Ok full DJ times for the whole weekend are as follows Friday DJ times in the Vault. Weekender Warm Up Session. 1.00pm - Steve Lawson 2.00 - Andy Powell 3.00 - Martin Stanford 4.00 - Dave West 5.00 - Close. Friday Evening in The Vault. 'On The Rare Side' 8.00 - Jo March & Carole Anne McCarthy. 9.20 - Steve Phillis & John Aldridge. 10.40 - Terry Wright & Bob Snow. 12.00 - Soul Sam. 1.00 - Mark Sargeant. 2.00 - Tom Page. 3.00 - Close. Friday Evening in 'The Imperial Ballroom' Classics and Current Floorfillers. 8.00pm - Steve Lawson 8.45 - Woza Bennett 9.30 - Pete Jarvis. 10.15 - Andy Powell 11.00 - Martin Stanford. 11.45 - Marco Martinelli. 12.30 - Dick Krop. 1.15 - Gibby Gibby. 2.00 - Close. Saturday Afternoon DJ Times..The Vault.1.00pm - Jo March & Denise Draper.1.50 - Brett Smith.2.40 - Calvin Lee Hughes 3.30 - Tom Page. 4.20 - Fred Benson 5.10 - Steve Wagstaff. 6.00 - Close. Saturday Evening - The Vault. Allnighter 8pm - 6am. 8.00pm - Rupert Burdass & Ric Franks. 9.20 - Gibby Gibby 10.00 - Kev Kevin Draper. 10.40 - John Vincent & Terry Westhead 'Soul Shack Showcase' 12.00 - Carl Fortnum. 1.00 - Soul Sam. 2.00 - Steve Guarnori. 3.00 - Mark Sargeant. 4.00 - Calvin Lee Hughes. 5.00 - Dick Krop & Ian James. 6.00 - Close. Saturday in The Listening Lounge. Relaxsoul, Chillover and so on..... 12.15am - Mark Coe. 1.15 - Jayney Somers. 2.15 - Mick & Mo Chapman. 3.15 - Bob Snow. 4.15 - Terry Wright. 5.15 - Kev Smith. 6.00am - Close Saturday Afternoon in 'The Imperial Ballroom' - Club Showcases Classics & Floorfillers. 1.00pm - Mary Chapman & Dawn 'Sista D' Roberts - Lincoln Soul Club. 2.00 - Billy Maguire - Norwich Pure Soul Club. 3.00 - Dave West & Fred Benson - Barton, Humber Soul Club. 4.00 - Peter Wadeson-Neal & Mick Cooper - Sharing The Northern Soul. 5.00 - Close. Saturday Evening in 'The Imperial Ballroom' Classics and Floorfillers. 8.00pm - Kev Such. 8.45 - Don Morris. 9.30 - David Hayden. 10.15 - Andy Powell. 11.00 - Tom Wheelhouse. 12.00 - Dave West. 1.00 - John Vincent. 2.00 - Kevin Draper. 3.00 - Tom Philly Groove 4.00 - Close - Continue in The Vault. Sunday Afternoon in 'The Imperial Ballroom' 1.00pm - Woza Bennett - Old Brogues Club 2.00 - Terry Westhead - Soul Shack. 3.00 - Marco Martinelli - Kettering Soul. 4.00 - Soul Sam - Universal Soul Club 5.00 - Close. Sunday Night After-Party in The Vault. 8.00pm - Pete Jarvis. 9.00 - Mick Cooper & Peter Wadeson-Neal 10.00 - Gibby Gibby. 11.00 - Soul Sam. 12.00 - Andy Powell & Martin Stanford 1.00 - Close of the Weekender with Dave Raistrick. that,s it folk an awesome line up of D.J's which ever room you prefer i'll see you in the Vault ATB Steve
  4. Had same problem till wife being a computer wiz sorted it lol
  5. speedlimit



    Will post full weekend Dj times up tonight looking forward to seeing some of you in the vault Regards Steve
  6. Well seen a article on fb the other day re Notts soul nites .For some reason this didn't get a mention Saturday nite sessions in the bali hi ran for 3 years and was a major part of promoting the 60, so mafia sounds of Stafford with regular guest sets from Guy & Keb What's your memories if you attended Steve
  7. speedlimit

    Alfie Davison 7" - Styrene or Vinyl ?

    Both copies I've had where styrene hence the slight hiss on many of the early copies to turn up a long with a slight jump
  8. speedlimit



    Ok soul folk here is the full D.J line up for the weekend: The Vault DJ's.. Soul Sam, John Vincent, Kevin Draper, Carl Fortnum, Steve Guarnori, Mark Sargeant, Calvin Lee Hughes, Bob Snow, Terry Wright, Gibby Gibby, Dick Krop, Ian James, Terry Westhead, John Aldridge, Steve Phillis, Tom Page, Brett Smith, Rupe, Ric Franks, Jo March, Carole Anne McCarthy, Dave Raistrick, Mick Cooper Saturday Night 12-6am The Listening Lounge DJs... Mark Coe, Jayney Somers, Mick & Mo Chapman, Bob Snow, Terry Wright, Kev Smith. Imperial Ballroom DJs... Soul Sam, John Vincent, Kev Kevin Draper, Marco Martinelli, Andy Powell, Martin Stanford, Dick Krop, Gibby Gibby, David Hayden, Tom Wheelhouse, Dave West, Tom Page, Don Morris, Kev Such, Woza Bennett, Steve Lawson, Pete Jarvis, Dave Raistrick, Mick Cooper, Pete Peter Wadeson-Neal. Club Showcases.. Lincoln Soul with Mary Chapman & Sister Dawn 'Sista D' Roberts. Goole & Barton Soul with Dave West & Fred Benson, Norwich Soul with Billy Maguire & Mick Michael Maguire. Soul Shack with John Vincent & Terry Westhead.. Tickets on sale - Contact Helen Nisbet, Marco Martinelli, Dave Raistrick, Donna Raistrick or Call 01754 762635. Dj times to follow..... Looking forward to spinning a few over the weekend in the Vault . See you all there Atb Steve
  9. speedlimit



  10. speedlimit


    Looking forward to another top nite of quality sounds from all d j so tomorrow nite See you there
  11. speedlimit


    Ok soul folk 3 weeks to go till the next caliante cant wait for yet another top night of quality soul from rare 60, s underplayed tunes crossover. Modern. Touch of r&b and some choice oldies too always great friendly crowd. With a fantastic atmosphere .so if your looking for something different come join us at East Anglias premiere soul nite .free admission as well:-):-) see you there Steve
  12. speedlimit


    looking forward to tomorrow night great guests always a superb night and there will be cake , Carl get well mate see you soon. see you all tomorrow
  13. speedlimit

    Its a 70s Soul Thang

    Always a great night of quality 70 soul and I'm sure a contingent of the caliante crew will be there to support Steve Jay See you there
  14. Get the album on South bay awesome tracks on it
  15. speedlimit


    See you tomorrow guys looking forward to a top week end of quality sounds and great company :-):-)


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