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  1. You could always play the vocal to the cartoon candy carnival. Everything is mickey mouse.
  2. The serpent is a must watch binged at the weekend, must say shocking at what he did
  3. Here we go new that audio disc wasn't legit magnetics recorded at mbs Chicago
  4. There 10 a penny on ebay if you look hard enough, perhaps he ment he had 10.000 copies
  5. I'd want it to be a gold disc with a Grammy and free postage
  6. Madness beyond belief don't you think, covids got to this guy
  7. Just listening to this great double sider, I used to have covered up as the fantastic four before selling to Mr Dyson. What do we know about the group???
  8. It is with a sad heart heard of the passing of John Cross from Long Eaton Notts, he was one of the first people I spoke to when I first started going to the legendary Brit club in Notts. He was always a regular on the niter scene and regular at all the Notts venues. He will be sadly missed by the Notts crowd Condolences to his family R. I. P John
  9. The mello souls we can make it from the first night butch unleashed it upon the soul scene this as and will always been my favourite, from those first cords it just grabs you, and I'm sure eventually it will be played at my funeral. Love it
  10. Rug sold Lester Tipton to John Poole at a St Ives nighter
  11. It was a big nev wherry play for a few years around the Notts area think Rob smith also spun it
  12. Barnaby bye were Bobby alessi, Billy alessi, peppy castro Mike ricciardella the group were formed in73 by peppy formerly of the blue magoos. But if you listen to can't live this way and the alessi, s hit Lori I'd say they where definitely lead on both. The four members are the only line up of the group. That are listed.
  13. Barnaby bye are the alessi brothers
  14. Marvin Gaye was in Washington dc doo wop group the rainbows who recorded the song Mary Lee, which sounds a little like Jackie Wilson, before he joined the marquees with Harvey faqua
  15. Girl your so sweet side just tips it for me, Butchs old Eric lomax cover up as for girl don't leave side there's also the Ray Williams and the major tones version from a few years back

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