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  1. Peterborough-Carl-Fortnum-Steve-Jay-Caliente

    Hi guys see you later for a top night of quality soul and great friends superb way to get in the Xmas spirit :-):-):-):-)
  2. Peterborough-Carl-Fortnum-Steve-Jay-Caliente

    Well soon be Friday and your Xmas starts right here a top night of quality soul from d.js willing to play that something bit different from forgotten oldies rare underplayed 60, so through crossover and modern to rhythm and soul always a top night with like minded people and the a great atmosphere .and it's free There may be mince pies See you all Friday:-):-)
  3. Well what did you all expect the retro side of the scene is a joke to many that saw it through the dark days .They crave 5 minutes of fame .The people who promote these venues welcome the publicity as the more handbaggers that enter the bigger the cash haul n...
  4. Video of Sheridans from 2004

    Hi Chalky I did a full report on here for the second nighter complete with full play lists for all the D.js on the night Regards Steve
  5. Wigan DJ’s

    Gary Rushbrooke .pat Brady. Soul Sam. Alan Rhodes all main room
  6. Peterborough-Carl-Fortnum-Steve-Jay-Caliente

    Not long now till the Caliante Xmas warm up always a great nite with top draw tunes be they rare underplayed 60, s 70, s.80,, s crossover. Modern or class underplayed oldies with a touch of r& b guaranteed to be a nite to remember friendly crowd .great atmosphere See you all there Regards Steve
  7. SOLD OUT!-Dab of Soul By The Seaside Llandudno Weekender


    Soon be Friday and the posse from East Anglia will decend upon Llandudno the Caliante crowd are always up for a great weekend of quality tunage See you all Friday Regards Steve p
  8. SOLD OUT!-Dab of Soul By The Seaside Llandudno Weekender


    Roll on next Friday for a superb weekend of everything soulful great crowd superb tunes see you there :-):-)
  9. Try Andy Holroyd from Nottingham he.s not on here but is on face book he videod all the lifeline niters when they first started :-):-)
  10. Peterborough-Carl-Fortnum-Caliente

    Well the next caliante will soon be upon us as always looking forward to another nite of quality soul music always a great atmosphere and friendly crowd up for a dance music is from rare underplayed 60 so crossover modern and a few choice oldies a bit like the vault at skeggy weekender Dave as some cracking tunes I'm sure you'll enjoy See you there Steve
  11. 50 Years Ago Today ... the Mello Souls

    Best bloody record never to be played at the casino IMHO top sound that epitomised the 80s niter scene and beyond fav record of all time one day I'll own a copy :-) them opening bars just grab you
  12. Pyramid - look a like boot

    sure was mick £2050 if i remember right
  13. The Original Skegness Soul Weekender


    Three days and counting can wait to play in the vault gonna be a packer :-)
  14. The Original Skegness Soul Weekender


    Hi Tony & Haley if your down Friday nip in the vault 8-30 for a catch up see you there mate Regards Steve
  15. Pyramid - look a like boot

    defo orig had several copies over the years