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  1. That's the one he must have got it of Jim when he sold up
  2. God sake heaven forbid I feel a storm a brewing, battern down the hatches its gonna be a bumpy ride
  3. Great set marlin calloway same backing track as BBCarter on kris cool it baby
  4. Back in the mid 80's Jim Wensoria play a group version of gene latter's 'Funny face girl "on a acetate I'm sure it was April blackwood acetate it was played as the Ambers not heard it out since then superb version Any info guys
  5. Totally agree mate same here always the music that next great unknown the buzz you get when you hear it for the first time and you think how the hell as this not been played before . Like you said the scenes a shadow of its former self. I find crossover and modern does more to the liking these days at least your hear some fresh tunes.
  6. Fat back band aka gerry &, Paul cat walk
  7. This was originally played in the Stafford era at the same time as Ruby winters wheel biggie ' I want action " b side better and little Anthony it's not the same which was covered up as little Anthony. That's when. Dj's used their imaginations and didn't play the same old. As for guilty pleasures mine are 2hours on a Sunday playing the likes of The cadillacs. Speedo & zoom zoom zoom. The penguins earth angel The elderados my front door & I be forever loving you Etc can't beat some classic doo wop
  8. You could have a pool party in the Arctic then you could play the daisies cold wave
  9. There's still lots of good dancers on the scene. Most of them don't wish to be seen prancing on stage in baggy pants having the p..s taken out of them by judges comments they can't hear, the scene as always. Been ridiculed by the media so this is no exception, it's the call backs this week, so if you don't want to watch find it a deep sand pit and Bury our heads. There could be a storm a brewing
  10. The moments & whatnauts 'Girls' now the Gloria gaynor 'we just can't make it' has been played on the scene mid 80's covered as Eula Cooper then more recently covered as Carol Woods by Rob Thomas
  11. Great recording by the way I had.my tape recorder nicked of top of the speakers that night good old days
  12. It was definitely Paul Newman as it was on my wants list at the time took me months to find out who it was
  13. Micky moonshine ain't you got a heart was infact Paul Newman & xcaliburs ain't you got a heart on UK Mercury
  14. Libra was covered as mystic moods remember that night well

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