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  1. So what the score just seen this listed on discogs for. £325. 2014 drizabone remix I brought it for £10 when released , thought there was loads about. Also seen it fetch £200+on ebay why so expensive for a relatively new release.
  2. I gree with you Andy good luck to him, he obviously loves the record for me it was a great record at the time but unfortunately has been hammered to death at venues since 77.on another note does this set the precedent for the asking prices to spiral on the likes of mello souls, Lester Tipton, Eddie Parker, Don Gardner. Etc. Your average collectors are being priced out the market, by things like this. But good luck with his Investment
  3. Let's face it we All want to be back on the floor with our friends, But where only here once, no point in risking everyone's health just for a dance. I've seen post's on fb from selfish desperate people whom would think twice about turning up at a venue with the desease their so desperate for a dance. Let's all just stay safe and leave it till the time we can return safely
  4. https://www.harboroughmail.co.uk/news/people/its-finding-holy-grail-harborough-multi-millionaire-spends-ps100000-worlds-most-valuable-motown-record-2934113?amp. Jaw dropping amount the world's gone mad. I'd sooner buy a holiday home abroad
  5. Not available neal I wrote to Daptone sometime ago there's no plans to release it in the for see able future. Regards Steve
  6. until

    I didn't think dancing was aloud in any way, shape or form at the moment. Be interesting to hear if it was permitted by the venue owners.
  7. One of the best videos on you tube, what amuses me is that most of the passing people haven't got a clue who this guy is and probably think he's nuts. Would have loved to have been there.
  8. The first night Jimmy wensoria played this at Notts Rock City in 85 it blew you away. Not sure it's vocal in perfection though, seems more like a warble in his voice which seems to be the norm with many of today's artists. Perhaps he was ahead of the Times. Still a superb tune, and floor filler a rare nites.
  9. Seem to remember hearing it to maybe on soul galore,
  10. Yea you find me 300 people on the side of the scene there aimed at who'll buy them
  11. OK here we go the site states limited re issue but I have my doubts little major Williams, both sides. Chuck holiday both sides and Ella Woods, Why Why Why there's is no demand on the rare soul scene for reissues /boots of these tracks, as we only want originals. And there sure as hell isn't any demand for them on the oldies scene, they probably never heard them. So my question is Why the hell, do them, it's pointless. Very angry collector

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