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  1. Peterborough-Carl-Fortnum-Caliente

    Well the next caliante will soon be upon us as always looking forward to another nite of quality soul music always a great atmosphere and friendly crowd up for a dance music is from rare underplayed 60 so crossover modern and a few choice oldies a bit like the vault at skeggy weekender Dave as some cracking tunes I'm sure you'll enjoy See you there Steve
  2. 50 Years Ago Today ... the Mello Souls

    Best bloody record never to be played at the casino IMHO top sound that epitomised the 80s niter scene and beyond fav record of all time one day I'll own a copy :-) them opening bars just grab you
  3. Pyramid - look a like boot

    sure was mick £2050 if i remember right
  4. The Original Skegness Soul Weekender


    Three days and counting can wait to play in the vault gonna be a packer :-)
  5. The Original Skegness Soul Weekender


    Hi Tony & Haley if your down Friday nip in the vault 8-30 for a catch up see you there mate Regards Steve
  6. Pyramid - look a like boot

    defo orig had several copies over the years
  7. UK record shops for old vinyl?

    defo Robs used to work for him in the 80's found shed loads of stuff in there at the time always got new stuff in
  8. Soulin The Attic Rushden

    top night of quality soul over at the attic ,great atmospheric venue with good friends and like minded folk , first visit to this superb venue , all d.j;s played quality sets had a right good dance will defo return
  9. The Original Skegness Soul Weekender


    Two weeks to go looking forward to a superb weekend with quality music and real soul fans not a handbag in sight , see you all in the vault for some top notch rare 60;s crossover and modern
  10. The Original Skegness Soul Weekender


    Here's the remaing times for saturday main room and sunday afternoon and sunday evening see you in the vault friday night So here it is... Saturday Night in the Main 'Imperial Ballroom' Classics and current Floorfillers. 8.00pm - Billy Maguire. 8.45 - Tom Page & Michael Taylor. 9.30 - Don Morris. 10.15 - Carl Fortnum. 11.00 - John Vincent. 12.00 - Dave West. 01.00 - Andy Powell. 2.00 - David Hayden & Marco Martinelli. 3.00 - Kev Draper 3.45 - Dave Raistrick until Close. All subject to change Sunday Afternoon in the Main 'Imperial Ballroom' Classics and Floorfillers. 1.00pm - Open 1.45 - Woza Bennett - Old Brogues Soul Club. 2.30 - Dave West. 3.15 - Mick Cooper & Andy Martin. 4.00 - Soul Sam. 5.00 - Close. Sunday Evening in the 'Vault' The BIG After Partyyyyy. All your Dancefloor favourites. 8.00pm - Pip Mayhew. 8.45 - Mick Cooper. 9.30 - Ian Seaman 10.15 - Mark Sargeant 11.00 - Gibby Gibby 11.45 - Soul Sam. 12.30am Andy Powell & Martin Stanford. 1.30 - End of the weekender with Dave Raistrick & Donna Raistrick
  11. carleena instrumental ???

    Seem to remember early 80's Gary Rushbrooke having a acetate of the instrumental to the Just Bros " carleena " he played covered up as Al Kent anyone know what happened to it ??
  12. The Original Skegness Soul Weekender


    here's the d.j times for the weekend The Weekender starts on Thursday evening from 8pm in the Vault and the Cats Whiskers session. Followed on Friday afternoon with the Weekender Warm up from 1pm with Peter Wadeson-Neal, Pip Mayhew, Martin Stanford, Dave West & Andy Powell Friday Evening in the Main Imperial Ballroom. 8.00 Kev Such 8.45 Woza Bennett. 9.30 Dick Krop. 10.15 Ian Seaman. 11.00 Martin Stanford 11.45 Marco Martinelli. 12.30 Gibby Gibby. 1.15 Pip Mayhew 2.00 Close. All subject to change Friday Night in the Vault. 8.00 Jo March 8.40 John Aldridge 9.20 Steve Phillis 10.00 Terry Wright 11.00 Calvin Lee Hughes 12.00 Soul Sam. 1.00 Mark Sargeant 2.00 Kev Kevin Draper 3.00 Close. All subject to change. Saturday Afternoon in the Main Imperial Ballroom - Club Showcases. 1.00 - Kim Parry - Liverpool Soul Scene. 1.45 - Jeffrey Kidd & Andy Carling - Wetherby Engine Shed. 2.30 - David Hayden - St Ives Reunion, Cambs. 3.15 - Peter & Liz Wadeson-Neal - Follow Your Heart, Wigan. 4.00 - Tom Page & Kenneth Aitchison - Rugby Allnighter. 5.00 - Marco Martinelli, Kev Such & Karl Boddington - Kettering Athletic Allnighter. 6.00 - Close Saturday Afternoon in the 'Vault' ***The Young Generators*** 1.00 - Brett Smith 1.50 - Aaron Turner 2.40 - Tom Page. 3.30 - Michael M Taylor. 4.20 - Calvin Lee Hughes. 5.10 - Kris Sikora. 6.00 - Close. All subject to change. Saturday in the 'Listening Lounge' 12 Midnight Steve Steven Goody 12.40 Mark Coe. 1.20 Jayney Somers. 2.00 Mick & Mo Chapman. 3.00 Terry Wright. 3.40 Steve Wagstaff. 4.20 Mick Cooper. 5.00 Aaron Turner 6.00 Close. Saturday Night in the 'Vault' 9.00 - Ric Franks. 9.45 - Rupert Burdass. 10.30 - Keith Bickley 11.15 - Terry Westhead 12.00 - Soul Sam. 1.00 - John Vincent. 2.00 - Steve Guarnori. 3.00 - Carl Fortnum. 3.45 - Gibby Gibby. 4.30 - Dick Krop. 5.15 - Ian James. 6.00 - Finish. All subject to change. will post saturday main ball room times when available LikeShow more reactions Comment
  13. The Original Skegness Soul Weekender


    not long now folk to the original skeggy weekender great refurbished venue with a top line up of dj's .spinning the best sounds around be it quality oldies in the main room or quality rare 60;s 70's crossover and modern in the vault last years was fantastic great atmosphere and up for it crowd so see you all there
  14. Peterborough-Carl-Fortnum-Steve-Jay-Caliente

    looking forward to yet another great night of quality soul down at the caliante, top quality soul from rare 60's crossover modern through to new soul. always a superb night, great atmosphere and top crowd, along with the wide knowledge from all the d.js' keeping everyone dancing , this months guest is Trev Smith whom as a awesome collection of sounds from 60's classics and rareties acrossover and modern so im sure he'll keep us all on our toes see ya there steve
  15. Little Nicky Soul 'You Said'

    two brill sides first played by Mr DARGE AS FRED COLE AND THE DIAMONDS