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    margert little" love finds a way" d.c .magnatones " does she love me "
  1. speedlimit

    Dusty Wilson Boot Discussion.

    Is it also the same Dusty(dustin) Wilson who did " have some sympathy " on Judas and " it's going to be a tragedy " with the corals on mutt ??
  2. speedlimit

    Chapells - were they a Chicago group?

    Two great tunes the Bedford label has two different designs as well the uptempo help me somebody side was first played at the casino late 1979 by Gary Rushbrooke covered up as Lorraine chandler . Now the other side is getting it's turn at crossover and upfront venues
  3. speedlimit

    Two from motown that are underplayef

    Hi Geoff it's actually " I think we can make it " miracles lost and found 1959 -1964 c from 1999
  4. speedlimit

    Soul Weekenders.

    Love them original Skegness weekend . Prestatyn first few years till the oldies fully took over the main rooms. Dab of soul .souls unite Eastbourne. Cleethorpes u till last 4 years. And the crown jewel skeggy .not a great lover of the big 5-7room weekenders usually full of market stalls prefer the smaller it's about the quality of the music not the amount of £'s venues
  5. speedlimit

    Dab of Soul @ Crown Hotel Nantwich- 10th Anniversary!

    Not long now till the dabtastic night of quality soul and the east coast invades the west See you there
  6. Hi rich I ended up with your copy for a while let it go in a swap deal at a record fair in Notts about 15 years ago Regards Steve p
  7. Ok guys need gals two un released tracks from motown that only got a c d release both by the miracles the first being entitled " we can make it " vintage early motown with a catchy back beat and great harmonies from smokey and the guys. The second track features Claudette robinson on lead entitled " Mr Misery " not to similar vocals to Linda Griner which is what I had it covered up as a plodding mid tempo number but catchy Comments guys
  8. speedlimit

    Artist and Track Title from part of lyrics

    Ho John don't know the track but always thought f troop was about a us cavalry troop
  9. speedlimit

    Carl Carlton ‎– So What

    Mine too
  10. speedlimit

    Carl Carlton ‎– So What

    Old Stafford spin I play it out occasionally a long with rufus wonder:-):-)
  11. speedlimit

    Motown Unreleased 60 at 60

    Awesome mate still got copies of the original tapes a lot of the 1st batch came from
  12. speedlimit

    Onsey mack

    Yes I've always thought that too. The Edwards generations a pretty good tune too.
  13. speedlimit

    Onsey mack

    Thanks for the insite to her career always great to find out anything about their careers . Yes this as always been a favourite of mine since I first heard it played .I'll have to feature it more in my sets when I play.
  14. speedlimit

    Onsey mack

    Hi rob I've already got a copy was just saying it's one of those overlooked 45 , s that should get a few more plays Thanks for the heads up anyway Steve
  15. speedlimit

    Onsey mack

    Here's another that gets very little exposure Onsey mack " never listen to your heart " ghetto originally played at the casino in its final years by Richard with little joy.wrote by the great Robert banks this early 70's recording has all the ingredients to be a dance floor hit


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