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  1. As stated no demand for a boot I've had both releases over the years. Was a massive record at Stafford when first played as trade Martin
  2. Keb played it around 83 84ish Dave and Rod prior to that more recently Tim brown, mick h and of course butch. And of course Richard was the first late 79 covered as Micky valvano, played the same night as the combinations c/u chessmen nurons earnestine eady and a few others.
  3. Only a handful of copies, yes agree in this age condition doesn't seem to matter for records like this to go for silly money. Must say I prefer a more mid tempo crossover sound these days. Easier on the legs lol
  4. I was gonna say that too old Dave Thorley spin
  5. There's a tune even faster than this I used to play covered up as Micky valvano and the C.O.D's by Rico Barr and Boston barristers in the 80's. Yea agree this was a little fast even back then
  6. Deon Jackson that's what you do to me
  7. Speedlimit

    100 Club On-Liner


    Bloody brilliant guys was totally entertained for 3hrs didn't even have to play my own records, ADY you'll need a bigger venue for the next 100 club when it reopens we'll be chomping at the bit
  8. Me too way to fast to dance to these days sure it will go for a few dollars
  9. The cod's. She's fire a record that's never turned up in quantity this old Richard searlings Micky valvano cover up had stood the test of time rarety wise with only a handful of known copies, what do you think this will fetch
  10. It was played on solar last Sunday funny enough
  11. Heard this on solar radio also been looking for it.
  12. Think it was a spare as Gary had the vondells off him at the same time.
  13. Think I have a playlist from the night in a copy of the soul sauce mag Chris fletcher used to write somewhere I check when I get home.

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