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  1. Trevor Bridge

    Trevor Bridge

  2. Trevor Bridge

    Pookie Hudson

    I've pm'd you re an original issue.
  3. Trevor Bridge

    Classics - Looking For A Love

    Hi William - good luck with your first ad. I've pm'd you regarding Ruby Andrews. Cheers Trevor
  4. Trevor Bridge

    Tempests lp

    I've pm'd you. Trevor
  5. Trevor Bridge

    Fascinations Girls Are Out To Get You

    John - I sold one to John Manship a while a go - he may still have it so it's worth having a look on his site. Cheers Trevor
  6. An original RPR 6404 white demo. The playing surfaces have full gloss and are virtually unmarked other than the very lightest of paper marks from being taken out of its sleeve. It plays without crackle, hiss, pop or skip. Both labels are free from wol, smol, d/h etc but they have light storage blemishes. It is for sale at £300 plus £5 p&p from France (or 420 euros plus 5 euros p&p).
  7. Trevor Bridge

    Jimmy Mc Farland - lonely lover

    Pm' you, Trevor
  8. Trevor Bridge

    HB BARNUM it hurts too much to cry

    I've pm'd you. Regards Trevor
  9. Trevor Bridge

    Exits Under The Street Lamp/You Got To Have Money

    I'll pm you Damian.
  10. Trevor Bridge

    Exits Under The Street Lamp/You Got To Have Money

    Exits - Under the Streetlamp / You Got to Have Money I have a Gemini (dark green) copy for sale if you are still looking. Trevor
  11. Trevor Bridge

    Johnny Mae Matthews ,I Have No Choice, Big Hit

    Great record!
  12. £250 plus £5 p&p from France. UK bank transfer or PayPal gift please. This is a very nice original General American 006 white demo. It has full gloss and just light paper surface scuffs, no scratches. It plays fine with no hiss, crackle, pop or skip. Both labels are clean with no wol, tol, xol, smol, d/h etc. Deadwax stamps: Bell Sound / Monarch stamp (MR in circle) / ZXSE-1230X-RE-IF / Delta (symbol) 56769X
  13. Trevor Bridge

    Alfie Davison love is serious

    £200 is about right for a clean copy.
  14. Trevor Bridge


    Pm'd you Glen.
  15. Trevor Bridge

    Buddy Connor

    Pm'd you.


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