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    Not sure what to put here -  A 100 Club regular for many years, although I don't get down there as much as I used to (Life gets in the way don't it?) My 'Golden Years' were the 90's - Winsford, Wilton, The 100 Club, Albrighton, The Ritz Manchester (Boxing night was fantastic!), along with the few various Soul nights that were dotted about - A time when we all went to the same places / and there was respect between promoters i'm still 'doing it' as much as I can, it's not the same as it was for me, but I still make the most of when I do go out! The best scene / the best people! Cheers, Len 

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    Len Dopson
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    The Debonaires - How's Your New Love Treating You

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  1. I think if you had the money not to care how much you spent, you would become bored with that side of it not being an issue - That may have happened over the years. Most of us really appreciate a record on so many levels when we make a purchase. Len
  2. That's a really sensible way of looking at it - Great records still to be enjoyed, excepting not to be owned in the main. I get great enjoyment from records on that list, I get equal enjoyment from many others which are more easily available. No point being bitter.....is there? Len
  3. I can highly recomend reading the list twice, probably three times - I missed some the first time....."Oh wow".....made me not register the next few, and so on (I found those two) Len
  4. until

    'Lilac Lenny' ........and I'm only 49 and lots of months Len
  5. until

    Just a reminder / a note for the confused (Me being one that's now worked it out) The clue is at the top of this thread - The date for the next show is Sat 25th July (Which is also when the listed requests will be played in the request spot) But, the radio is playing tunes from the previous 15 weeks on 'shuffle', and it seems that regardless of whether there's a fresh show on or not, soulies are gathering from a far in the chat room on the radio for a bit of like minded company. A compliment to the show I'd say - Nice one Len
  6. until

    Evening everyone, I'm also here at 7.00pm - Talk about creatures of the night of habit! Have a great Sat night Len
  7. until

    I'm sure some folk will be around - Unless the whole country goes to the pub of course Len
  8. until

    Looks like I need to get in early. Please can you play - 'SHEILA FERGUSON - AND IN RETURN' Thank you. Len
  9. until

    What are we going to do on Saturday nights now? I suppose the next one will be even better after a month's break (Due to Simon's lazyness) Len
  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ian! All the best, Len
  11. until

    Every week I've been in touch with many freinds texting throughout the nights. Tonight I got sent a photo of Shinehead (who used to write for Manifesto Magazine) and his lovely wife Pat. The photo was of them currenty in their kitchen dressed up and enjoying the show - They entitled it 'Pensioners in Lock-down'. It was lovely to see, but tinged with a touch of sadness - We all really do miss each other..... 'Coming out to play' again is gonna be so special - Not only meeting up with old friends again, but also meeting new friends that we have met through this radio show Len
  12. until

    It's been great all night. I just texted Simon that I am really, and I mean really, enjoying Bob's set, and that this radio outlet has been good for our Bob - He's just playing awesome stuff. God love him Len
  13. until

    It's now official - In line with the easing of the lock-down, after 15 weekly shows, 'The Bury Virtual All-nighter' is changing to the last Saterday of every month. Although the radio station will be playing previous sounds played on the show 24/7 as a back-ground to your days. That, along with all the shows to be loaded up on Mix-cloud as and when Simon and the team find the time to do so (Something to look forward to) I know we're not 'out of the woods' just yet, but this show has given so many people a real positive through these very strange and worrying times - A real moment in history. See you all out the other end one day soon Len
  14. until

    'WHOOSH!!!' ('Young Brothers - What's Your Game') Thanks again Len
  15. until

    Currently playing my request 'Joey Delorenzo - Wake Up To The Sunshine Girl'. Memories of Manchester's Ritz and that bouncy dance floor for me! It's gonna be 'WHOOSH City' tonight! Thanks Len P.s - 'WHOOSH' copyright cheque is in the post Mick Howard...

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