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  1. Mike. Birthday

  2. Fickle fingers. Birthday

    Another Belated Birthday wish from me mate! All the best, Len P.s - I've been 'bumping' in to 'Kyp' lots lately, not seen him in years prior.
  3. It used to be a little black book (I still have mine somewhere) Some ask, then take a quick photo (On their phones of course) The old memory is a problem for lots of us Len
  4. Yes I've also had personal messages asking about records, and even asking for full play lists (Believe it or not Ted!) Like you, I always oblige. Len
  5. It defo has a place on here, and is why I voted no, but didn't comment as to why, as I would not want to discourage play lists being posted - Others read them for various reasons other than focusing on just the 'night out' (As I do) I have put play lists...
  6. I can’t Mike - I’m a Moderator, I may get sacked if I say I don’t really do play lists! Oh dear, I suppose it’s too late now, so here goes…… I voted no, although I am not completely against them - I do understand the interest side of things / what o...
  7. suggestions please - reactions?

    Ok, looks like it's just me - I know 'A Southern Softy' See ya Sat night at Bury Chalky. Len
  8. suggestions please - reactions?

    Just a thought here Mike - I'm not sure if I really like the 'Dis-like' / 'Down Vote' button. I think if someone feels they want to press 'Dis-like', they should rather 'quote' the said post, and put their opposing view forward. The button being pressed ...

    I didn't get round to trawling through my records last night. Silly me, 'Midsummer Murders' was on the telly - Can't miss that But here's a couple I have in mind for 'The Kenwood Suite' See you on the dance floor! Len An absolute Classic - 'The Exits - Another Sundown In Watts' A Tape Swappers Fave - 'Gene And Eddie - It's No Sin'
  10. major upgrade of site

    I see Mike. If I think of any that may be helpful / worthwhile, I'll let you know. Cheers, Len

    I'm gonna go through me records tonight, and I'll post a couple up on here tomorrow.......If anybody's interested Len
  12. major upgrade of site

    Hi Mike, With ref the new 'like' button on people's posts - What's the difference between a 'like', and an 'up vote'? Len P.s - Just tested the 'thanks' on your above post.
  13. News: 6TS 100 Club 2018 Events Heads Up

    I think 'time off in the summer' was something that happened everywhere, and it makes sense - Apart from people doing other things in the summer months, it helps keep people 'keen' (Less is more) Also, we all have various reasons for not 'hitting it hard...
  14. Poll: Event Promoting

    I voted 'all of the above' because I feel nowadays a 'team effort' is needed to give an event a better chance of being successful. 'People running the event' obviously have to spread the word as much as poss / 'People playing the event' (DJs) could (not...
  15. vinyl related wine?

    I'd be 'slipping around' Len