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    Not sure what to put here -  A 100 Club regular for many years, although I don't get down there as much as I used to (Life gets in the way don't it?) My 'Golden Years' were the 90's - Winsford, Wilton, The 100 Club, Albrighton, The Ritz Manchester (Boxing night was fantastic!), along with the few various Soul nights that were dotted about - A time when we all went to the same places / and there was respect between promoters i'm still 'doing it' as much as I can, it's not the same as it was for me, but I still make the most of when I do go out! The best scene / the best people! Cheers, Len 

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    Len Dopson
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    The Debonaires - How's Your New Love Treating You

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  1. Ha ha - I don't do 'make believe'.......Well ok, but only when I'm struggling whilst DJing........."As requested, this is 'Blah blah blah!"........It works a treat (Don't tell anyone I said) Len
  2. Another request from my friend Glyn - 'THE NOTATIONS - TRYING MY BEST TO FIND HER' Thank you. Len
  3. Hiya, Please play 'THE INSPIRATIONS - YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND' (For Glyn) Thanks. Len
  4. Delites - Nor me! Why the heck that is ever played in a dance comp I'll never know (Impossible to dance to) Why the heck dance comps is another question...... A 'Had to be there' tune I do except Len
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Kev. All the best, Len
  6. Evening Guyz, I missed the boat ref requests. Sos I’m still so busy with my Metal workshop / offices / toilets refurb (Not forgetting sorting stuff on my brand new Mezz Floor!) HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to ‘The Martin L Triplets’ - That’s wonderful. And a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to my ‘Soul Friend’ Tom - The years have flown by….. So many great requests, I am simply gonna ‘second’ 3 that have been requested (For no apparent reason) Joe Burrell - There was a time (our love is dying) - Requested by Lorraine (Lozza66) Frank Howard - Judy - Requested by Andy (Andy F) King George
  7. That's mighty nice of you to say so - Mike is of course the 'Captain of the Ship' doing most of the work, whereas I and the team are the 'Support Act'. All contributions from members are really appreciated - 'tis what makes the site. It's good to hear some positive feed-back - Thanks. Len
  8. Here you go Paul - @Lawman Len
  9. Jeeeze Steve! We had a lovely drive down to Berkshire to collect Nina's Dad yesterday afternoon. We went non-motorway through the Chilterns, and there was hardly any traffic. We did debate whether to do the motorway on the way back - Glad we chose not to. No plans for us this weekend - I worked this morning / Will have a lovely Lamb Roast, and will more than likely fall asleep to a 'Biblical Epic' ('tis what Easter is all about) Have a goodun whatever you're up to folkz. Len
  10. You're not wrong Mike. A (long) way around it, is to re-load the page so it starts again, then fast forward to the point that you want. You say you can't fast forward though - I can fast forward, but can't rewind, so that works for me. Len
  11. until

    ***FOR SALE*** Len's Record Collection (I thought it was Northern Soul) £10.00 first come first served...... Len P.s - That includes postage
  12. until

    So it's not Northern Soul.......I've had a bad day at work today.........now this......
  13. until

    I thought I played Northern Soul Len
  14. When we had our jabs, as I was waiting outside for Nina this Hell's Angel came out and punched his fist in the air! It really is fantastic what is happening. Len
  15. until

    Yeh nice one Mick. This type of tune is nothing like what I generally play, but I really love stuff like this - As has been touched upon, the soul music was such a great mix. Thanks all for a thoroughly enjoyable evening. Len

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