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  1. The last record you would sell

    I'm sure I see lots out 'n' about I know, but don't realize who they are on here - People should wear Soul-source badges with their 'handle' on when out Len (Also known as Len) P.s - Still not got an answer to your original question - I haven't slep...
  2. The Moments for me, but really to do with 'association' of memories of Jon Buck playing it at The Fleet Peterborough at my first All-nighters. Chuck Jackson great I know. All the best, Len
  3. The last record you would sell

    Good question! You've made my head spin thinking about it. I may have an answer tomorrow......or the next day...... Len
  4. Question

    I always made 'the deal' crystal clear at the time of booking DJs. I'd ask what they charged / or suggested a figure, and I would have their wages ready in an envelope before the event started. Not hoping enough people turned up, if not, then saying sorry we ...
  5. Local car boot find

    Me and Nina found 'Chapter 5 - You Can't Mean it' (CBS White demo) at Turvey Car Boot Fair........"How much are your records love?"........"50p for the big ones, 20p for the small ones"....... All the best, Len
  6. Question

    Some should! Seriously though - no.....Although, I used to run a Thursday night event many moons ago, and I had to charge the punters £2.00, and the DJs £1.00 to cover the cost of the hall (Only one DJ moaned) In hindsight though, maybe I should hav...
  7. TUNE! Brings back memories of mine and Nina's 'party house' (Life before kids).......It would be late Sunday evening after yet another fantastic All-nighter (100 Club, Winsford, or Wilton, etc) sitting in our kitchen talking absolute b*llox. We always ended u...
  8. Steve S 60. Birthday

  9. Top 5 This Weekend

    It's certainly an 'off the wall' one, but works for me - I first heard it played by Max Rees, I thought my mate (Rupert Betts) was going to implode whilst dancing to it! Len
  10. Top 5 This Weekend

    I love 'Al Foster Band - The Night Of The Wolf'. Not heard it out for a years, except pleasantly surprised to hear it at The Bury All-nighter when Coops whacked it on! All the best, Len
  11. Chalky. Birthday

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! All the best, Len
  12. Crazylegs.Birthday.

    Well Harrogate is a wonderful place - Maybe he spent his Birthday in the Tea Rooms (If so, I hope someone else paid - £85.00 last time I took the family!) Len
  13. Crazylegs.Birthday.

    Crazy Happy Birthday - Whoever you are Len
  14. Happy Birthday Len

    Thanks for the birthday wishes folkz (Apart form working a 12 hour shift) I had a lovely day - Indian takeaway, c/w presents from the kids and family. Lotso T-shirts, soon to be worn at a venue near you! Thanks again. Len
  15. Getting An Old Friend Back

    Hi Pete, I fully understand the selling then regretting it thing (We all do) Glad you have your friend back Have a good weekend folks. All the best, Len