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  1. Welcome on board Simon (Just catching up after two weeks hols) All the best, Len
  2. Going out in 2018 Poll

    Voting seems similar to the buying vinyl in 2018 Poll (Maybe somewhat linked) Thanks for votes so far. All the best, Len
  3. As always, related comments welcome. People are at different stages of life of course, and that can reflect the above. Personally, I go out a lot less nowadays due to wanting to spend as much time as poss at home with the kids / and my work has finally t...
  4. Soul Source Moderation Teams - Changes

    Ok Mike - And 'welcome aboard' @James Rice & @Triode !!! All the best, Len
  5. Soulful Neighbours

    Sort of - My neighbor now knows a lot of my tunes. Well mostly......"I enjoy when you play your records Len, but you never play them to the end!"....... (Too keen to get the next one on) Len

    An auction record was pretty scarce 20 - 25 years ago. You would see one or two on a record list only every so often. Agree, it's surprising to see some records up for auction - But in the defense of the sellers, it must work, and they're not a charity, ...
  7. Memorable DJ set

    To me 'eddiefoster', what makes a good set, is individual creative thinking in ref to what someone chooses to play, playing them 'in context', so connecting with the dancers / listeners. "Wow haven't heard this for years!" (etc) Len P.s - Playi...
  8. Memorable DJ set

    'Caus he cared Chalky
  9. Memorable DJ set

    Dave Greet at Life-line some years back - I think every single one of his choices got a huge cheer / round of applause! Len
  10. Wants??

    Not replying is rife in the world we live in today - It seems that when some people have the information they need, they take it as the end of the communication. Generally speaking (as there are of course exceptions) it may be a generation thing this courtesy...

    Shifty can at this next one as I can't make it (Taking the family on a holiday of a life-time) Well it is for us as we go to Whitby every year, which is still a magical place of course. .....My mum will be at home, so he can pick up my records on his way Have a great one folks! All the best, Len
  12. Mace. Birthday

    Happy Birthday mate - A Baby when you DJed for me back in the 80's at The Wollaston Ryhh....Ryhuj........Rithium.......Rythmmm? and Soul Club! All the best, Len
  13. Is it, time to sell up.?

    Hi Neal, From a financial perspective, I think now is a pretty good time, and I'm sure lots will agree, some records you can't put a price on now because there are buyers about that will pay good money and some for something they want that is hardly ever...
  14. Peter99. Birthday

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Pete99! Have a great day! Len
  15. Happy Birthday PhilT

    Ditto - HAPPY BIRTHDAY Phil! Len

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