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  1. LEN

    Pictures of Us

    Kyp - A great guy, see him regular at 'The Bury All-nighter'. Remember him from Huntingdon do's / Leeds All-nighters and local events during the 90's. lost a lot of weight recently, but still the same old 'Kyp' - Used to hang with 'Johnny Fingers' A great bloke! Len
  2. LEN

    Pictures of Us

    Of course Mark S - 'Slipknot' rules in our house! Len
  3. LEN

    Pictures of Us

    The wife (Nina) and I were sitting at a table at The Ritz All-nighter, Ginger walked past us........(Nina) "Is that Ginger Taylor?"........(Me) "Yeh I think so, he certainly looks like a Taylor".......Nina 'rolled', and couldn't stop laughing for ages! (A 'had to be there' story I suppose) Glad this thread's still going - Great to see you all 'face to face' as it were. All the best, Len
  4. That's the spirit! All the best, Len
  5. LEN

    Bad soul doo's

    Hi Mick, I've spoken to many people about The 100 Club over the years, and fully except that it is a place one either absolutely loves, or not! As you saw, it isn't your 'huge hall' nighter that lots do prefer, more a 'club' feel that doesn't suit some people. And as has been said, being the capital, it does attract some you don't want there, but Ady does try to keep a tab on this. I'm in the love it side, but also love the 'huge hall' nighters of course. (The Christmas p*ss up is exactly what it says on the tin) All the best, Len
  6. LEN

    Bad soul doo's

    Great weren't they? Len
  7. Miss Marple rules! I thought it was just me......Um maybe keep this to ourselves Russell Len P.s - Well done 'Kenb' - I await in earnest for the 'aftermath'
  8. LEN

    Bad soul doo's

    Putting a do on is a lot easier than it used to be, for lots of reasons - 24 hour licences (so can put on all night if so wish) / Lots of venues are desperate for the extra business - Christ, I used to have to go to committee meetings at working men's clubs to be interviewed, and having to talk them in to allowing me to hire their venue!......"The thing is.......(Dramatic pause).......I don't really like nowadays music, I much prefer 60's music"......"Yeh, now you're talking Sonny".......I was in! As said, flyers easy now / internet promoting of course etc etc, so loads of events is bound to lead to some not being a professionally run quality event. Hey ho Len
  9. LEN

    How To Be A D.J.?

    Personally I think too bigger deal is made about repeat plays. As long as it doesn't happen loads I'm fine with it - Helps if it's a 'good' repeat play though Len
  10. LEN

    How To Be A D.J.?

    Not their job to really, so shouldn't expect this to happen. But always a bonus if they become part of the team by spreading the word. Nor is it their risk of not many through the door - A deal is a deal, so the offer of pay should stand. Some DJ's do kindly refrain from a wage / or reduce it if an event is low on numbers, which again, is a bonus if this happens - Their choice though. (Sorry, slightly off-topic that last bit) All the best, Len P.s - Normally 'dreading to play a few'
  11. LEN

    Bad soul doo's

    Christ, I wouldn't know where to start! I'll look forward to reading this thread - All written in the nicest possible way of course Len
  12. LEN

    I Hate Northern Soul

    The term 'Northern Soul' is now back in vogue. Catch up Len
  13. LEN


    The Radio Show is actually 8.00pm - 10.00pm on Thursday (Not 7.00pm - 9.00pm) Now edited. Thanks for letting me know Simon - Thank gawd you're gonna be with me Len
  14. LEN


    Oh please do - Been working on it for two evenings!
  15. LEN


    Yeh - Cheap


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