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  1. LEN

    Down votes

    Not as yet - But I'll 'put it to the Board' Len
  2. LEN

    Down votes

    Hiya, Yes, see where your name is - You have 360 from your 649 posts. Actually, correction, they're not points, just 'likes' from other members. If you got an 'arrow down' (Thumbs down') from someone, the 'like' amount would reduce (Now not the case if you get a 'disagree' from someone) It's just an indication of how your posts are received I suppose. Apologies for the confusion. All the best, Len
  3. LEN

    Down votes

    I see what you mean, but the face has a straight 'non expression' mouth, and if you hover over any of the button choices before pressing, an explanation of what they are pops up (Hopefully people will get to know them pretty sharpish) Thanks for all feed-back so far - I've run out of 'likes' (Up Votes) today Len
  4. LEN

    Down votes

    I may add a 'FFS!' button just on your posts Steve Len
  5. LEN

    Down votes

    If you hover over that area if accidentally hitting it, you can hit the small cross above the arrow up, and that retracts it. Try it on this post. Len
  6. LEN

    Down votes

    It's a good point, but lots of folk read only, and don't want to post any comments - Hoping they may engage by at least hitting one of the buttons. Len
  7. LEN

    Down votes

    The 'Arrow Up' is still there, which is the 'Thumbs Up' thingy. Len
  8. LEN

    Down votes

    We'll see how it goes Kev, it still states that you disagree - I get your point though, and agree a small amount of posts may warrant a 'strong disagree'. But a Red 'thumbs down' arrow with no explanation can be interpreted in different ways. Open to all opinions of course, and will keep or change depending on overall feed-back All the best, Len
  9. LEN

    Down votes

    Same Thanks for testing it Len
  10. LEN

    Down votes

    Hi Folks, We have had a re-think ref 'down votes' on people's posts. They are only a 'I disagree' kinda thing anyway, but we feel they come across as a bit more negative than what they are meant for. The thinking is that if someone disagrees with someone else's post, it’s better if they challenge it by answering the post, rather than this 'thumbs down' with no explanation. That said, we are replacing the 'down' button with a 'neutral smiley reaction’ (Disagree) and if this button is pressed, no one will get ‘minus’ points as they did before - Just because someone disagrees with a post, it really doesn't warrant losing points over. Hopefully more people can get involved in the threads this way - Giving an opinion even if they prefer not to post so much. But keep those posts coming - It’s what makes the site what it is! Trialing for a week or so to see how it goes. All the best, Len
  11. Mace played a different version to 'Cajun Hart' in the 80's. Not sure if it was the Geoffrey Meteliko version (It didn't seem so 'cheesy' if I remember rightly) A long time ago, so could have been it. Len
  12. LEN

    Birthday Peter99

  13. There's me just about to write Nina's card..... Len
  14. LEN


    There are some DJs that I rate / some I don't so much (In the nicest possible way I hasten to add) I just enjoy what they do.....'OVO' this 'OVO' that - I have less time for 'Mr Souless' who just happens to have all the original 'top tunes' 'The End' Len
  15. LEN


    Or don't mention 'OVO' ever again! (We never used to) Len

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