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  1. Peter99. Birthday

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Pete99! Have a great day! Len
  2. Happy Birthday PhilT

    Ditto - HAPPY BIRTHDAY Phil! Len
  3. Canadian visiting UK in May.

    Hiya Ben, As said above - Below is the link to the events for when you will be visiting. I hope you have an enjoyable stay! All the best, Len https://www.soul-source.co.uk/calendar/2018/5/
  4. Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    Thoroughly enjoyed the first of a new series of Endeavour last night - A great series, and one I will watch from the very beginning again. I never liked Morse though (Endeavour is Morse as a young man) Len
  5. Top 5 This Weekend

    Hi Stephen, If you click 'Following' (top right of page) ((Although now you have posted you automatically 'follow' anyway)) You should now get a notification if someone adds a post - If you click on that notification, you will autocratically be sent to t...
  6. On a positive (To contrast the awful ones so still 'on topic') I do like the Cadbury Chocolate ad where the little girl buys a bar of Chocolate for her mum's birthday by paying in toys......"Here's your change".....(The shop keeper gives her back her prized ...
  7. I actually wrote to the the BBC about Emma Willis (When The Voice was on the beeb) complaining about the same thing - her damn shouting!......She seems to have calmed it down now......Ok, could be a coincidence (But they did write back) Glad it's not jus...
  8. Edit - Now sorted. If anyone has ‘Paul Smith - I’ll Run' (Jacklyn) Let me know please. Thanks! Len
  9. Urban Myths of Northern Soul

    'Records were used as ballast on ships' Len
  10. Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    Pete's reffering to Face Book Moderators - We're far more tolerant here This thread's going a bit 'off-topic', with talk of cutting machines / what is Northern Soul? etc but hey ho Len
  11. Manship - Gil Scott Heron

    Someone got a good deal on 'Frank Howard - Judy' (It ended at £112.00) A fantastic record, and quite a hard one I think. Len
  12. Happy Birthday Louise

  13. Happy Birthday Joan

    Yes Happy Birthday Joan! Love from The Dopson household! xxx
  14. Cueing options for vinyl other than headphones

    Hi Mick, I've seen you DJ on many occasions, and your style of no talking / mixing them in, works well - I've also seen DJs try to do the same, but for some reason (the 'magic') it ends up being background music. At that point, I wish they would 'break i...

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