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    The Debonaires - How's Your New Love Treating You

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  1. LEN

    Bazza playlist pure soul weekender

    Thank you! At first glance I thought Baz's set was all over the place Nice one Baz Len
  2. Chr*st isn't it just?!!! Drives me insane that add. Len
  3. LEN

    World cup 2018 underway

    I best step away from this convo - I know little about the current game of football, and nothing about Gareth Southgate (except he missed a penalty) He just seemed nice on the telly As for my prediction of 3-0 to England - I kid you not, but I predicted the 2-1 to England, so am feeling confident. .....Why isn't Steve Coppell playing?
  4. LEN

    World cup 2018 underway

    I like Gareth Southgate, and nice to hear him say at the end of the game....."I hope you all at home enjoyed it"...... His heart is well in to it. My prediction for Sunday's game - England 3 / Panama 0 Len
  5. LEN

    Members Intros - Welcome to Soul Source

    Being burgled is a horrible experience - It happened to me many moons ago. I came back from a soul night and I couldn't get in to my house because they had locked it from the inside. When I finally got in, the place was a mess, I looked across my living room to see one of my record boxes had been opened (The latches were undone) My heart sank, I raced over to it, opened it, only to find they hadn't taken a single one! Then I ha..
  6. LEN

    All Our Yesterdays * Cutting Edge Comedy Heroes

    Brilliant I never got the 'Dead Parrot' sketch though (Although Michael Palin is a very funny man) Am I the only person? Dave Allen - Genius! Len P.s - Never got 'Fawlty Towers' either
  7. Another one from me (Unfortunately this one had to leave home) Not sure if it's for everyone, but I think it's a goodun Len 'Joe Douglas - Crazy Things'
  8. LEN

    The Latin stuff that seems to be everywhere.

    'Bad Breath!' I used to have this - That's a unique one! Len .......The record that is!
  9. LEN

    The Latin stuff that seems to be everywhere.

    I got this somewhere - A really atmospheric tune, sounds as if it could be used in a film (Maybe a Guy Richie one) Defo Latin! Len
  10. LEN

    The Latin stuff that seems to be everywhere.

    This is awesome! Len 'Mongo Santamaria - We got Latin Soul'
  11. Too late - Doh! Len
  12. Can't remember doing that Steve, but it wouldn't surprise me! You're correct, I did sell it to you. I've been known to offer to buy my own records when someone else is playing my records around my house Len
  13. LEN

    Members Intros - Welcome to Soul Source

    And a warm welcome from me to 'all of the above' 'Get stuck in!' All the best, Len
  14. LEN

    The Latin stuff that seems to be everywhere.

    I used to have a few Latin bits. Still love this (and kept it) Len 'Joe Bataan - Gypsy Woman' 'Ray Barretto - Hard Hands'
  15. Yes! You just reminded me of a wonderful sound - I'll just sell the other side Here's another - 'Jimmie Raye - Philly Dog Around The World' (I had this 'on loop' on a tape) I couldn't get enough of it! Len