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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS! Have a goodun Len
  2. I sold my 'In Orbit' demo to a friend for 50p - It went to a good home Len
  3. I wouldn't say this was my favorite film, but one I have always remembered in an 'intriguing' kinda way 'The Asphyx' (1972) Staring a young Robert Powell. Faves - 'The Great Escape' / 'Charlie And The Chocolate Factory' / Back To The Future 1, 3, and 2 (In preference order) / 'The Ten Commandments' / 'The Egyptian' (I also love 'Jaws') All the best, Len
  4. I agree, lots more could be done to minimize internet propaganda - There may also be an argument for minimizing media coverage of future attacks, simply to stop the 'promotion' / copycat attacks. Just watched the Manchester concert with my two children, very moving / makes you think again how much you love your children. I could say a lot more, but it won't be pleasant. All the best, Len
  5. My top 5 from the weekend - ‘The Parliaments - Heart Trouble’. Played by Andy Dyson in the main room at The Bury All-nighter - It really ‘hit the spot’ ‘Enchantments - I'm In Love With Your Daughter’. Played by Denny Johnson in the main room at the Bury All-nighter. Again, just ‘hit the spot’ (A great DJ is Denny) ‘Jackie Beavers - Come back my love’. Played by Gibby in The Kenwood Suite at The Bury All-nighter. ‘Billy Stewart - Count Me Out’. Played by Simon Ingham in The Kenwood Suite at The Bury All-nighter. ‘Tommy Frontera - (You're My) Leading Lady’. Played by me in The Kenwood Suite at The Bury All-nighter. Nothing ‘super new’ on my list, but sometimes a record just sounds so right All the best, Len
  6. Cheers Rod - A job well done! Happy retirement Len
  7. Weekend's nearly here - See you at the 'go go' folkz! Len
  8. Thoughts still with you. Len.
  9. I don't think the person responsible even thinks as far as things like 'dividing us all' / or what is going on in the middle east - It's someone who is desensitized to this sort of thing by watching it on the interment - Why You Tube and Face Book don't immediately take down this vile stuff is beyond me! Sadly, these events will take a generation of time to finally stop. Thoughts to all those effected. Len.
  10. Sorry Diddy, ain't got 'any of the above' - I hope this will do - 'Gene Chandler - Without You Here' All the best, Len
  11. I've always liked the 'Northern Soul Mumble', never understood a word, but always liked it! Len
  12. 'twas a pleasant evening, some beautiful sounds played, and not forgetting Gilly's impromptu spot which was most enjoyable Here's my choices. All the best, Len Ray Gant & Arabian Knights - Don't Leave Me Baby - Jay-Walking The Sophisticates - I Need You - Mutt The DeVons - Wise Up And Be Smart - Mr G Regina Sherard - Helpless Baby - King The Ster-phonics - Don't Leave Me - Mas-Tok Barbara Greene - Young Boy - Rennee Juan Williams - I Check My Mail Box Every Day - Blue Soul The Jelly Beans - I'm Hip To You - Esk Frank Howard - Judy - Excello Clara Wood - You're After My Guy - Imperial The Darlings - Two Time Loser - Kay-Ko
  13. Here we go again for the next installment of The NCS Bury All-nighter! Yup Simon's defo coming, via a plane of all things! (Newquay to Manchester) That's commitment for ya! I recon I'll play this in 'The Kenwood Suite'. Thanks in advance for visiting this room during the evening's proceedings. All the best, Len 'The Ster-phonics - Don't Leave Me'
  14. Oh sorry - I read ' Something old someone new' as being a new DJ just playing tunes that are already being played Ok, yeh definitely someone new if they have their own 'take' on things gets my vote, even if their inexperience makes them 'wobble' every so often, it would still make the night interesting - Good luck to the poor soul this may relate to! Hope I haven't confused your thread! Len
  15. We'll see by the result of course - But I've always thought to just serve up (as you put it) the same old same old, is patronizing to the punters. My view is that most people who enjoy SOUL music would welcome something new (and someone new if they were ok at DJing) As long as it's 'served up' properly, as in, not boring people to death by only playing tunes that the majority there are unfamiliar with. A good record is a good record! So 'something old something new' gets my vote every time - They compliment each other! (Although you have put 'something old someone new' in your title) Len