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  1. Better in lots of cases - I buy by my ear All the best, Len
  2. No, it's all down hill from there on in for me Len
  3. Ha ha - I was gonna mention that, but thought it crass to do so Ok, just to touch upon that for a second - I'm gonna take a looksee over the Christmas period, and as you say, I may have a 'prune' (word!) The only slight snag, is that some will be priced 'not' to sell - If I get good money then I may part with something / If I don't, I'll keep it. I'm not one to take advantage, but if someone comes along that really wants an item and can afford to go a bit (what may be seen as) high end price-wise, then everyone's happy - I get a good chunk towards America / The buyer gets his want! PM me on this if you want mate, although I'm still not 100% sure what I'm gonna let go. Anyway - Back to first 3 records! All the best, Len
  4. Or people could carry on posting for a bit of fun It's good to see people's choices. Len
  5. It goes for about £2,000.00, but that depends on how much someone wants it of course - Could be more on a good day, as it's not up for sale that often. All the best, Len
  6. There's the difference, a great laugh had by all concerned - Rather than 'cloak and dagger' goings on Pssst - What was Julian going to play? Len
  7. Or if someone is 'championing' a certain tune (Maybe blown the dust off one) If they have put the thought behind it, I think that should be respected really, or that resurgence of said tune gets stopped in it's tracks somehow. Len
  8. I admire anyone who can DJ 'off the cuff', and have to say I'm slightly envious. I am capable of it, and have done so, but found it exhausting, especially trying to 'work' when there's 5 people (taller than me) behind the decks talking BL*ODY RECORDS! I do usually end up changing what I have planned though, dramatically sometimes, so I suppose my type of planning just gives me a foundation to build on. 'Good comedy is a very serious business' Len P.s - Sean Chapman makes a point of writing tunes down so he doesn't repeat them in his sets - Hard worker is Sean, but s*d that, does it really matter if a tune is played twice?
  9. As lazy people say We're all different mate - I suppose that's a good thing All the best, Len
  10. Yes I think the general question is - What first three records would you choose to play in any given set? Naturally some share an example of what they have used in the past. I don't think many use the same three, although (as mentioned) some who don't DJ that regularly may do so. It wouldn't be noticeable as it would if someone did the same thing on a regular basis - That would lose something pretty sharpish! Len ,
  11. LEN


    Hello mate, Do you know what? Just this morning I was considering coming along, even if only to laugh at Simon's DJing. I'm gonna see how the land lies, but kids win over this Northern Soul lark (Just) All the best, Len
  12. Well put. Although I have gone the other way, and finish most of my sets with 'The Dells - It's All Up To You' (If anyone is still in the room that is) It leaves a 'feel good factor', and is of course in contrast to the Mid-tempo bits 'n' pieces I like to play during my set. Hey it's Monday morning - Have a good day guyz! Len 'The Dells - It's All Up To You'
  13. He he - One DJ before me asked......."Len, do you want me to clear the floor? Saves you doing it mate".........."Yes please".........And he did! Hilarious, and made my job that bit easier Len
  14. Was for everyone at one time, but not the majority nowadays - A large percentage of people now want familiar sounds, then some of those people are comfortable with unfamiliar sounds if played 'in there somewhere'. DJing nowadays can be a ble*ding mine-field All the best, Len
  15. First sentence - I agree (Although your sentence is a question) I know some think DJ to DJ should be a seamless transformation, but I prefer the complete opposite. New DJ = New Chapter! Second sentence - It depends where you're DJing. But often during the 80s / 90s DJs would 'underline' their set with a slowie. Colin Law finished his set at Life-line with 'The Four Tops - Ask The Lonely' which worked fine, and was appreciated. This practice is alien to some, so if not seen before can be a bit of a shock. All the best, Len


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