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  1. Chalky. Birthday

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! All the best, Len
  2. Crazylegs.Birthday.

    Well Harrogate is a wonderful place - Maybe he spent his Birthday in the Tea Rooms (If so, I hope someone else paid - £85.00 last time I took the family!) Len
  3. Crazylegs.Birthday.

    Crazy Happy Birthday - Whoever you are Len
  4. Happy Birthday Len

    Thanks for the birthday wishes folkz (Apart form working a 12 hour shift) I had a lovely day - Indian takeaway, c/w presents from the kids and family. Lotso T-shirts, soon to be worn at a venue near you! Thanks again. Len
  5. Getting An Old Friend Back

    Hi Pete, I fully understand the selling then regretting it thing (We all do) Glad you have your friend back Have a good weekend folks. All the best, Len
  6. Mike. Birthday

  7. Fickle fingers. Birthday

    Another Belated Birthday wish from me mate! All the best, Len P.s - I've been 'bumping' in to 'Kyp' lots lately, not seen him in years prior.
  8. It used to be a little black book (I still have mine somewhere) Some ask, then take a quick photo (On their phones of course) The old memory is a problem for lots of us Len
  9. Yes I've also had personal messages asking about records, and even asking for full play lists (Believe it or not Ted!) Like you, I always oblige. Len
  10. It defo has a place on here, and is why I voted no, but didn't comment as to why, as I would not want to discourage play lists being posted - Others read them for various reasons other than focusing on just the 'night out' (As I do) I have put play lists...
  11. I can’t Mike - I’m a Moderator, I may get sacked if I say I don’t really do play lists! Oh dear, I suppose it’s too late now, so here goes…… I voted no, although I am not completely against them - I do understand the interest side of things / what o...
  12. suggestions please - reactions?

    Ok, looks like it's just me - I know 'A Southern Softy' See ya Sat night at Bury Chalky. Len
  13. suggestions please - reactions?

    Just a thought here Mike - I'm not sure if I really like the 'Dis-like' / 'Down Vote' button. I think if someone feels they want to press 'Dis-like', they should rather 'quote' the said post, and put their opposing view forward. The button being pressed ...

    I didn't get round to trawling through my records last night. Silly me, 'Midsummer Murders' was on the telly - Can't miss that But here's a couple I have in mind for 'The Kenwood Suite' See you on the dance floor! Len An absolute Classic - 'The Exits - Another Sundown In Watts' A Tape Swappers Fave - 'Gene And Eddie - It's No Sin'
  15. major upgrade of site

    I see Mike. If I think of any that may be helpful / worthwhile, I'll let you know. Cheers, Len