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    Not sure what to put here -  A 100 Club regular for many years, although I don't get down there as much as I used to (Life gets in the way don't it?) My 'Golden Years' were the 90's - Winsford, Wilton, The 100 Club, Albrighton, The Ritz Manchester (Boxing night was fantastic!), along with the few various Soul nights that were dotted about - A time when we all went to the same places / and there was respect between promoters i'm still 'doing it' as much as I can, it's not the same as it was for me, but I still make the most of when I do go out! The best scene / the best people! Cheers, Len 

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    The Debonaires - How's Your New Love Treating You

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  1. It's every DJ's nightmare. I expect some chancer grabbed a handful of records and scarpered in seconds, which could easily happen, especially if lots of people were on the stage - This kind of thing was not really on people's minds years ago, but nowadays is different - Keep a sharp eye on your Gems! I used to put a 'wall' of tables along the back (For the DJ's records) But also along both sides, so there was only a small gap left to get to the stage. Mainly to control 'decks traffic', but it also made it very noticeable to the DJ who had joined them. A shame it happens at all of course, but glad it rarely does. Len
  2. Jeeeze I've just realized it's this weekend!......Been a bit stressed of late See you there. Len
  3. Hiya, Presume you know this is the other side to 'Not Too Old To Cry'. If you didn't, that may help you in your hunt Great tune! (Either side) Len
  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Pete! All the best, Len
  5. It's a ' free for all' now Steve - Pretty much gone are the days when promoters respectfully called up one other to discuss booking dates so not to encroach on each other's events, which was done for the obvious reasons you give (everyone suffers), and for the general health of the scene. Clashes did happen, but these were kept to the absolute minimum, and usually because of for want of trying, no one fell out over it happening every so often. Good luck to all promoters - You need a bit of that nowadays Len
  6. I thought Jem had retired Steve! I have, well from DJing at least (I'm not as keen as I once was on that score) But I think I'm gonna play a few on this night being as it's just a 'one off' kinda thang. Let's hope a few peeps turn out for old times sake All the best, Len
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Steve! Have a fantastic day. All the best, Len
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Steve! All the bestest, Len
  9. Have to say I'm the same, yet have read of incidents. I've also read of events playing just pressings that I am not aware of, and DJs that turn up just before their spot and go home straight after. I suppose if the odd occasions of the above examples get written about, it can seem as though they're more widespread than they actually are. Good point btw. Len
  10. Hi Steve, Well I thought it was now cool to be into 'something different' I'm getting old now, so felt a mask may well have been an improvement....... ........My Son Bailey however (He's the one on the left) This is what 'packed to the rafters' really looks like - 'SlipKnot' Sorry Paul, a tad 'off-topic' here - It was thoroughly enjoyable witnessing my Son's passion of something though All the best, Len
  11. 'Boffins of Ballyhoo' defo a copyright Mick Lyons that one A few years back I was at a do (can't remember where) Was only myself and another dancing to somat, and a p*ssed up girl was dancing all over the place, even bumping into just the two of us who were on the dance floor at that particular time! After the record had finished, the guy came over to me with a big smile on his face and said......"Had that been a bloke I would have decked him!"......Of course I said......"Me too!".....(He didn't know I had only one fight in my entire life under my belt) Anyway, we simply shrugged it off, and didn't get too bothered by the p*ssed up girl (Who was having a wail of a time!) Point being - This was a few years ago, but going by what I read, it seems that these sort of manageable situations have now turned into some events being top heavy with more people like this than us lot. Depends where you go for now...... Len P.s - I saw 'SlipKnot' last night
  12. It finishes at different times for lots of people for a variety of reasons. When you're 'chasing ya tail', that's when it's finished for you - Good luck to those who are enjoying it now Len
  13. Looks like a lovely holiday, but I would never want to mix my holidays with 'Norman Soul' - Each to their own though (of course) Ady's Cleethorpe's weekender had a 'proper' pool party every Sunday night - God knows how everyone survived! (I don't think that was planned though) ((The pool party that is, not the whole weekender)) Len
  14. Be interesting to hear other's views of 'Ten years on' Len

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