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  1. LEN

    Freemasonry and Northern Soul

    Thanks Phil, I've known some Free Masons, and they happen to have been not very nice people, so have to admit, that gave me a negative insight, and assumed lots are just greedy people. But really, like all walks of life, there are the not so nice people as well as the gooduns - And your experience shows more of the latter. N.B - I deleted your photo from your quote simply so we don't clog up the thread - It's a nice photo Len
  2. LEN

    Freemasonry and Northern Soul

    Oh yeh - Or even google stuff Len
  3. LEN

    Freemasonry and Northern Soul

    I thought the networking bit was the reason some want to join - Not saying anything wrong with a group of people helping each other out / recommending each other etc (There's lots of Breakfast Clubs that do just that) Maybe these people get 'Black Balled' though. I don't suppose you can give more insight being as it's based on secrecy. So presume there's a lot more to it. All the best, Len
  4. There's certainly plenty of 'DJs' out there - I think it a shame that there's not many that have real 'pull' as far as attracting lots of people to an event nowadays. That's defo something that has changed. Len
  5. Or the gambling from your own home adds (sitting in ya underpants) It's not Las Vegas! Len
  6. LEN

    Otis lee

    I was drawn to 'Otis Lee' as it seemed so different at that time - I still love it, but have had my 'fill' Len
  7. LEN

    Members Intros - Welcome to Soul Source

    Welcome all new members & the latest one Tracey - Short and sweet! Feel free to add to the various forums. Enjoy! All the best, Len
  8. LEN

    Otis lee

    Have to agree - It used to be a 'must play'. That said, lots who didn't hear it years ago will be enjoying it just the same All the best, Len P.s - What ever happened to 'Vanguards - Good Times Bad Times'? Now that got absolutely hammered (Never to be heard again!)
  9. LEN

    Precisely what is it...?

    Get what? Len
  10. LEN

    Otis lee

    There's one for sale on the link below if anyone wants one - £1,000.00 All the best, Len
  11. Oh sorry Ed, I miss-understood. Was gonna say - If there's £80,000.00 profit to be made at each event, no wonder there's so many on! Millionaires the lot of em All the best, Len
  12. I believe in paying the DJs even if you are making a loss (DJ's can decide whether to take it or not) All the best, Len
  13. Not sure how they get £80k profit when 900 x £40 = £36,000.00 But on a serious note - If a quality event makes the promoter some profit, good luck to em. As has been said, lots of events bl*eding everywhere, so to actually make a profit nowadays is one heck of an achievement! All the best, Len
  14. I think if people stop 'chasing their tails' (Guilty as charged btw), as in, stop hoping it will be the same as they once remembered (When you were young, and all was so exciting) one can get great enjoyment, just a different enjoyment that's all. That said, I don't like the way the Scene is. 'Starbucks Northern Soul' - Every town has one (and some) But hey ho, that's the way it is, and there's nothing we can do about it. As for 'big names' not pulling crowds, I agree - Maybe if they were only available at the major All-nighters, that would have made a difference, but most of the DJs (kindly has to be said) play almost anywhere, so people don't need to travel to see 'a Soul Sam'. Interesting to reflect on it all every 5 years or so. I now except my best times are over, and don't feel the need to do it every weekend, but when I do, I can now make the most of it - The music still moves me thank god! All the best, Len
  15. Crumbs - The "I've hired Disco Dave" one is brilliant! Edit - Can't find the clip....."I said raid, not rave!"......"Oh, but I've hired Disco Dave"....... Len


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