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  1. Stockport soul clothing will be in attendance this month. Missed the first two due to other commitments, heard nothing but good vibes about this venue. We will see you there nice and early. KTF Dave & Jo
  2. Looking forward to this event. We would like to support the charity by donating 3 items of clothing. Male Bags ( Baggies ) Schoolboy Grey 32" waist x 31" leg Female Bags ( Baggies ) Beige size 14 x 29" leg Pegs Prince of Wales check 34" waist x 29" leg So get your raffle tickets bought and lets raise some money for the young man. See you all next week. Dave & Jo Stockport Soul Clothing
  3. northern45

    Padiham Soul Club

    Coming over Saturday. It's been a while, be great to catch up with friends we have not seen for a while. Dave & Jo S.S.C
  4. Stockport soul clothing will be calling in on Saturday. We will have a small amount of stock with us Baggies, pegs,female baggies bowling shirts and a few vest. So if you would like anything just say hello and we will see if we can sort you out with something. If not you could still order something for delivery. We are looking forward to the event. We are coming to enjoy the event not on a sales mission, it's just someone local said why don't you bring some of your clothing range with you. KTF Dave & Jo
    What a great night that was. The Dj's from start to the time we left played brilliant complementing sets that just made for an awesome night. Thank you Dave & Jo
  5. Me to Yockster finally get rid of this ammo box lol
  6. We will be there with the rest of the soul family. Just as Ian would have wanted it. Looking forward to seeing everyone, and raising a load of cash for the Trust. KTF Dave & Jo
  7. Always nice to see you and Cheryl Moz. Carl is coming over and Dave and Sally said they were coming too. See you Saturday mate
  8. Stockport Soul clothing will be over on Saturday. Will be great to see you all and have a dance. Meeting up with some friends who are travelling over. We will also have some stock with us of our northern soul clothing range, Bags, Pegs, Skirts, Bowling shirts. vests ect please ask and we will try to sort out your requirements for you. Looking forward to a great night of music and dancing. Dave & Jo
  9. All roads lead to the 21st century Casino in Mansfield, the legendary Kingsway Hall. See You all soon Dave & Jo
  10. Great night last night, thanks Pete and the other Dj's great music not danced that much in ages. Thanks once again Dave & Jo
  11. We have been trying to get over to this event for some time now, and it looks like we will be there on Saturday great reviews by everyone we have spoken to so we are really looking forward to it. Dave & Jo
  12. One of the Northern Soul Good guy's an absolute Gent, me and Jo where proud to be called one of his friends. He stood for everything that we all aspire to be with regards the northern soul scene. We are so glad that we was able to meet and be part of such a great man's life. Our sincere condolences to Bev and all his family. We will never forget you Biff. R.I .P Soul Bro Dave & Jo
  13. This is a must for us. Will sort something out for the raffle Carl. Either a piece of clothing or a voucher for clothing. Dave & Jo
  14. We are very pleased to ask to help out with regards this wonderful charity. Which is organised and run so professionally by top people for such a great cause. Looking forward to it. Lets raise loads of cash. KTF Dave & Jo Stockport Soul Clothing

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