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    Soul Soul and more soul o and Motown. Dancing.
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    superlatives I still love you.

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  1. Many more to you Steve. Hugh X Yvonne. XX to Lou to.
  2. Not many on this scene of ours that didn't know who Keith was. RIP Sir. Hugh X Yvonne
  3. The Superlatives. I still love you. Gets me up everytime. Hugh
  4. Bloody hell Steve that would be great. Clubs like Sheridan's aswell ect would brilliant. Would probably get rid of a lot of the plastic population to. Hugh X Yvonne XX to Lou.
  5. Got 8 of them. Wow. The real pleasure for me is the ones I don't know. (A lot) I Just type it in this magic thing and I get to hear some fantastic sounds. The knowledge and the generosity to share it on this site is fantastic. Brilliant article. Thank you. Hugh
  6. Fantastic. I must be on there somewhere. Hugh
  7. Time. Edwin Starr. Because this lock down is taking to much of it. Hugh
  8. Terribly sad news. Take a rest Sue and we'll see you later on that dance floor upstairs. Deepest sympathies. Hugh X Yvonne
  9. The exciters Blowing up my mind is an absolutely top tune to my ears. When I heard the Allergies remix or retake or sample or whatever you want to call (Loves supposed to be) I was well impressed. Very drum and bass but still brilliant to my ears anyway. Hugh
  10. Greatest male vocalist of all time. Absolutely !! Shake Me Wake Me does it for me though. Hugh
  11. Watch out little girl Blowing up my mind I can't hold on I still love My baby likes to boogaloo Goodbye baby Time She make me wanna dance The who who song To many people
  12. Bloody hell. Can't make it. See you next time. Have a cracking night everyone. Ktf Hugh.

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