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    Alan Monsey
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    Detroit, Chicago, Philly, New York and all other USA Soul influential Cities, Northern Soul, Football, DIY & Family.
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    The Prophets - One Gold Piece
  1. Free UK standard postage (overseas please ask for quote). Please PM me if any of interest. Thank you for looking: Audrey Akens ~ What Can You Lose (But The Blues) - Ex vinyl £20 Rose Batiste ~ Sweetheart Darling - VG++ Vinyl £20 ...
  2. 16 Northern 45s - With Scans

    Pm’d You bud
  3. 16 Northern 45s - With Scans

    Pm’d You Glyn
  4. All originals. Please PM me if any of interest. Free Postage to UK. Overseas please ask for quote. Herb Ward ~ Ex Vinyl - £20 Reuben Bell (b/w Too Late) - Ex Vinyl - £50 Tommy Hunt (Canadian Issue) Ex Vinyl - £40 Mitch...
  5. All originals as pictured. Please PM me if any of interest. All free postage. Ex Styrene vinyl. - £300 ***SOLD*** Ex - £30 Ex - Pen line across label. - £65 Ex - £20 Ex - £45 Ex - £125 Ex ...
  6. Ex Styrene Auditioncopy. Delta 40175 She’ll Be Gone + Love Oh Love (1961) £325 PM me if of interest.
  7. Money Town 45 please pm me with details. thanks Alan
  8. Oh I Need You (Yes I Do) please pm me with details. best Alan
  9. Howard Guyton - I Watched You Slowly... Issue/Demo Seven Souls - I Still Love You - Okeh or Italian Pic Sleeve Please PM me with price & condition. Thanks in Advance - Alan
  10. Thanks for your reply Dave. Appreciated.
  11. Hi All, I have an excellent vinyl copy of Jackie wilson - A Lovely Way To Die on Japanese Cral (1968) with the picture insert and company sleeve. Anyone got an idea of value please as thinking of moving on. Best Alan
  12. Hi,

    Ive got an Ex picture sleeve copy for £75 delivered if of interest.

    kind regards - Alan

  13. Errol Dixon - UK Oriole

    Hi all, im after a copy of: Give Me More Time / Rocks On My Pillow on U.K. Oriole. please PM me. Thanks Alan
  14. All items include free UK postage. Paypal F&F or cash. Fully money back guarantee if not satisfied. Please PM me. Thank you for looking - Alan Excellent Condition - £40 VG++ £15 VG++ £30 VG++ £12 Ex £30 *...
  15. Unusual Places You Found Imported 45s

    Back in Norwich in the 70s, the travelling fair that used to come at Easter & Crimbo. 'Stick 3 Darts' and if you lost you got a copy of Spyder Turner 'can't take it anymore' Ive still got the copy I 'lost' but won 😂

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