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    Collecting, DJ'ing, present radio show every Sunday night on Solar Radio www.solarradio.com, love the music group soul Volumes, Falcons etc.

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  1. Mark Bicknell

    Big Daddy Rogers I'm A Big Man 2 Alt Takes Sound Clips.

    PRESENTING BIG DADDY ROGERS - I'M A BIG MAN 2 Alt takes under exclusive licence from One-deful productions to Secret Stash records taken from the original Midas master tapes. TAKE 2 is a slightly quicker tempo than the Midas original and not as busy as the original 45, hard to top perfection in the first place but take 2 comes pretty close. TAKE 4 takes the track to a different level with an incredible overdubbed voal which totally blew me away when I first played the master studio session tape. Available soon, limited edition of only 150 copies worldwide, comes in a black sleeve, gold title sticker, collectors card, numbered certificate sealed in a poly bag, pre orders are selling fast to reserve PM here or email bicknellmark@aol.com
  2. BigManPromoVideo.mp4 SIDE B I'm A Big Man Take 2 Copy Protected.mp3 SIDE A I'm A Big Man Take 4 With Overdubbed Vocals Copy Protected.mp3
  3. Mark Bicknell

    Won-derful Soul Club Sunday Soul Session

    Won-derful Soul Club Presents New Sunday Soul Session, Upstairs at The Bridge Inn, 19 Shepley Street, Town Centre, Stalybridge, SK15 2AH. Sunday October 21st 2018, then bi monthly future dates to be confirmed, Door Tax £5.00 3pm - 10pm - DJ's The Willingham Collective, Gibby, Mark Bicknell,Neil Horsman. Won-derful Northern Soul, Soulful R'n'B, Classy Motown and more. Ample seating, well stocked bar, top sound system, classy venue. For further details - Mark 0161 217 9867 - bicknellmark@aol.com - Venue 07733 300836.
  4. News all about a new upcoming Manchester All Nighter from the Won-derful Soul Club The venue has a good vibe, sublime in-house sound system, two well-stocked bars, chill out area with leather sofas, football table, video games and a nice dance area space Admission will be £10.00 Advance tickets and £12.00 on the door subject to availability. Full details to follow... Full details to follow...
  5. Mark Bicknell


    Looking forward to a sublime day out.
  6. Mark Bicknell

    News: New limited edition from Secret Stash coming soon.

    Full payment to be paid in advance of release to secure a copy, this is due to a number of unclaimed copies of the previous limited edition release, full payment details to follow shortly.
  7. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Limited edition number 3 coming soon. View full article
  8. We are proud to announce the next planned limited edition 45 from Secret Stash records, Big Daddy Rogers - I'm A Big Man two sublime alternate takes, originally released on Midas records One-derful records Chicago R'n'b masterclass, take 2 is a slightly faster tempo than the Midas original which takes the track to another level, take 4 is simply sublime with an overdubbed vocal which sounds like a duet, the reaction to this take when playing it out and about at venues has been stunning, the double barrel pounding vocal takes the track to a different dimension. To pre reserve a copy please PM here or email bicknellmark@aol.com the record comes in a glossy black card sleeve, title ident, numbered certificate, collectors card in a poly bag, we will be requesting a non refundable payment in advance of release this is due to a number of unclaimed reserved copies of the last limited edition securing a copy to avoid dissapointment. £50.00 Each plus £3.00 sign for first class mail, release date to follow which should be around a month, further details on the Facebook group Secret Stash records UK division.
  9. Mark Bicknell

    ' A youth culture left in the hands of old men'

    Here here.
  10. Mark Bicknell

    ' A youth culture left in the hands of old men'

    She is the future lol
  11. Mark Bicknell

    George wydell, from out of nowhere

    Someone should rip your arm off for this, Demo here, two sublime sides.
  12. Mark Bicknell

    Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

  13. The Toddlin' Town release has been plagued with issues... a plant closure (RIP Canada Boy Vinyl), bad plates, and now a legal battle between a songwriter and publisher. Until the legal battle is resolved, we cannot move forward with the release. We understand how frustrating this is and would like offer the opportunity for any subscribers interested to get a refund for the final installment of the One-derful! Collection. Anyone receiving a refund will be notified when the release is available for purchase. If you'd like a refund, please email info@secretstashrecords.com and provide your paypal address and the name you used when your subscription was purchased. We're extremely sorry for the long wait. Secret Stash Records ...............................


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