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    Really sorry that me and Tony Mac had to shoot off early last night, his brother was in hospital and had taken a turn for the worse. Up to that point the music was sublime as always. Tony played a superb spot!! Not danced that much in ages cheers Sandy x
    THE BEST NIGHT at the Legion thus far!! Never seen it so packed!! Excellent music from all dj's from start to finish. So good to see Mark Bicknell back behind the decks where he belongs thanks for requests, S Z went down well I'd say Tony Brookes, should be played out more. Absolutely fantastic night, thanks Tony & Lisa will try n get there for the Wedding Bash xx ps alright Sandra (Wayoutgirl) stop rubbing it in Xx
    Absolutely brilliant night!! The weather was dire round our way as we set off but soon cleared on M56, hats off to Tony for getting us there and back safely. I was really pleased to see a good turn out, (wasn't expecting as many) the music was superb all night. Fantastic spots from everyone but have to agree with everyone about Roger's sets. (AWESOME) he played some LP tracks in his first set a couple off the New Sounds LP, his last set was stuff he used to play at The Wilton right up my Street, (bloody love Roger) Also have to mention Simon (save the day) Ingham, what a fantastic surprise to
  1. Looking forward to Saturday, great line up and Tony Mac's birthday The Rochdale lot will be in attendance. Can I request Sven Zetterberg please Tony Sandy
  2. Really looking forward to Bury Town Hall, fast becoming one of my fave nighters.........I'll rephrase that, it IS my FAVE nighter. Great atmosphere, superb dance floor. I spend the majority of the night in the Kenwood Suite, (my kinda music) but also love the main room and will be spending some time in there as my mate Tony Mac is on so deffo won't be missing his spot. (Hope he's not on same time as Keith Williams)? It's also his birthday on the 25th so.....party time!!! My sisters are still over from NZ, they thoroughly enjoyed the last one, cant come soon enough!! Sandy
  3. Missed the last one Really looking forward to coming over to Weaverham on Saturday for my mate Paul Shirley's debut (he's got an awesome collection) It's a cracking venue, so if you haven't been before get yourself over...... you wont be disappointed Sandy
  4. What an absolutely fantastic line up for the Back Room!!! Especially good because they will be able to play stuff that they don't usually get chance to play at other venues, (namely my mate Paul Shirley, he's known for his BIG records, but also has some fantastic mid-tempo/crossover records that I'm hoping will get an airing) Also looking forward to Simon Ingham's spot (right up my street) Glad Carl & Maria are in both rooms, Finally it will be fantastic to see my mate Mark Bicknell back behind the decks where he belongs I know where I will be based the whole night, cant come soon enou
  5. Can we reserve our table Tony Bringing the twins over, its been 22 years since we all spent Xmas & New Year together so it could get messy? Can I request Righteous Bros for our Sheila its her fave, I know Simon & Robbo both got it Also Chaumonts - Love is the thing for Donna, think Mick has that one? Taste of Honey from Bob and has ANYONE got Sven Zetterberg Heartaches is all you got?? Its my absolute fave at the mo. Looking forward to bringing in the New Year with some lovely friends and family See you later Sandy X
  6. Must have been all that vodka Simon Thoroughly enjoyed the night, only complaint was that I missed Colin Law's spot in main room......only because Chris Churm was on in room 2......and there was no way I was missing that. I certainly wasn't disappointed, excellent spot Chris, you ought to be on more often. Sorry we couldn't stay too late but my sis had jet lag, she got back from a year in NZ on the Weds. Must say I'm already looking forward to Boxing Night (my fave night of the year) Sandy
  7. I can't tell you how excited I am about hearing Chris Churm's spot......don't think I've heard him dj since mid 90's?? @ Hyde and possibly Droylsden?? He always did an early spot as his wife was agrophobic, and if she needed him to go home he would drop everything and go.....what a genuine nice bloke he is. So looking forward to the Kenwood Suite.....as always. Always fantastic music played in there. Plus my sister is back from her travels, (she's been in New Zealand for 12 months) so she will be chomping at the bit for a "Soul Fix". Can't wait..... Sandy
  8. I wonder what Fabulous Five for Friday will be from Paul Shirley? ? Think it would be very hard to narrow them down from the awesome spot he played at Whitchurch a couple of weeks ago Sandy
  9. What a fantastic night we had Friday Not as many in as usual due to many other venues on same night. Musically the BEST one yet, (feel sorry for those that missed it). Derek Whatmough played one of the best spots I've heard him play, (should be on more IMO) thanks for my requests, Keni Lewis & Anne Heywood. Also Sugar & Spice!!! Wow didn't know you had that D, absolutely love it What can I say about Paul Shirley's spot? Bloody AWESOME springs to mind (right up my street) Taste of Honey, Pervis Lee, Imperial C's, Hesitations, not to mention Magnetics, Eddie Parker, Hopkins Bros..
  10. Can I request Righteous Brothers please? ?
  11. Really looking forward to this after staying in last weekend! Especially room 2 will be spending the majority of the night in there Sandy

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