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  1. Couple of cracking essential tunes to add to your set or collection, These and others added to the site by our other sellers on site check it out something for everyone all tastes and records we can all afford £10 to £1000 1 Mickey and Ernie on hot line cracking feel good tune that is now getting a lot of attention tough tune to find on this label bad you know here it is for sale in truesoul sales £225 2 Roy Roberts, Got to have your love, Ninandy mint copy £425 total iconic classic now getting just as much attention as his others again smashing the dance floors 3 Bob Myers, I only get this feeling, blue soul, £400 mint Outstanding record from start to Finnish love this record 4 Garland green, ain’t that good enough, Revue £150 total winner 5 Barbara Mason, you better stop it, artic records issue small heat warp does not affect play ,£375 5 Albert Jones, I do love you, tri city, £150 this record is totally taken off it’s only going up price as demand get more and more what a tune another winner. That’s it a few really nice tunes for you, to listen or more info just go to the site where myself and other people have trusted truesoul to help them sell there records which we are successfully doing on a daily basis come and join us it totally free to join and easy to put your records on that you no longer want www.truesoul.co.uk
  2. Truesoul sales 1 Albert Jones, I do love you, Tri-city, £180 m- sublime slab of soul cracking cross over. 2 buddy Davis, Funky Pooh pooh New colony, £300 tough tough funky dancer total under the radar and right for today’s dance floors. 3 Barbara Mason, You Better Stop, artic issue, this record is now iconic status, total winner every time £375 little edge warp doesn’t effect play, hence how cheap this is. 4 Garland Green, aint that good enough, Revue, £150 m- words will never be able to say how good this record is but I will try with one, outstanding. 5 Milton Wright, like a rollin Stone, satiron £475 m- OMG how good is this modern soul monster sublime. 6 Roy Roberts, got to have your love, w/d m- £450 this iconic classic just keeps sounding better and better. 7 Mona Lisa, I cant stand myself, dade, £100 real cracking dancer little obscure tune on this label well worth picking up. 8 Curtis smith, the living end, Essica, £85 9 Gwen Davis, my man don’t you think I know, SS7 £150 vg top top tune never fails with that start to fill the dance floor 10 visitors, what about me, tangerine, £100 was getting a lot of attention big northern dancer. 11 Count Yates, cruising, New bag £250 m- amazing cross over soul so catchy and bloody rare as hens teeth 12 Marlboros, my love was a sunny day, Ando m- £700 cracking rare soul dancer tough one to find proper northern soul. 13 ice, Hard times, north west, £40 this cracking modern dancer is there for the picking, well worth picking up cool tune. Ok little selection for sale for these and many more click on the record below to go into the site. www.truesoul.co.uk
  3. Lots of nice tunes for sale here is todays special dozen tunes, just to get you in the mood to search www.truesoul.co.uk for lots more collectibles. 1 Milton Wright, like a roiling Stone, satiron £475 cracking tune 2 Roy Roberts, Got to have your love, Ninandy w/d £450 3 Bob Myers, I only get this feeling, Blue Soul, £400, what a version getting lots of plays and no wonder it sounds amazing in a big room bobs voice and the backing is of the scale, really rare record to find this never ever turns up. Big recommendation 4 Garland Green, Ain’t that good enough, Revue £150 totally iconic and still sounding amazing when played out at a club what a voice 5 Rock candy, Alone with no love, dontee two line original demo just how you want to own this classic, £375 6 Betty Gouchie, What more can I ask for. Hill records £800 worth every penny top top tune and still got lots of legs due to rarity go and listhen to the sound byte total killer. 7 Chekerboard Squares, double cookin, Villa, £2100 here it is in all its glory west coast monster one of the most iconic instrumentals to ever fill a dance floor and you try and find another so do rare. And near mint. 8 Jimmy soul Clark, Sweet darling, soul hawk, £160 another classic total winner every time, 9 Sugar and sweet, you do t have to cry, S S J. £150 another tough record to find listhen to the sound byte on the site 10 Hesitations, I’m not built that way, Kapp black stocker, double sider masterpiece £160 11 Marlboros , My love is a sunny day, Ando, £700 what a tune another rate upfront 60ts monster 12 Count Yates, Cruising, Newbag, £250 another extremly rare record on this label amazing crossover tune that is extremly hard to find let alone in this condition listen to this in my site. Ok there you go some really cool top top tunes for sale once again from the pages of the truesoul web page www.truesoul.co.uk Thanks enjoy your Sunday hope you find something Colin law
  4. yip my Valerie Simpson cover up found six around
  5. sold one of those Gary & the browns couple years ago made a big mistake
  6. until
    Some amazing djs booked for the first time this year joining us in Edinburgh, Full list of DJ’s Teff’s 60th Sunday shindig Jock and cliffs Saturday session Then the Friday night and sat night top top guests Cliff Steele Andy Tats Taylor Dave Thorley Darren sykes Ash Pederick Friedemann klock Resident Colin law Dave Girdwood Lynne Girdwood and john mcdonald Really excited about the young guys playing this year, heard both of them when out and about in Europe and was well impressed, you won’t be disappointed with the music and the energy they bring.
  7. ALL THE CONDITIONS WHERE SHIT SOME OFF THEM SHOULD NOT EVEN BE FOR SALE TOTAL SHAM AND PEOPLE ARE GETTING SUCKED IN, As for that brand new faces at the moment it should be put in the bucket who the hell is bidding on that it doesn't play
  8. Every one of those tracks are outstanding lucky lucky guy. Wonderful stuff
  9. Some Christmas crackers for you to play on Christmas Day First up this Detroit monster with a b side that still hasn’t had its proper deserve, devo quit twisting my arm for me now is the side, but the A side with tony hestor and popcorn wylies anthem and Stanley Mitchell’s encouragement you can’t help but dance your arse of even if the legs and your back had totally gone. At truesoul we give you 1 Stanley Mitchel, get it baby, quit twisting my arm Dynamo demo, vg+ £950 2, Count Yates, Cruising, New bag m- £250 belter of a cross over winner now getting lots of action and rightly so tough one on this label and Yates jazzy voice is all over this winner. 3 James, what is happening with my life, cristin, m- £300 extremly rare crossover another one that is now receiving a lot of attention very cool record so right for today. 4 Curtis smith, the living end, essica, m- £70 cracking uptempo tune getting lots of plays again. 5 Mona Lisa, I cant stand myself, dade, ex £100 wow if you don’t know this get on the site and listen to the sound file cracking dance floor winner devo under the radar going to start playing this out as I picked up a spare right after getting one for myself. 6 Festivals, you got the makings of a lover, smash demo, £100 ex this record is just getting bigger and bigger and this yellow demo you don’t see very often looks and sounds amazing. 7 Emanuel lackey, don’t lead me on , Thelma vg+ anthem status and this is the rare second mix with proper Nashville matrix £125 cheapest you will ever see this classic. 8 Visitors, what about me, Tangerine, vg++ £100 this record exploded over the last couple of years cracking uptempo dancer and tough one. 9 Allison, I got the place if you got the time, Ansap, another cracking mid tempo cross over tune that will only go up in price as it gains exposure, Ex £70 10 The delwands, This time, Zudan Ex £100 Getting tough to find this mid tempo crossover gem fantastic soul 11 Ice, hard times, great north western music company, m- £40 Fantastic modern dancer and under the radar would love to here this played out as it’s a total dance floor winner at a sensible price at moment. 12 Dee Dee sharp, the bottle of me, gamble, vg+ £50 what a record outstanding from start to Finnish wow so so good. For these and many more from £10 to £1000 with sound files no registration just click on site and go to records for sale or use our valuation site for free just go to www.truesoul.co.uk MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE AND THANKYOU FOR SUPPORTING TRUESOUL RECORD SALES OVER 2019 and a big Thankyou to the guys who run this site well done to you all you do a great job here is to a great 2020 Colin law
  10. True soul sales 30 picks from my web pages. Some nice tunes at very reasonable prices 1 ROZ RYAN, your my only temptation, volt w/d £70 2 MIKE MCDONALD, god knows, rca demo £70 3 EMANUEL LASKEY, don’t lead me on, Thelma £100 4 HESITATIONS, I’m not built that way, Kapp issue £80 5 GWEN DAVIS, My man don’t you think I know, sound stage 7, £150 6 QUEEN YA YA, Ain’t it time, P&P £150 sold 7 VISITORS, What about me, Tangerine £120 8 ICE, Hard times, north west, £40 9 DARROW FLETCHER, what have I got now, jacklyn, £125 10 JEAN WELLS, with my love, Calla £75 11 FESTIVALS, you got the making of a lover, smash £50 sold 12 SOUL PLEASERS, Baby don’t cry, living legend, £60 13 RUBY JOHNSTON, weak spot, volt, £40 15 MAJORS, Down in the ghetto, Venture demo, £40 16 FREDDIE HOUSTON, soft walk-in, To to £80 17 CHARLES MANN, Heh little girl, Lanor, £35 18 JUDSON MOORE, Everbody push and pull, Capri £75 19 PAUL VARISCO, Tell me where love goes, Kapp £100 Sold 20 SAM AND BILL, I’ll try , Decca £30 21 Bobby Sheen, something new to do W/D £85 22 BENNY TROY, I wanna give you tomorrow, De lite, £100 24 Voices of east Harlem, cashing in, £125 25 SOUL SHAKERS, I’m getting weaker, Loma demo, £200 26 Mickey Lanay, I’m Gonna walk , Vulcan £125 27 PATTIE AUSTIN, Take away the pain stain, Coral , £250 28 ZZ AND COMPANY, Getting ready, Columbus, £150 29 JERRY WEAVER, Testify, cash in records, £150 you won’t find this on google cracking mid tempo dancer spare I found in the states totally unknown got my one from andy Dyson 30 Eddie ray, glad I found you, Prix £40 LOTS AND LOTS JUST LIKE THESE CLICK ON LINK BELOW TO BUY AND SELL www.truesoul.co.uk
  11. sorry for late reply been on holiday yeh thats cool add £3,50 postage please colin@truesoul,co,uk friends and family
  12. Truesoul sales Ty Karim, I ain’t lying, Roach £125 ex SOLD Jimmy Delphs, am I losing you Karen w/d £75 ex Johnny mae Matthews, lonely you’ll be, Atco w/d £65 ex Pete Warner, I just want to spend my life with you, polydor £75 m- The butlers, laugh laugh laugh, Phila £45 m- Marshall & the chilites, price of love, Dakar w/d £50 The citations, keep the faith, ballad m- £30 For these and many more cracking collectibles please check out the site www.truesoul.co.uk we buy collections money waiting very fair price givin Thankyou
  13. JUST ADDED 20 new tunes to the site here is a taster Truesoul sale’s 1 Connie Austin, you made a mistake, king issue m- For me the issue is rare on this very popular dancer. £500 2 Ralph weeks, let me do my thing, sally Ruth, £600 vg Tough In demand killer tune. 3 visitors, what about me, tangerine, £135 vg++ 4 continental showstoppers, not to young, seventy 7 w/d £325 ex So so good, wonderful looking demo 5 Allison, I got the place, ansap £75 ex This is a wonderful crossover record you don’t see to often 6 Ice, hard times, The great northwest record company £40 m cracking up lifting modern tune under the radar for sure. 7 onyx, evasive action, great north west music company, £30 m another great modern record on this nice Seattle label. 8 Dee Dee sharp, the bottle or me, Gamble £50 vg++ cant recommend this enough outstanding from start to Finnish 9 Queen ya ya, Ain’t it time, p&p £150 total disco modern soul winner Patrick Adams at his best very tough on a single very cool ex 10 wee willie walker, I don’t want to take a chance, Kent 25th anniversary , £150 m for me one of the best anniversary records ever and there is a few contenders this is my own personal one never touched a needle. 11 Bobby bland, Shoes, Duke £70 m- iconic classic can those words go together probably not but hey ho 12 Gwen Davis, my man don’t you think I know, sound stage seven, vg+ £150 not the best looking copy still plays out loud and proud 13 Earl duff, This little girl of mine, Cee Dee, £25 this is a little tip of mine this is a cracking tune that’s only going to rise in price totally under the radar love this tune Ok that’s it for now there is a few more that I have added to the site check us out at www.truesoul.co.uk lovely little site where anyone and everyone can store and sell there records 24/7 every day of the year for a small percentage click on the home page to menu and read all about what we are about or check out the site for vendors sales. Click on the link below and get started also free valuation site to help everyone free to use just go to the menu 270000 valuations still building

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