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  1. Two days late....belated happy birthday Joan x
  2. Wow! Fantastic News mate...I'm already excited....Yes please for me!!
  3. What a great article! Nice to see local lad and regular Kipper get in on the action too! Have popped in and out of the venue over the decades since the 80's. But nowhere near as much as I should have done! But it is a venue that touches you and leaves an everlasting imprint! That list of tunes speaks for itself of the quality you hear whichever decade you decide to visit. That Harboro Horace chap knows quality and has instilled that word in the fabric of this legendary soul venue. Lucky enough to get a ticket for Saturday so another quality memory on its' way!
  4. Mark Jones


    Can't bloomin' wait....'bout bloody time
  5. I was close until you spelt favour without a "u" and you lost all my respect. So this time ain't gonna do you no favor.
  6. Yes nice to meet at last Rob....was a bit selfish to keep to myself I guess! Says Stylist on acetate but Stylists on sleeve If you look at handwriting the "S" at end has been added later in same hand as person who wrote title of record!
  7. Thanks for sharing Tim...the legend that is.....great pic!!
  8. Mark Jones


    Apparently council estate kids who passed their 11+ are allowed too as I'm not missing this one!! Can't bloody wait...didn't know it was the youngsters birthday
  9. Can't wait...been an age
  10. Can't wait
    Have to have my tuppenth worth ...well you did it again. Top night, top tunes, top sound system and top top people! What a bloody great turn out too despite the scary weather. Just goes to show all us regulars and new people alike don't want to miss Grumpy whatever the heavens throw at us! Always been something special about the Grumpy Brand, hit me on my first visit all those years ago now. Keep it up and I can't wait until the next one (but you already knew that)
  11. Mark Jones

    Grumpy Soul Deeside

    About time for me to get my Grumpiness fix...it's been a long wait but I enjoy the excitement of expectation. Still my fav venue and fav people...see you Saturday xxx

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