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  1. nz soul

    willie picket

    will take 150
  2. nz soul

    willie picket

    willie picket stage of life soulpot ex 165 bank transferd prefferd
  3. nz soul

    2 for sale

    now 90 and 160
  4. nz soul


    lost 2 of the best nighters in last few years bidds and lifeline think a lot of nights is just a cash cow
  5. nz soul

    Betty LaVette - Edinburgh

    i bought tickets in april for betty but after the mess she was in on jools holland on the monday show edinburgh was canclled 72 hrs later
  6. nz soul

    2 for sale

    Irma and the larks without u baby priorty ex copy 100 willy picket on the stage of life soulpot 170 ex cash back if not happy will only send next day delivery cost 7,50 signed for sorry no paypal
  7. nz soul

    Darren Leech. R.I.P

    very sad news thoughts go out to family
  8. nz soul

    The Latin stuff that seems to be everywhere.

    loved johnny begs latin sets at bidds
  9. nz soul


    is this still on
  10. nz soul

    riseing sun

    riseing sun one night affair sorted no silly prices please
  11. nz soul

    willie pickett

    willie picket on the stage of life soulpot vgplus plays ex 180 all in cash back if not happy
  12. nz soul

    iz verdy

    liz verdy think it over demo ex copy lable has mary on it small writing 300 cash back if not happy
  13. nz soul

    liz verdy

    now 325 all in
  14. nz soul

    few for sale

    tammy wayme have a good time boom records 135 johnny may Matthews lonely ur b atco demo 100 sweethearts no more tears kent records demo 170 charades I don't want to lose mgm records 150 cash back if not happy bank transfer please
  15. nz soul


    fiestas think smart old town demo 270 all in fully insured next day ex cond


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