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  1. bargin price Charles simmons save the world mint - 375
  2. nz soul


    reduced now 375
  3. he got backing but by trying to get 3 players to go china with him before it fell through he split the dressing room would u give a man like that millions
  4. he not got the balls for spurs or Chelsea he likes a easy ride that's why Leicester
  5. song is out of order no need for it he b gone by xmas if china job gets offerd to him
  6. he was leaveing as for china last july but job fell through dembela has come out and told truth
  7. yes he does could have stayed till end of season Leicester said they wait he got backing of celtic board when he thought he was going to china last july ask a few celtic players to go with him they said no will walk away from Leicester as soon as he feels pressure cant handle it but does not deserver the song going around
  8. charles simmons save the world ex cond 400 pm for more details
  9. use to think johnny G room full of tears was room full of chairs
  10. add LL burnside mari bondie r these even soul records
  11. Charles simmons save the world ovo 400 mint minus 7.50 next day delivery cash back if not happy

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