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  1. If the question is. Did Jnr Walker play at Wigan? Then the answer is yes, I was there but cannot remember which year but do remember how disappointed everyone was that he did not play I ain't going nowhere Paul
  2. Ive got a beautiful red & white demo, almost mint and your for just 2 grand!
  3. I missed one on Ebay recently at about the same price and was pretty miffed but thanks to you I bought the one on discogs. Cheers! Paul
  4. Thanks, I never look at discogs, maybe I should Paul
  5. Wanted Fred Hughes, Baby Boy Brunswick Demo, must be in EX condition or better. Cash waiting Thnaks
  6. His version of Get Ready is also well worth a spin
  7. Paul Capon suggested this, which is spot on. Take a look at most of the Dells stuff and you will find some real gems for peanuts, just because they were pressed in the tens of thousands and for some reason nobody wants them.
  8. It really depends if you want buy only original copies of if you are happy with bootlegs and reissues? In my opinion bootlegs are the scourge of our scene and anyone selling them should be strung up, but that's my opinion, lots of others think differently and are happy to buy them. Reissue are fine if they are official release by record companies or independent labels that are paying the royalties and of course there are loads of CD's and LP's available that will give you access to loads of really very rare recordings for next to nothing. The choice if yours. Paul
  9. Shit like this killed the Casino! https://www.ebay.com/itm/202716960007 And the twats who played it!
  10. Wanted at least Ex, please pm with price and codition
  11. For me it really missed the point. When I saw the trailers of the kids learning to dance I was genuinely excited because Soulboy which was such a disappointment but when I saw it I was just amazed at how it missed the point by as much. I was 15 years old when I first went to Wigan in late 1973 and sure there were loads of drugs and most but of us did partake BUT in the end it was all about the music and the dancing and the friendship and the atmosphere, and the exclusivity. So sorry Elaine,, you may have made few quid out of it but you are most definitely not Mrs Northern Soul and you missed a great opportunity to show the world what it was really like but instead you made a film about some lads who took loads of drugs and just happened to be into some soul music that was not meanstream.
  12. I almost died of embarrassment the night that this appeared on Top of The Pops. My whole family gathered around the TV to find out what me and my mates had been getting up to at those strange all night clubs that we went to. They took the piss for months and months. It was crap then and it is even worse now and all of the posers who danced on this and who went to Wigan the night Granada turned up to make their crap program should be shot!. They were the people who trashed our scene in the late 70's, they brought the bus loads of stiffs into our clubs. These are the same people who ran to the stage at Wigan for the poxy dance competitions, while the rest of us ran for Mr M's!
  13. Does anyone know what Rita & The Tiaras and Patti & The Emblems went for in last weeks auction
  14. I agree so much with all of this. I have visited a few of the big record dealers that we all know very well and I am staggered by some of the crap cheap turntables that they play their very expensive records on. When will they learn that these £100-200 decks, especially the USB ones with crap tone arms and cartridges that have never been set up properly are destroying their records!

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