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  1. Looking for clean copies. PM Thanks.
  2. Hi All,, Does anyone have a contact number for Sam and Colin, I changed my phone a year ago and have lost their numbers. I need to speak to them urgently. Please PM off forum if you can help. Thanks, Andy Killick 07951 600068
  3. You lil' rascal Mike. Oh so hard, they are all good toones. But the sweet clean lead and waving group vocals of the Camaros just melts the heart strings into submission for me. Nice one. Be interesting to see where it end up.
  4. PM with condition and price. Cheers, Andy
  5. PM me with details. Thanks, Andy
  6. Hmm, are we sure about that. I've never actually known a copy with the short intro. When it was released on a Goldmine CD, it did feature a short intro, but to my ears always thought it had been cut short for the CD, the arrangements and take is otherwise identical. Every copy I've had or known of all actually had the long intro.... Anyone?
  7. It was certainly obtainable for a short while, but I wouldn't say everywhere. `I know Marc Forest and I jumped on it to grab a copy and Andy Dyson may have obtained a few copies. If memory is serving me (and it fails me often), I seem to recall The Darling Dears was found in quantity amongst the label stock, but most of the stock of the other titles were severely water damaged and scrapped. Think the remaining stock got shipped by container from Canada down to Australia? The owner of the haul wasn't overly interested / bothered in liquidating it. A nice guy, but seemed indifferent. After that, it all seemed to vanish??? As I say, don't quote me on the above or take it as gospel, but I think that's the general gist of it. Andy Dyson could probably shed some light on it, his memory is impeccable compared to mine.
  8. Were they actually boots? When this record came to light 15 years or so ago, there were serious questions asked of it back then, many thought it was a brand new press of a previously unreleased version, courtesy of that famous Vegas based wheeler and dealer. After one or two copies carefully trickled out for 4 figures, the motherlode spilled out everywhere. WAX TRAX rings a bell for some reason??
  9. Looking for a clean copy of this. PM with price and condition. Ta, Andy
  10. I would have thought 500 to 700, if someone really wants it (but who knows), the other one is the one to have though, quality.
  11. Thanks Buddy, I'll send Browny a message.

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