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  1. Something has come up meaning we will need to miss Blackpool. It’s nearly sold out but I have two tickets for all weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) with access to all rooms and events. £100 the pair includes P&P to UK address. Cheers.
  2. ScallyBob

    Northern Soul and Motown Wigan Town Centre

    Northern Soul and Motown at the Old Courts, Crawford Street, Wigan WN1 1NG. 7.30 until 12.00 £3 OTD. DJ's Deano, Bob Richards and Steve Garner.
  3. Just a few to go. I think I've graded them quite harshly so they might be a little better than listed. Supremes "Stop! In the name of love" TMG 501 VG+ £10 Martha & Vandellas "My baby loves me" TMG 549 VG £40 Four Tops "Shake me, wake me" TMG 553 (factory sample sticker) VG+ £20 Isley Brothers "This old heart of mine" TMG 555 VG £10 Stevie Wonder "Nothing's too good for my baby" TMG 558 VG £30 T..
  4. ScallyBob


  5. ScallyBob

    Vows: Tell Me

    Is that the battered copy that's on there?
  6. ScallyBob

    Vows: Tell Me

    Looking for a good copy please PM with price.
  7. ScallyBob

    How much did JM get for TMG555 demo?

    Thanks Paul.
  8. Can't find it anywhere. Cheers.
  9. ScallyBob

    Wigan Casino Spin?

    Strange though doing a few Northern/handbag nights around Wigan I've been asked for Shattered Glass. People are convinced it was played at the Casino but I don't recall that. Maybe it was at the short pants sessions? I tell them to go down King Street, there's loads of broken glass there.
  10. ScallyBob

    Is this an official release ??

    Of course a Tamla act and a VIP act would record on Soul wouldn't they?
  11. ScallyBob

    Birds of a Feather trailer

    That's "Shoes" in the background isn't it? Not the real version but a copy like the "Have Love Will Travel" on the insurance advert.
  12. Just a few mainly UK Motown for sale: TMG501 Supremes: Stop in the name of love £10 TMG542 Four Tops: Something about you £25 SOLD TMG555 Isley Brothers: This old heart of mine £10 TMG557 Temptations: Get ready £20 SOLD TMG564 Contours: Just a little misunderstanding/ Determination £50 SOLD TMG698 Demo: Four Tops: Don't bring back memories/ What is a man £30 Brilliant crossover SOLD TMG789: Undisputed Truth: You got..
  13. ScallyBob

    miracles demo on jms auction

    My copy also has the same mis-spelling. Seeing as just about anything seems fair game for booting these days it's not a real surprise that undisputed originals are going to go up in price. This seems a bit steep but someone's obviously prepared to pay it.
  14. ScallyBob

    more boot madness

    It's over £100 now. Unbelievable. I sold my real demo for £20 (a few years back mind!).
  15. ScallyBob

    Insp. George Gently Does Ns

    Factually wrong but who cares? Light entertainment with some good tunes thrown in. I'd like to know what that Tops tune was too, sounded a belter. And if the lead plod was in the Professionals why didn't they give "That's Why I Love You" a spin?