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  1. Anyone have a copy for sale? Looking for a decent player, doesn't have to be mint. Thanks.
  2. anyone have copies of these two for sale? Just looking for decent playing copies, don't have to look pretty. PM me or email me at jason@hotmail.com Thanks!
  3. I'm still looking for this one, nice trades or good cash offered!
  4. Yeah I hear ya, never enough time. I was/am supposed to do a JW mix myself, just never seem to be able to sit down for a few hours and do it.
  5. Ah that makes sense Mace, I bet I do know it from one of your Jesterwild mixes, cheers. When are you going to do another one? Seems overdue...
  6. Yeah I just checked it out, that's a great tune. I've heard it somewhere before, not sure where.
  7. Visit Mike Vague, he's not the cheapest but has good stuff and heavier stuff seems comparatively priced. I struck out at all the shops when I was last there.
  8. That recent one on ebay was the first to show up there in a few years I think? Not surprised it went high, but I was guessing $300 or so. Glad I picked one up a few years back. Haven't heard I'm A Slave, will have to check that one out.
  9. Good record and tough to find! I live in Virginia and still haven't run across a copy yet.
  10. Looking for a copy of Chuck Payne - Baby/La-De-Da on Atlas Records Thanks for any help!

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