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    Sometime DJ in the Perth area (plus the odd set in Melbourne) and presenter/program coordinator of Soulsides on RTR-FM 92.1
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  1. Valentines - "That's It Man"

    Still after this one. Anybody with an original for a decent price?
  2. R&b want - Clint West "Night Train"

    Still after this one. Anybody with one to sell?
  3. Hey folks, After a 45 of the Valentines "That's It Man" on King. Original, of course. If anyone's got one to sell please message me with price and postage to Australia. Cheers Adam
  4. Hey folks, After a vg+ or better issue or demo of Dixie Cups "Two-Way-Poc-A-Way" on ABC Paramount. Please message if you have one to sell. Please include postage to Australia and asking price. It's a cheap one. Should be £30 tops if NM. ...
  5. Hey folks, After a vg+ or better 45 of "Woman Child" by Honey Welch on the LIN label. Anybody able to let one go for 50GBP? Last one sold was an EX copy for just shy of that. Any sellers right for that price please message me and in...
  6. Still lookin' for this. Anyone able to help/got one to sell?
  7. Hey folks, After a vg+ (playing condition) or better of Roger and the Gypsies "Pass the Hatchet" on Seven B. Original of course. Happy to pay up to £40 for a decent copy. £50 if overseas postage (to Australia) is included in the price. Please...
  8. Anyone know Neckender?

    Time difference (7 hours) is a factor also. That's why I always ask for PayPal details and postage costs when I post want ads so there's less to and fro etc.
  9. Anyone know Neckender?

    Have dealth with him quite a bit before but not for a while. Was looking at old messages but trying to confirm paypal , which did change, as well as getting postage price. We both have a very different sense of urgency made worse by the time difference ...
  10. If you do, please hit him up and say "check yer messages!!". Gotta give him some cash for a record. Ta.
  11. 2 wants - Morris Gardner and Detroit Junior

    Yeah saw that. Can never be too sure with vg though. Figured I'd try for a better graded one although I run the risk of missing out if I strike out here.
  12. Hey folks, Not much luck on the Joseph Bowman 45 so looking for these two now: -Morris Garnder "Later Baby" (Open) - white or red label is fine. Happy to pay up to £150 for this one provided it's in the right condition (play-graded, of course). ...
  13. Hey there folks, Looking for Joseph Bowman "Fairlane Vera" on the United label. Anything above vg+ playing condition. Last one I saw sold for $200(US dollars) a few weeks back. Happy to pay up to that amount. If you have one for me please mes...
  14. Hey folks, Looking for Jimmy Liggins "Last Round/Blues for Love" on Duplex. Missed one on the 'bay last night by a second. Went for just over $40(USD). Happy to pay that or thereabouts. If anyone's got one please message me with postage costs to Au...
  15. R&b want - Clint West "Night Train"

    Still looking. Anyone able to help with this one?

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