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  1. Help with a title for this r&b tune

    Yeah, I always like to seek other opinions just in the off-chance that I'm getting thrown off the scent.
  2. Hey folks, Looking for Clint West "Night Train" on the Jin label. Doesn't have to be immaculate as long as it's suitable for dj and radio. Please message with price and postage to Australia. Was one on Rhythm Lounge for £20 recently for a vg copy. ...
  3. Help with a title for this r&b tune

    Either way getting closer. I did ask the guy who put the mix together but was sketchy on the details so either doesn't know or maybe wants to keep it a secret (cover-ups - can't stand 'em).
  4. Help with a title for this r&b tune

    Ok, getting somewhere now! Figured it had to be something along the lines of "Money Crazy". Many thanks for all the comments thus far by the way.
  5. Help with a title for this r&b tune

    Yeah, it certainly sounds like Detroit Jnr but it's not "Too Poor". Have tried a search using variants of what the title might be based on the lyrics but nothing thus far. This here is "Too Poor". As you can see it's a different tune.
  6. Hey folks, Hopefully someone can help with this tune. Comes in at about 30m40s on the mix posted below. Listed as Detroit Junior "Too Poor" but definitely isn't that tune. Any help with song title/artist/label much appreciated. https://www.mixcloud...
  7. Hey folks, Been a while so gonna try again. After Billy "the Kid" Emerson "Aunt Molly" on the Constellation label. Anything vg+ playing condition or better will do, not fussed with condition of label. Please message with asking price, postage to Aus...
  8. Info on Rudy Ray Moore aka Marcus

    Ha! Yes, maybe just a teeny little bit off-topic but interesting all the same.
  9. Hey folks, Just after some info on this record. The artist is listed as "Marcus" but thought to be Rudy Ray Moore with "I'm In Love Again" and "So Tired" on the other side, a re-recording of Moore's Federal label release. Trying to locate one but n...
  10. Sorted for Young Jessie too.
  11. (Sorted) Young Jessie on Mercury label

    Still after one. Got the cash if you can name a price.
  12. Hey folks, Not the best of luck with wants of late so why not try my luck with another tough one? Anyways, after Little Joe Hinton "Whip Twist/Tired of Walkin'" (Kent) VG+ or better playing condition (original of course). Please message if you ...
  13. Hey there, After current value for Little Joe Hinton "Tired of Walkin'/Whip Twist" on Kent (Black or grey). Seen one on here last Feb for 200UKP - a black label one in EX condition. Not sure if that's consistent with current value (be good if it was). Lo...