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    Sometime DJ in the Perth area (plus the odd set in Melbourne) and presenter/program coordinator of Soulsides on RTR-FM 92.1
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    Perth, Western Australia
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    Don Covay "Sweet Pea" or just whatever's loud and bangin'

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  1. foxman

    Jackie Shane on Cookin'

    Still after this one. Thought I was sorted but found out after a month that seller couldn't locate 45. Please keep price up to £50 including postage. That's what I paid for this one (fortunately refunded).
  2. foxman

    Jackie Shane on Cookin'

    Hey folks, After a vg+ (playing condition) or better of Jackie Shane "Sticks and Stones" on the Cookin' label. (Preferably the one as pictured, not the one with the straight font.) Ordered one a few days ago but unavailable. If you've got one to sell please message me with asking price, PayPal details and postage to Australia. Cash waiting for immediate payment. Cheers Adam
  3. Yeah I did do a title search although not in popsike. Many thanks all the same! Cheers.
  4. whatisthistune.mp3 Hey there folks, Looking for the artist and title for this instro if anyone can help. (Profound apologies for the sound quality - few clicks and a bit little bit of echo and may need a bit of volume). Any help much appreciated and please keep the comments to just artist and title. Many thanks (and again sorry if the audio quality ain't so flash)! Adam
  5. foxman

    Any help identifying this tune please?

    Manteca! Thought I recognised that bit too. Yeah, I did ask but you never know if they ain't gonna tell you so I like to cover all bases. Shoulda known really as The Push has been on the want list for ages. Clearly forgotten about it though. But damn, if it's that it'll be a good while before I gather the pennies to get a copy of that one! Thanks all the same!
  6. Hey folks, Hoping someone can help identify the opening track on this mix: Not much to go on it other than the repeated "You're lookin' good" and the humming of the opening line of "My Babe". Search didn't spring up much unfortunately. Would very much appreciate any help. Cheers Adam
  7. Still after this one. Will pay up to £130 for one that plays nice and loud.
  8. Hey everyone, Looking for a decent copy of Ray Barretto "Together/New York Soul" (Fania 501). Anything vg+ playing condition or better. Visual/label condition not an issue. Looking for a reasonable price so shouldn't see more than £110 for one that's NM-. PLEASE SEE THE DETAILS BELOW BEFORE RESPONDING: If you've got one to sell please message me with condition, price and postage costs to Australia and plea..
  9. foxman

    Joe Bataan - Gypsy Woman/So Fine (Fania)

    Now sorted. - Although can future potential sellers please locate items before getting in touch? Can be left hanging for several days waiting for them to dig it out and that adds up when overseas postage takes anywhere from 2-4 weeks.
  10. Hey everyone, Looking for a decent copy of Joe Bataan "Gypsy Woman/So Fine" (Fania 447). Seen a few around but trying to get a better price than what I've seen on Discogs. Happy to pay up to say £90 for one that's NM-. If you've got one to sell please message me with condition, price and postage costs to Australia. Please provide your Paypal details so I can send payment asap. Had a couple folks take a cou..
  11. foxman

    Valentines - "That's It Man"

    Still after this one. Anybody with an original for a decent price?
  12. foxman

    R&b want - Clint West "Night Train"

    Still after this one. Anybody with one to sell?
  13. Hey folks, After a 45 of the Valentines "That's It Man" on King. Original, of course. If anyone's got one to sell please message me with price and postage to Australia. Cheers Adam
  14. Hey folks, After a vg+ or better issue or demo of Dixie Cups "Two-Way-Poc-A-Way" on ABC Paramount. Please message if you have one to sell. Please include postage to Australia and asking price. It's a cheap one. Should be £30 tops if NM. PS: no sellers yet on Honey Welch so still after that one. (That's £50 tops.) Cheers Adam
  15. Hey folks, After a vg+ or better 45 of "Woman Child" by Honey Welch on the LIN label. Anybody able to let one go for 50GBP? Last one sold was an EX copy for just shy of that. Any sellers right for that price please message me and include postage to Australia. Cheers Adam