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  1. have a copy on my website if not sorted yet https://rhythmlounge.co.uk/product/buddy-guy-let-me-love-you-baby-chess-vg/
  2. a forrest woods on my website if not soted yet atb here is a link https://rhythmlounge.co.uk/?s=woods&post_type=product
  3. Hi zannetti sure i have a williams on jam , will dig it out and let u know
  4. an issue on my website if you not sorted yet . atb Steve here's link https://rhythmlounge.co.uk/product/little-sonny-wade-in-the-water-enterprise-vg/
  5. Have just uploaded 44 good Soul / modern and crossover tunes on website tonight . items include Philharmonics on Soulin' , Tsu Toranadoes Atlantic demo and barbara hall on Innervision . All priced to sell ( imho ) hope there might be something for somebody . link to the site below https://rhythmlounge.co.uk/product-category/latest-additions/
  6. great post , i really like the lotus label tune by Bill Withers , love the demo design with plain black n white
  7. the jewel release was also released on Movin' label . same A & B sides
  8. not sure if this is the place to ask , if not can somebody put in right place Does anybody on here have a tel number for Dicky Watt from Cumbria they can send me . atb in advance steve
  9. a copy on mt website for sale , here is a link https://rhythmlounge.co.uk/?s=della&post_type=product
  10. abbeyrnb


  11. sure i have a copy , will dig it out and check condition Christian
  12. one on my website if you aint sorted https://rhythmlounge.co.uk/shop/search.php?pageid=2972952&q=stanback
  13. two copies on my website including a really clean canadian copy if don't get sorted. here is the link https://rhythmlounge.co.uk/shop/search.php?pageid=2972952&q=these+hands
  14. i have a nice clean issue on my website if you don't get sorted . here is the link https://rhythmlounge.co.uk/ourshop/prod_3863995-Wayne-Anthony-You-Aint-Wrapped-Too-Tight-Roulette-Vg.html
  15. I have a demo for sale on my website if you not sorted yet which might work for you . here is the link atb steve https://rhythmlounge.co.uk/ourshop/prod_2935604-Wilson-Pickett-Baby-Call-On-Me-Double-L-Demo-Vg.html
  16. thanks guys appreciate it , here is a link too the website with scan of label and soundfile https://rhythmlounge.co.uk/shop/search.php?pageid=2972952&q=lloyd
  17. i have a copy on my website for £50
  18. Website Title: Rhythmlounge [img=/uploads/982cdc1e8ad925f40870df7af2b57516.jpg] Teaser: mainly RnB and Soul records Country: United Kingdom Town/City: Uk Based Click here to view this soul source link in full
  19. Hi looking for a decent copy of this if anybody wants to let a copy go . atb Steve h
  20. I have 2 spare copies of that Isley brothers Lp with the un released bits on if anybody interested ? atb Steve h
  21. I have one for sale here on my website if any good to yah . atb Steve here is a link https://www.rhythmlounge.co.uk/ourshop/prod_2866664-Buddy-Rich-Orchestra-The-Beat-Goes-On-Pacific-Jazz-VG.html
  22. one here for sale on my website https://www.rhythmlounge.co.uk/ourshop/prod_3001567-Jean-Stanback-If-I-Ever-Needed-Love-Peacock-VG.html

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