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  1. Yes it's a great area. We stayed there in May 2013 in glorious weather and visited the Inn a couple of times and were treated to random music. Looking forward to it despite any restrictions
  2. Plockton in a lodge and yes Narberth is still on
  3. It was just over 10 miles in 10 hours as i kept stopping for a rest 10 miles around flat cheshire/trafford is a breeze in a few hours. Glad to be out again. The photos are off my phone which is good for landscapes. Scotland in 3 weeks
  4. Managed a trip out to snowdonia on thursday, first time in the mountains for about 8 months and what a epic day. A very leisurely 10 mile trek in sunny, windless and very quiet conditions, perfect
  5. Had a walk round Reddish Vale today and saw quite a few Mandarin Ducks along with Muscovy and African Geese
  6. Thanks for the past few hours entertainment again. Martin, Simon and everyone, great stuff. Cheers
  7. Oh nice one for playing sean Oliver. I always sing it to the wife
  8. enjoying the smooth grooves so far, good stuff
  9. if its ok to pick a couple of modernish ones I'll have Sean oliver - You & Me Temptatione - Stay I'm just listening in & enjoying the music while doing pc stuff
  10. Only just got to see this so a bit late for any requests . For once in the past 12 months I've had a busy week. Hope to join in at some point in the evening.
  11. Thanks mate but I don't think I could sell them. If I added up the cost of materials and things I used, it would come to over two hundred pounds and then plus time!!! It's a little project and something to do while my nephew can blag a few reels Adds colour to the garden as well
  12. No mate, but when ths pubs open I'll be asking. I do have quite a few now though , thanks
  13. Finally got the table finished. A couple of mistakes and something's to think about but on the whole very pleased with it. A few bits of memorabilia in amongst the tops
  14. Brilliant Can't wait to get up in the hills again. Love the inversion
  15. Staying away from honeypot places so took the granddaughter on a picnic come fishing trip to a very very quiet place. You should of seen the one that got away!!

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