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  1. We were on the train, 3 weeks last Friday just before they started locking down, when I spotted it out of the window past delamere. To say I was surprised, I had a few strange looks
  2. Enjoyed me few hours at bury last night and really enjoyed the spot from 11 - 12, Lenny Dopson, excellent stuff. Thanks to all involved
  3. Great spot. like most folk, it's Wales i see them most but I spotted them in Yorkshire and most recently near Chester. Maybe with less traffic, air and road, they and others will be on the march I did see 5 buzzards circling altogether over the fields in this part of South Manchester yesterday
  4. OK not photos but my daughter has just sent me this link to some great live webcams if it's allowed here. Loads of nature stuff
  5. Well thats Wally found at long last. Move back to winter next
  6. Cloudy here after a promising afternoon. A few days to go yet though
  7. Getting there with the jigsaw
  8. Nice one. I'll have a look at that later
  9. Just watched the ISS go over our house. A nice clear sky gave me 5minutes away from the jigsaw
  10. Best wishes to you both on a speedy recovery
  11. All well here. Trying to do a 1000 piece jigsaw of where's wally 4days in and still have about 800 pieces to go!!
  12. Enjoyed my few hours of drifting in and out of bury and the 100. Excellent stuff and thanks for putting in on.
  13. Quite a gathering. We used to have a lot round here but now it's cats, squirrels and pigeons. Squirrels have been nesting for a number of years and it's good watching the little ones but as for most birds it's a no no now. Quite a few years ago we did have about 20 waxwings in the tree for 5 minutes. 6 miles from Manchester
  14. Enjoyed listening in for a few hours, good stuff to all involved

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