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  1. Steve, there's quite a few photo's on some of the FB groups i'm on from wales up to the borders. Quite lucky here as I can see the sunrise & set out of the windows and it is a good sight when it's so RED. Tomorrow will be another good one
  2. Brilliant. Looks like the place is ablaze. Funny how it's looks like that in real life but hard to get on a photo and I had mine on sunset mode. .
  3. Yeh, likewise. Up town on a do with the wife,unfortunately (shhh)
  4. I remember the early niters at the cis, fantastic nites. Only been to a couple of the other venue's a couple of times over the years. Sadly cant make this final one but wish you all the best and hope its a night to remember
  5. A couple more, off the wife's camera as I was in the front of the plane with me go-pro, from OZ. These were taken from the plane on a scenic flight around Wilpena Pound in the Flinders Range. The first is the iconic photo of "The Pound" and the second is part of a range that stretches for god knows how many miles and shows the lie of the land after millions of years erosion. A fascinating and unique place
  6. A few more Aussie birds Ring Necked Parrot, Galah (pink & Grey) and a pair of Noisy Minor's
  7. Back from OZ, just in time as well as the fires and duststorms rage. So sad to see and quite a shock as there was no real sign of things to come around Adelaid this time last week as the temperature struggled to reach 18degrees. A few bird photos. First is a Kookaburra, my favourite. 2nd is a Flycatcher. 3rd is a Wedgetailed Eagle. 4th is the colourful Superb Fairywren
  8. Yes the meats were good but the canel was in a sausage with herbs. The kangaroo is nice, ive had it beforewith sauce. Ive had it 3 times on this trip. The emu steak was really nice, not tough and again with herbs. This is our 4th trip in ten years, just do it, it is vast and the drives can be long. At the moment we are in adelaide and its more like an English summer, about 20 degrees but now at 8pm its cold and windy. There are lots of bushfires going on over in Queensland and NSW with temperatures to hit about40. As this is a photo place I'll pm you when i get back about my takes on oz. Still can't upload anymore photos for some reason
  9. The feral meal was nice, if you like your meat. Yes its a sculpture. The Prairie Hotel in Parachilna, look it up, my photos wont upload but basically is kankaroo, emu, goat and camel Edit, just read the other replies . Still half a dsy in front here
  10. A couple of sunset photos. First is from a lookout spot in the flinders where i tried to get a mirror image in the wine glass. The second is from the Prairie Hotel in Parachina, famous for its feral meals
  11. A couple of emus and eagles near a road kill
  12. Out in oz at the moment. Heres a koala up a tree a pelican and an alien cave millions of years old. Stunning

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