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  1. Anybody know if you can pay on the door, please?
  2. Ta kev
  3. Is this cancelled?.
  4. Dooby


  5. Grumpy for me too. Great hosts, lovely folk and most importantly , fabulous records. Proper dj's with infectious enthusiasm. Andy Rix' spot was perfection
  6. Eric Mercury...... " lonely girl....sodomised..."
  7. Dooby


    Echo that, a real education and fabulous sounds all night. The sort of quality that leaves you wanting to find out more and hear them again. Thanks guys, please do it again! Ian and Debbie
  8. Great thread! Why don't we propose these unsung heroes in the SS Hall of Fame in the " contribution" section?
  9. Well, well, just as I was mourning the loss of our Sunday sessions, here we go again! Well done boys, see you there, good luck with this!
  10. The current promoter is one of the most decent guys on the scene, and if I recall right has had a lot to do with previous torch reunions . I have been at this venue when Chris Burton has flyered his events and was made to feel most welcome by all. Talk about sh***ing on your own doorstep ! And what do the booked dj's have to say, because the current promoter is one ! Or is it money over morals?
  11. This is looking great and a fitting tribute to those people that contribute so much to our scene. Supporting this will "give a bit back" and a round of applause to these inductees. Plus build a fabulous inventory for us all to enjoy.
  12. First time here and what a great time we had! This venue is made for great nights and we loved hearing some long forgotten tunes and a few that were new to us. Get on this, soul people see you next time -ian and Debbie
  13. Jackie Edwards - feel so bad. The violins, oh man!
  14. Dooby


    Just gotta say my missus and our friends are fairly new at this and we all find this the best, friendliest place to be. And some cracking fresh sets that even keep an old chinstroker like me happy. Great to have the crack with all you friendly, knowledgable folks! See you Sunday!
  15. Cheers guys - I'll take citizen's answer as a good un. I was thinking Edwin Starr or maybe jackie Wilson, but I couldn't name em all!

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